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had a random cute dream in which Vicky (and by extension, Jer) has a terrestrial-travel shapeshift that's like black_dog.zip

(think like - black lab + samoyed and you have the basic look XD)

it was her and Isaac-fox running around Drac's palace vandalizing things XD

it makes me giggle a lot. smol gothfae turning into things that are sort of death-omens.

(i'm certain she's protected sidonie and benj while being a quadrupedal barkmachine.)
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TITLE: Tempus est Certe
SERIES: Castlevania, and this is the 'proper' AU - namely, what ACTUALLY happened, as opposed to the cracky ancient rough fic which was I think spawned from an unpleasant dream Dracula had when he was hammered. XD He thought Isaac was basically a noisy brat and not much else until Isaac hit about twenty. BUT I DIGRESS!
PEOPLE: Adrian, Isaac and Hector
SUMMARY: A memory, and a good one. This is pure and utter fluff. Hopefully it makes up for the bad-end creepiness of the rough fic XD; I need to write the whole of what really happened with Isaac. To sum up - he and Hector arrived at the palace when Isaac was twelve and Hector almost eleven. Lisa promptly semi-adopted them, and it went from there.
NOTES: Isaac's song is 'Coro di Dea' from the Oh My Goddess! movie. And Adrian's book is a real one. XD

December 12, 1466 (6978 Byzantine)

When Isaac ran ahead on a path in the winter he remained visible even from a distance. Shade or dreadful weather didn't do anything to dull the hue of his hair, and in the sun - as he was now - he wasn't possible to miss.

"Isaac?" Hector blinked. He glanced over at Adrian. "...did - you see what he's gone off after?"

"No," Adrian replied, amused. "It could be anything, really."

"...Of course, I'm not much better..."

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Das meme!

Mar. 8th, 2010 08:45 pm
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I stole it from Kyl! Comment here and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You are free to repost this with your answers to the questions in your journal.

And now, MEME!

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I don't know what this is. XD I know it's in the cracked-out AU as the rest of my Castlevania crack-outs and takes place when Simon's trying to put the smackdown on Dracula! But I don't know what it is. Besides dorky. And inspired by looping the swingy-chandelier-hall music (and watching a lot of LPers fall to their doom from said chandeliers) in Super Castlevania 4.

I think the castle layout in this fic is a squonky hybrid of Castlevania Chronicle and SCV4. Hence the chandeliers. And oyaji!Simon is Kyl's fault XD

...YAY! Uh. Have some Isaac-and-Simon banter silliness. And lighting fixtures with devilry in.

because kyl's simon is cute )
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((crossposted from LJ; I feel like archiving this here too.))

Yeah, at a loss of a better title so let's be the DC Tribute Band!

I haven't put a big nerdy informal fandom-y essay up in a while (I'm still working at the meme post, don't worry ^^) so I figured hey, why not.

Hokay. So. Here's de erfno no no no wrong introductory sentence. *donk* Most people are probably familiar with Super Castlevania 4, even if they haven't played it. Released in 1991, ostensibly the fourth game in the series (it's actually the seventh released game), oddly marketed as a sequel to the original Castlevania though in actuality it's a re-imagining of that game.

Weirdness 1: The English opening title crawl makes it seem as if Simon's been around for 100 years on account of some seriously funny wording. This isn't present in the Japanese one. There are other differences as well - you can find a list of them on Mr P's site, or here. But anyhow! No, Simon isn't 100 years old (we think XD) in Super Castlevania IV; if he were that'd put the game in 1791 and then we'd have Richter and Simon squabbling over the map trying to work out how best to proceed and Simon calling Richter a young rapscallion1 and Richter snickering at that and then you'd have a large Belmont squabble that lasted the whole quest and no one wants that.

Ahem. Srs tiem nao. I promise.

THAR BE SPOILERS HYARR for SCV4, CV2 and 3, and CoD among other games. So yeah.

no one likes having to deal with being knocked off floating platforms :P )


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