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I know that aura/magic colour is hardly a new thing and it's been done a lot but HEY it's a concept that interests me just out of "I get to play with colour symbolism AND colour science har har har"

Some of my characters, I know the colours for; others I don't.

Some of these characters aren't "mine' per se, but they live here XD

VICKY: Pink-tinged silver

SIDONIE: Tropical-ocean blue

BENJ: Parma violet

AARON: Indigo

ZOE: Forest green

JER: Jade-tinged silver

AMY: Rose peach

EIRLYS: Silvery-green

JAKE: Warm yellow-orange

OWAIN: Geranium red

ADERYN: Delphinium blue


KILROY: Celadon

HIROMU: Electric purple

IDONEA: Lime green


SABLE: Violet-black

PYRRHUS: Naphthol red (he needed to specify, and this is accurate--his energy is BRIGHT RUBY)

ORIANA: Gamboge gold

ARGENT: Blue-white


SEPH: RGB full-intensity green

KEFKA: Lemon yellow/peridot green (it's glittery too, because Chaos hugged him)

MATEUS: Lavender

THEODOR: Ultramarine


DRAC: Ruby-red/black

SHEEX: Deep violet

FANHA: Bright coral

GESTHAR: Green teal

THANATOS (and any complete incarnation he's had*): Black/violet/mauve iridescent
* Potential 'hosts' or incomplete rebirths will tend to have that mauve as an undertone.

OERSTED: Dark-green-veined ruby


The colours of magic will show when a caster's got a magic circle going or when they're revving up to fling a spell. It's visible even to the physical eyes of people who're untrained in looking for it.

Aaaand that's everybody for the time being lol why is it so hot out.
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had a random cute dream in which Vicky (and by extension, Jer) has a terrestrial-travel shapeshift that's like black_dog.zip

(think like - black lab + samoyed and you have the basic look XD)

it was her and Isaac-fox running around Drac's palace vandalizing things XD

it makes me giggle a lot. smol gothfae turning into things that are sort of death-omens.

(i'm certain she's protected sidonie and benj while being a quadrupedal barkmachine.)
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Benighted+Kupopoverse sandwich of ALMIGHTY DOOM!
WARNINGS: Animal death CW, sad things, and catharsis for an author.


Vicky's bike was by the roadside when Perry and Nick pulled over. Gil was stood next to it (in his stupid red hoodie, Perry thought, though not nastily) and he handed Vicky's phone over to Nick as soon as Nick got within arm's reach.

"I don't want to break the screen again," he said, about as sheepish as a guy like him could ever be.

Nick chuckled. "Understandable. So--she's back in the woods there?"

"Yes. She said she didn't need company, necessarily, but I was suspicious of the veracity of the statement. I know she can't lie, but...she can speak and try to make herself believe what she says."

Perry quirked a brow. "You're speedier on the uptake than you first came off, Gigglemoose."

Gil quirked back. "I'm a man of many talents."

Nick swatted at both their arms. "Come on. Smarmbrow wars later."

this looks familiar, vaguely familiar... )
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Learning more and more about how Vicky's homeverse works as I poke at magic systems.

One thing: in conservative magical families of ANY walk (fae human whatever) there's a bias against "blue collar" spellcraft--like, Vicky's father Owain has an affinity for magnetism and electricity, so he's a registered electrician (has apprentices and his own business and all). Some families--including his birth house (which is why he left)--have issues with that kind of a thing. They think it's lowly or unimaginative.

This can cause huge issues, of course. (See: the case of Perry Masterton, a mage-kid with water affinity who left home along with his little bro because he was not "a proper heir". His water magic is practical and he didn't have any affinity with the family's other branch of data-processing magecraft. He probably would've ended up raging himself into oblivion like Earthbound's Pokey if he hadn't met Vicky and Co. He now works for Sidonie's dad Edmond Dumont Ohakim, who's a dowser and plumber and general hydrology wizard. Perry has a definite knack for how 2 water in howse, and he feels good about it.)

More progressive magi giggle behind their hands at the idea of practical being "lowly". The Greene House (says Vicky: "we like the pun~") is largely practical magi--geomancy and botany and alchemy and machinist-fu. Some might find this funky given the house is blessed by Omhar the Illumined and Somna the Dreamweaver--but the house is all about bringing a dream into reality in a practical and concrete way.

