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Learning more and more about how Vicky's homeverse works as I poke at magic systems.

One thing: in conservative magical families of ANY walk (fae human whatever) there's a bias against "blue collar" spellcraft--like, Vicky's father Owain has an affinity for magnetism and electricity, so he's a registered electrician (has apprentices and his own business and all). Some families--including his birth house (which is why he left)--have issues with that kind of a thing. They think it's lowly or unimaginative.

This can cause huge issues, of course. (See: the case of Perry Masterton, a mage-kid with water affinity who left home along with his little bro because he was not "a proper heir". His water magic is practical and he didn't have any affinity with the family's other branch of data-processing magecraft. He probably would've ended up raging himself into oblivion like Earthbound's Pokey if he hadn't met Vicky and Co. He now works for Sidonie's dad Edmond Dumont Ohakim, who's a dowser and plumber and general hydrology wizard. Perry has a definite knack for how 2 water in howse, and he feels good about it.)

More progressive magi giggle behind their hands at the idea of practical being "lowly". The Greene House (says Vicky: "we like the pun~") is largely practical magi--geomancy and botany and alchemy and machinist-fu. Some might find this funky given the house is blessed by Omhar the Illumined and Somna the Dreamweaver--but the house is all about bringing a dream into reality in a practical and concrete way.

So yeah. Basically, there's some narfy assumptions made about blue-collar and even some white-collar mages, and an upper-class-twit attitude in some older and more set-in-their-ways houses. But that kind of stagnation runs counter to how magic really IS. Some stagnated houses have found their crests (like a magical rune/blazon--it can be carried in a bloodline or granted ceremonially or both) losing potency or focus. The house Vicky's dad left was a bed of nails for its odd folks out; they left, and now the house's crest is kind of unravelling and changing against the wishes of the house's heads.

The worst-case scenario for a house married to its image/its idea of what it SHOULD be? crest dissipation--something that's happening to the house of Darach Ailbhe (a friend of Vicky's whose family forbade him from handfasting with her or even SEEING her since she's not naturally-born as such, but rather an alchemical-and-biological "creation"). the Ailbhe house was having problems for a while, and its elders' rejection of Vicky and others led to unrest and infighting. The house basically shattered along generational lines and is in the process of dividing into separate branches--legally united for practicality's sake, but that's about all. A lack of compassion basically diluted who they ARE.

The fragments of the unravelled crest seem to be strengthening in the branch houses that embraced change.

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-She is friends with Braig and he's just as ridiculous with bulletspam though less artsy about it. They may have been members of the same team/project/something.
-She doesn't use corridors very often
-She's produced some truly ridonkulously intricate shot patterns
-Yes, she does plan them out beforehand XD
-She seems to do something akin to Dio Brando meets Haste materia meets Rider Kabuto's Clock-Up meets a kekkai meets gun kata.

-Exactly how the furk that last thing works. :D;

-She doesn't stop time exactly like Dio, she doesn't have a Stand, there is no ZA WARUDO. There IS a kind of a 'there's Kilroy, blur, oh my fricking balls where did all these energy shots come from' (she doesn't use real bullets lol she'd run out too quick, she does whatever Braig does).
-What she MAY be doing is sort of sidestepping into corridorspace and using that like Chell does the portals, albeit with Haste magic added, so speedy thing goes in and REALLY SPEEDY THING comes out
-Or something
-How do I physics

-She doesn't actually drink much coffee. XD
-And she doesn't teleport either XD
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Inspired by: "I NEED 25 MORE VALIANTS' MARKS BECAUSE I WANT THE FORSAKEN WARHORSES", by my dorkbutt DK, by Varian being VERY LOUD, by Kyl's sexy belfadin Rauthien and her adorable Draenei mage Zalandra, and by Kyl and her fantastic headcanon that i now share in :D
Warnings: Varian being grouchy and jerky about the Horde, though not as loathsome an ass as he is in game. He is, however, still being rather a closed-minded jerk.

I want to expand on this later hence no formal title block. :B


The Horde and Alliance champions filed into the ring one-by-one, and if not for this temporary armistice, the crystalline trees towering so far overhead that they were visible even now, and the bit of Dalaran's floating land-mass visible between the canopies, this could have been any ordinary tournament--much to Varian Wrynn's irritation.

Sooner or later the other shoe would drop. One or the other of those ne'er-do-wells under the red banner would show his or her true colours and then everything would go to pot. Varian scowled at the Horde;s champions, held his figurative ground when the pigtailed Orc woman met his gaze and grinned, then looked away hurriedly when the Blood Elven paladin next to her caught him staring. The man's level green gaze and quirked brow were a hell of a distraction.

