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the times i wish i could render my brain's FMVs in full polygonal glory.

like now, and this:

Kirua "Kilroy" Roi, in proto-entity Alpha mode (think Aya Brea's Liberate form only with more fronds), shutting down the Deep Ground deskjockeys and restrictors like she was the sysadmin for Dark' City's Strangers.

Floating in like the air was water, making eye-contact with someone, smiling, extending one hand.

"Sleep. Now."

... )
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-She is friends with Braig and he's just as ridiculous with bulletspam though less artsy about it. They may have been members of the same team/project/something.
-She doesn't use corridors very often
-She's produced some truly ridonkulously intricate shot patterns
-Yes, she does plan them out beforehand XD
-She seems to do something akin to Dio Brando meets Haste materia meets Rider Kabuto's Clock-Up meets a kekkai meets gun kata.

-Exactly how the furk that last thing works. :D;

-She doesn't stop time exactly like Dio, she doesn't have a Stand, there is no ZA WARUDO. There IS a kind of a 'there's Kilroy, blur, oh my fricking balls where did all these energy shots come from' (she doesn't use real bullets lol she'd run out too quick, she does whatever Braig does).
-What she MAY be doing is sort of sidestepping into corridorspace and using that like Chell does the portals, albeit with Haste magic added, so speedy thing goes in and REALLY SPEEDY THING comes out
-Or something
-How do I physics

-She doesn't actually drink much coffee. XD
-And she doesn't teleport either XD
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For [personal profile] finch and [profile] wanderreriha, who asked for something about Kilroy. So it's a double drabble, since it's for two people XD

Reno nicknamed her for the no-he-no-he-mo-he-ji scrawled in lipstick on the walls so she'd remember where the damn hell she'd been in the maze that was the medical ward. (Damn if she knew how long she'd been drifting around so blur she made squid look with-it.) He knew what it meant (probably Tseng's fault) and so she got to be Kilroy-was-here for a week, then he got bored, and it dropped to Kilroy and then just Kil even after she recollected: Kui Shin-liu, SOLDIER class second, Wutain/Nibel (that was pretty normal from the trading past), Theta test group. The little squiggle of a letter, inked in black between her left thumb and index finger, brought chapters and volumes of her life rushing back after the bandage came off her hand.

Pieces were still missing and pieces still made no sense. Makou did funny things to the brains in big doses. She'd roll with it though. Smooth, like the 'ji' stroke, or something like that. No point in getting pissed over what was gone for good, but even so if she saw Doc Houjou again she was going to go one upside his head for his interns' fail-like-fuck with the IV.
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But here's more fangirlin' instead.

FF7 rocks in the domain of the little details. Things like characters' eyes widening a bit in cinematics, e.g. Cloud en route to the Ultimate Showdown of Etc. Etc. in mental space - it's very clear when he sees his opponent, his eyes widen a bit and he opens his mouth slightly - we see this almost mirrored in Advent Children at THAT ONE PART. Also, the slight widening of Sephiroth's eyes when he yanks the metal angel thing off the front of Jenova's fishtank.

Speaking of Sephiroth again (yes, I like him - I'm not going to get into penis fencing wars in re: which FF villain is better so slapfight with someone who cares, hypothetical penis fencers XD) - it intrigued the hell out of me to learn that during the flashback-to-Nibelheim-goes-foomph scenes, when everyone is in the truck?

Sephiroth's watching Cloud.

No, not !Cloud who is actually that other guy. CLOUD-Cloud, carsick-lowbie Cloud. The actual Cloud.

That intrigues me. And that's another neat bit of characterization - Sephiroth has enough compassion in him to be concerned about a carsick lowbie.
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So I'm watching HC Bailly's LP of Final Fantasy VII and - wow. I had forgotten how many little cool things were in this game.

Like for example what has to be the coolest fcuking music segue EVER. It's at the point where Sephiroth goes utterly crackers in Cloud's flashback story. Up until the point where you find him in that library, the background music's been that eerie tolling bell/heartbeat-like thump percussion. But then Cloud goes down to see him and Sephiroth starts to leave.

Cloud's all "wtf seph?"

And the music just stops.

Seph goes, "Out of my way; I'm going to see my mother."

And them WHAM the soundtrack's into Those Chosen by the Planet and I get this epic flock of goosebumps.

They really did do a good job on presenting Sephiroth's character within a short time. From the flashback, we learn that he's really introverted, feels set apart from just about everyone, does care for his men (telling them to get to bed early, hee), than he respected Professor Gast and cared a hell of a lot for him too (oh damn, his 'why did you die?' broke my heart a little), didn't like Hojo a whole hell of a lot (oh god the snark was lovely), and cares about civilian welfare. In short, before he went utterly bughouse nuts, he as a very very DECENT guy and that makes his million-mile-an-hour fall from grace that much worse.

Other fan squee:
-Fuck fuck fuck fuck the trail of blood in the shinra building fuuuuck. The sword slash marks on the wall. Aaaauuugh. I remember being convinced when I saw that part plaed that Sephiroth was going to drop out of nowhere and pwn all our asses.
-MY GOD I LOVE COSMO CANYON'S MUSIC. The part where it crescendoes makes me shiver still.
-Damn it I thought that bit with the mine cart was by Corel! I guess not. Er...There's this one point in the game where they want you to move a mine cart from one spot to another, and the cart turns out to be across the worst tracks ever. I DISTINCTLY remember seeing this part played through, and seeing the camera pan over to the cart, and the note "It's over here... (^^;)" appearing. Yes, just like that, smiley and all. And I recollect the BGM being Holding My Thoughts in My Heart. I thought it was by Corel because that's a point at which that song plays. (That track hella reminds me of Vicky incidentally.) I'm sure I didn't hallucinate this XD;
-lol 4-eva at Dio's 'Sephiroth bust have a lot of fans in boys your age' to Cloud. Oh wow XD Dio, you elder queen.
-Further - did anyone else notice the 'gateway to heaven' written around the edge of the hole in the floor? WTFski.
-Hojo in Costa. What WAS that? He's almost cordial, he makes a terrible joke about Cloud being his guinea pig, he actually INFORMS you of things...and then trails off into mumbling. What the hell. I've seen this explained as him having resigned to try to avoid Jenova but the fleeing fails because she brainjacks him again in Costa. Is there ever any further explanation for that 'resigned archgeek' plot point?
-Oh god the actors in Nibelheim make me want to punch them so bad. XD; Holy fuck, do I ever know how it is to have some DUMB FUCKIN' LITTLE HALFPENNY PUTZ whine at me that I'm crazy for something they have no fuckin' idea about themselves. XD; Cloud has more self control than I do, I would have started punching.
-Uh. Hojo. Hojo, dude? Dude, you have no life. The mansion puzzle thing...really. Really? Really. YOU HAVE NO LIFE. Take up Sudoku or something! How bored were you and Ms. Space Eyeball!?
-The mansion is really, really pretty inside.



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