So yeah. Basically, there's some narfy assumptions made about blue-collar and even some white-collar mages, and an upper-class-twit attitude in some older and more set-in-their-ways houses. But that kind of stagnation runs counter to how magic really IS. Some stagnated houses have found their crests (like a magical rune/blazon--it can be carried in a bloodline or granted ceremonially or both) losing potency or focus. The house Vicky's dad left was a bed of nails for its odd folks out; they left, and now the house's crest is kind of unravelling and changing against the wishes of the house's heads.

The worst-case scenario for a house married to its image/its idea of what it SHOULD be? crest dissipation--something that's happening to the house of Darach Ailbhe (a friend of Vicky's whose family forbade him from handfasting with her or even SEEING her since she's not naturally-born as such, but rather an alchemical-and-biological "creation"). the Ailbhe house was having problems for a while, and its elders' rejection of Vicky and others led to unrest and infighting. The house basically shattered along generational lines and is in the process of dividing into separate branches--legally united for practicality's sake, but that's about all. A lack of compassion basically diluted who they ARE.

The fragments of the unravelled crest seem to be strengthening in the branch houses that embraced change.

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It randomly occurred to me today that Vicky's stature and stuff make her closer to stock-fantasy dwarves than anything else.

And then it occurred to me that Benighted's 'dwarves' are probably the shortass stocky clans of fae and 'dwarf' is the result of someone mis-hearing their name for themselves.

The same goes for 'elf' and 'sprite' and 'undine' and so on.

So yeah. Many different kinds of fae of many different appearances! Elemental affinity can sometimes be discerned by someone's body-build but not always.

The fae/youma division is just--which side of the gate one happens to be on. the different 'arch-clans' (!elf, !undine and so on) have members on both sides of the gate between realms.

The big physical difference between them, really, is that youma have a different pupil shape (almost a + shape, with the little crossbar called 'the thorn of Manah' after the goddess of spring/air/magic--it's basically a mark of her protection; even though Manah wished they hadn't had to go hermitty, they are still HER PEOPLE.)

Vicky, being a hybrid, has a diamond-shaped pupil structure.

Also, her being earth-affinity and wol-totemic means Vicky is essentially a burrowing owl lolololol. XD
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Nicholas Fearn is one of Vicky's fellow Appointed Peacekeepers. He's a redheaded half-elven beanpole with a lot of freckles, a cute smile--and a big family. XD

So here is everybody--

DIARMAID FEARN - The Dad. Mage. He does landscaping and gardening.
ELISABETH MOIRE FEARN - The Mom. Elven. She's a web designer and works from home because that's where her ridiculously epic computer is. That, and she kind of needs a cat on her lap to focus. XD

SADIE (MERCEDES) KIMBERLEY FEARN - The Oldest Sister. She's Diarmaid's daughter from his first marriage; while she is adopted, he does not consider her any less his kid for that. Mage. (Sadie is incidentally trans and no one has any problem with this because why would they). Sadie is 23 years old.
NICK (NICHOLAS) DWIGHT FEARN - The Oldest Brother. While he is biologically related to his mom, this doesn't infer any special status--as far as the Fearns are concerned, the blood of the covenant is thicker than et cetera. Family is more than DNA! Nick coming into the world did a number on him and mom, and while they recovered she cannot have any more kids manually as it were. Her first husband left. When Nick was four, she remarried. Half-elven. Nick is 20 years old.
JORDAN DAVID FEARN - The Middle Brother. Adopted when Nick was eight. Jordan is outgoing, cheerful, and has a habit of being found by critters in need of aid. Lycanthropic shapeshifter. 16 years old.
MEAGHAN EVELYN FEARN - The Middle Sister. If you give Meaghan a broken techy thing, she WILL fix it. Mage. 12 years old.
REGINA EMILY FEARN - The Little Sister. 10 years old. Half-youma. Attracts critters with as much frequency as Jordan, and it's she who gets adopted by all the cats.
ZACHARIE LUCAS FEARN - The Little Sibling. Zack is the newest arrival, having gotten off to an extremely rough start in life. Now that they're in a safe place with people who love them, they're thriving. Mage. 6 years old.

And as if that wasn't enough, RIC (FRIEDRICH) THEODORUS WOLFGANG VANDENBERG II ("Yes, that IS actually my full name") rents the basement apartment of the house, and has pretty much been adopted too. Maybe not formally, but still! (Ric is incidentally a homunculus; in Comityverse they do have souls and age similarly to mageblooded humans...usually.)