When he glanced across the arena at the King of Silvermoon, that blasted Sunstrider gave him the self-same look. Then he SMILED, and Varian bit back a splutter and sulked.

"Louts, all of them," he mumbled, and sipped his tea. Even in the sheltered valley of Crystalsong, it was right some cold. "Louts to the bone."

Jaina gave him That Look. "Loutishness isn't limited to any particular race."

"Yes, well, THAT lot"--here Varian gestured at the Horde's champions--"is more inclined to be loutish." A pause. "Except maybe that paladin. He probably isn't a lout. But he could be a rake instead. He looks like a rake. So we have a rake and his pack of louts. And they're all of them together hooligans. Wonderful."

Jaina watched a Dwarven paladin--Ironforge's champion, a woman with brilliant red curls and a nut-brown complexion--cheerfully exchange rude gestures with the Orc woman. As these got more and more amiably crass (still with no violence pending), a Draenei woman nearby tried to intervene. She did her best to keep a straight face whilst she leaned down from her Elekk and scolded them for being ridiculous, but in the end didn't manage. As she started to giggle and that warm, softer sound mingled with the Orc woman's uproarious laughter, Jaina quirked an eyebrow at Varian.

"Well?" she said.

He pretended he hadn't heard her or seen any of that, tugged his warm cloak more fully around himself, hunched his shoulders, thanked the light for the umpty-umpth time that he'd brought a scarf, and grumbled into his mug.

"I didn't come here," he said, "to sit on my laurels and watch these hooligans thump one another--and my allies--about the head and shoulders with sticks."

Jaina didn't even bat an eyelash. "Drink your tea, Varian," she said.

Varian grumbled into his mug again and obeyed.
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TITLE: Fool on the Planet
FANDOM: Commander Keen, FLCL, and Space Oddity. No, seriously.
PEOPLE: Major Tom's wife (who knows he loves her), Billy Blaze (who knows what actually happened to the guy), and various extraterrestrials.
PAIRING: Tom and his wife, obviously. XD
RATING: G; there's one alien curse word, but come on. XD
SUMMARY: Major Tom, coming home. No, really. I mean it.
WARNINGS: I am an irreverent crackbunny engine whose mind was et by Gurren Lagann, and then this happened. If the idea of a good end for this particular character vexes you, do not read on. Call it AU nonsense and ignore it. I REGRET NOTHING. XD
NOTES: Yes, I do know how Major Tom's story is commonly understood to have ended. David Bowie leaves things really ambiguous, with Ashes to Ashes being much more a metaphor for Bowie's own experience than a straightforward conclusion to the story; therefore, I've been an audacious betch, taken much artistic licence, and decided that something else entirely happened to the guy. My dad being a Trek fan and me being a Commander Keen fan meant that I never assumed a bad end for our astronaut; I figured he met a bunch of cool aliens and had all kinds of weird adventures before coming home to his wife. This ridiculousness here is the result of a plot bunny that's been fermenting in my brain for ages. It walked up and bit me this afternoon at work.

The OC in here is incidentally the first one I ever came up with; Commander Keen was the first universe I wrote fanfic for. Yes, his Yorp has a different name in this. More artistic licence. XD

Mad props to anyone who knows what TV show the alien cuss word came from, oh ho ho.

Yeah yeah yeah. I know! Just be glad Haruko doesn't actually show up. XD

kimi wo hanasanai )
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((crossposted from LJ; I feel like archiving this here too.))

Yeah, at a loss of a better title so let's be the DC Tribute Band!

I haven't put a big nerdy informal fandom-y essay up in a while (I'm still working at the meme post, don't worry ^^) so I figured hey, why not.

Hokay. So. Here's de erfno no no no wrong introductory sentence. *donk* Most people are probably familiar with Super Castlevania 4, even if they haven't played it. Released in 1991, ostensibly the fourth game in the series (it's actually the seventh released game), oddly marketed as a sequel to the original Castlevania though in actuality it's a re-imagining of that game.

Weirdness 1: The English opening title crawl makes it seem as if Simon's been around for 100 years on account of some seriously funny wording. This isn't present in the Japanese one. There are other differences as well - you can find a list of them on Mr P's site, or here. But anyhow! No, Simon isn't 100 years old (we think XD) in Super Castlevania IV; if he were that'd put the game in 1791 and then we'd have Richter and Simon squabbling over the map trying to work out how best to proceed and Simon calling Richter a young rapscallion1 and Richter snickering at that and then you'd have a large Belmont squabble that lasted the whole quest and no one wants that.

Ahem. Srs tiem nao. I promise.

THAR BE SPOILERS HYARR for SCV4, CV2 and 3, and CoD among other games. So yeah.

no one likes having to deal with being knocked off floating platforms :P )


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