TARA - The rescued pit bull. Extremely goofy. Much like Zack, she came from a nasty home, but is now thriving. They're inseparable.
FUSILLI - The rescued we-don't-know-what-kind-of-Spaniel-he-is. Nick found him living out behind the college's wood-shop garage door.
BOBBINS, KATIE, PINKY, and DEAN - The cats. A marmie, a tortie, a calico and a meezer respectively. All were strays; now they are not. XD
CUPCAKE - The English Lop rabbit. Jordan found her by the creek, very skinny and very nervous. Now she is round and happy.
NEFERTITI- The Holland Dwarf rabbit. So named for her lovely bunny 'eyeliner' pattern.
BEAKER, STATLER, WALDORF and ZOOT - the quartet of guinea pigs.
ALL OF THE FISH - They're Regina's. The orange one is not Talbot.

The Fearns live somewhat outside downtown Comity in a very big old farmhouse with no right angles in it whatsoever. Old though it may be, and with squeaky stairs, it's a good house with space for everybody.
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SO LIKE WTF IS T.I.B.C.: A band comprised of six people--Aaron Virtue Park (vocals, theremin, violin, weirdness), Benjamin "Beejay" Jafri (vocals, keyboards, esoteric percussion), Sidonie Dumont (vocals, guitar), Zoe Daine (vocals, drummage), Victoria "Vicky" Greene (vocals, bass), Jeremiah "Jer" Greene (vocals, rhythm guitar), and occasionally too many bags of Haribo.

THAT IS A LOT OF PEOPLE: Yes it is, which is why we can't really play venues with tiny stages.

SO WHAT KIND OF MUSIC ARE WE TALKING HERE: Oldschool J-Rock meets Gothabilly meets Folkrock meets Nerdy ProgLOL meets IDKWTF. It's eclectic. The fans seem to like it, though. Even when the old-ass amp decides to temporarily die, and Asher raps nerdily.

WHO DO YOU LIKE TO PLAY WITH: Moonchild, Oceanic Megalith, The Darkest of Knights, Ars Arcana Drakonis, Piper, Release the Chiroptera You Fools, Eldritch Beyond, and Ghost Model T are all fabulous people and we love them yes we do.

HAVE YOU GOT A LABEL/PRODUCER/ETC: Thanks to the amazing people of Moonchild, yes we do.

WHO DOES ALL YOUR MIXING: Aaron and Jer, on their respective rigs. They also do VGM remixes. If you see anything by Ehifu Gravitywell that's them.

SO WHO COVERS THE FINANCES: For the most part, our fans! We livestream for album costs and charity donations, do pay-as-you-wish for b-sides and remixes and silliness, and so on--and we're massively grateful to all our donors, which is why our webpage has an ever-growing donor list. And yes, everybody is on there. Anonymous donors get included by date. We are lucky and our fans are generous and faboo.

ANY SWAG: Yes! T-shirts, hoodies, pendants, buttons, nifty bags, LED flashlights (with a red setting so as not to obliterate the night-vision), et cetera, all made and designed by us because whenever we have too much time on our hands we get crafty. Once we get rights and suchlike worked out, we might begin taking fan-submitted swag. Right now, we are not able to do so, but we're flattered and ecstatic that people love us enough to make swag for us!

...SO...WHAT DO YOU LIVESTREAM: Oh, almost everything. Jer likes to broadcast his fail at Shinobi Monogatari, Beejay and Aaron have this masochistic love of badly-coded games, Sidonie is our hardcore badass and all of our Belmondo Chronicle vids are hers (which you should know already, silly people), and most of all we really like running old Arcana Mundi dungeon raids and failing all over the floor. Sometimes we team up with Moonchild and then even more of us fail all over the floor, and sometimes we team up with Vicky and Jer's dad, Owain Eadland (a key member of the Verdant Sanctuary Foundation who work for better awareness of psionic and empathic disorders and better treatments for such--if we stream with him, the cash goes to V.S.F.), in which case we fail much less because he's really good at it.

ANYTHING ELSE BEFORE WE GO: We have a new album pending, so look for previews soon on yonder website. We love you all, and goodnight!

((some of this applies just as much to Benighted of course. XD))
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So who plays what?

Aaron Park: Theremin, Banjo
Zoe Daine: Drums
Sidonie Dumont: Guitar
Asher Singh: Piano
Victoria Greene: Bass
Jeremiah Greene: Violin

Ishandarr Evenbrooke: Thalassian flute
Aerionn Dawntreader: Mandolin
Eveynna MacTeague: Citole, penny whistle
Garrett Mason: Fiddle
Solseannan Thundermar: Accordion
Jayalaksmi tar'nai-Vasu: Sarod
Kleidion Fireflight: Viola
Kristios Fireflight: Cello
Sarradaine Helianthe: Harp
Valerriana Helianthe: Recorder
Atharri Swiftmorrow: Piano
Sharl Rhydderch: Harmonica
Chiyana Shadehand: Reed pipe
Rakkarah Duskwolf: Garadar Talking Drum
Kikkijikki Ghostwalker: Tumbadora
Dakkarayi Ghostwalker: Steel drums
Ferayyah Voidsinger: Moon harp
Bejaria Moonfell: Reed pipe
Iynadora Gyreleaf: Reed pipe
Kazyanagi Moonblade: Biwa
Mireillie Sunveil: Pipe Organ
Berenikki Fleezelbop: Bass guitar
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Pondering about Vicky's and Jer's specific power-set:

These are granted by Somna the Dreamweaver (in Benighted). Other universes would mean different deities involved of course.

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This is incomplete yet and needs work (like adding personalities and worship type things) but this is a start woooo XD

Deities! )
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Warnings: vague descriptions of the aftermath of stabby violence and inquisition bullcrap within. Nothing harsh, but - even so. Also, creepliness.

Gavin Farrell is a Daywalker. He's nineteen and often partnered with Vicky. He has a bottomless pit of a stomach - two double Big Macs is nothing.
Douglas James Tasgall is a Black Dog shapeshifter, and the boyfriend of the vampire Caleb Rainier (whom I wrote about once ages ago but that was before I knew what he was actually like; same goes for poor Brenn, who bullshat me into writing him as a total bastard when he ain't...yeah just ignore most of my prior stuff about Caleb and Brenn XD;). He works for the Council. He and Caleb are extremely cute.
Sigismund Farkas (or Farkas Sigismund, putting it the Hungarian way) is a 15th century warlord who calmed down and eventually became the local vampire magistrate of the city (it's a smallish city) of Comity. He's like a sane Vlad, kinda.
Vicky is - Vicky.

And the other guy is nuts off his gourd.

TYPOS ABOUND I BET XD; Beware of falling Carroll references.

show his eyes, and grieve his heart... )
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So I'm actually trying to work on the dang fae language Vicky and Jer and co. speak and it's fucking hard XD;;

It's quite obvious I'm taking influence principally from Greek and Latin for this as well as the Romance languages in this but there's liable to be some Sanskrit or even Gaelic sprinkled in later. :B

yay? )
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- But this actually has an explanation.

Vicky's friend Sidonie Dumont and Jer's boyfriend Aaron MacCumhaill are in a band. Right now it has no name. (Aaron says, "I wanted to call it 'The The Band' but Zoe pelted me with Ringalos.") But it's them, Tomas Yamanaka, Asher Singh, and Zoe Daine. They play like - Gothish nerdy triphop about popculture, horror mmovies, urban legends and creepy folktakes from their respective backgrounds.

Aaron is lead guitar and actually plays classically. He's also a bit of a technomancer.

His amp is ancient and sometimes it dies.

So when that happens, usually Asher (who plays the piano absurdly well) steps in, and he'll get topics from the audience and then...start rapping.

So one time someone requested something about necromancy, and Asher did this -

break it down, yo. )
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Hahaha I'm still being a self-serving punkass. Gonk.

Title: Yami he no Inori
Fandom: Benighted-Kupopolis AU Wondersmush. of Doom. From Mars. IN TECHNICOLOUR!
Characters: Vicky and a certain Sorceress's Heartless
Rating: 14A for innuendo and weird metaphysics.
Warnings: I'm still being self-serving! XD *cough* Some potentially disturbing happenings, though nothing explicitly sexual or whatever. If the drawing of the Black Rose Duelists' swords eeked you, it's best to skip this. And, as ever, typos.
Summary: A formal invitation to the game is extended. The nature of hearts is a curious thing.
Notes: THIS WOMAN. IS SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE. Yeah I know I'm being a huge barge hound on Sydney's level but the bunny had sharp pointy teeth.

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