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with his scary crabby pants on


The fall of New Avalon, and what happened after Thassarian left the inn to cause a rucks so’s Koltira and the Ebon Commander (in this case, Kyl's amazing elf badass Nocturne) could get out safely.

Orbaz Bloodbane, Ishandarr, and a conversation about feelz–DK-style. Violence incoming, and douchebaggery. And profanity. They’re both disagreeable dingbats, really. If you don't know who the NPCs are, it's fine. Just enjoy boys being stupid.

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Inspired by: "I NEED 25 MORE VALIANTS' MARKS BECAUSE I WANT THE FORSAKEN WARHORSES", by my dorkbutt DK, by Varian being VERY LOUD, by Kyl's sexy belfadin Rauthien and her adorable Draenei mage Zalandra, and by Kyl and her fantastic headcanon that i now share in :D
Warnings: Varian being grouchy and jerky about the Horde, though not as loathsome an ass as he is in game. He is, however, still being rather a closed-minded jerk.

I want to expand on this later hence no formal title block. :B


The Horde and Alliance champions filed into the ring one-by-one, and if not for this temporary armistice, the crystalline trees towering so far overhead that they were visible even now, and the bit of Dalaran's floating land-mass visible between the canopies, this could have been any ordinary tournament--much to Varian Wrynn's irritation.

Sooner or later the other shoe would drop. One or the other of those ne'er-do-wells under the red banner would show his or her true colours and then everything would go to pot. Varian scowled at the Horde;s champions, held his figurative ground when the pigtailed Orc woman met his gaze and grinned, then looked away hurriedly when the Blood Elven paladin next to her caught him staring. The man's level green gaze and quirked brow were a hell of a distraction.

When he glanced across the arena at the King of Silvermoon, that blasted Sunstrider gave him the self-same look. Then he SMILED, and Varian bit back a splutter and sulked.

"Louts, all of them," he mumbled, and sipped his tea. Even in the sheltered valley of Crystalsong, it was right some cold. "Louts to the bone."

Jaina gave him That Look. "Loutishness isn't limited to any particular race."

"Yes, well, THAT lot"--here Varian gestured at the Horde's champions--"is more inclined to be loutish." A pause. "Except maybe that paladin. He probably isn't a lout. But he could be a rake instead. He looks like a rake. So we have a rake and his pack of louts. And they're all of them together hooligans. Wonderful."

Jaina watched a Dwarven paladin--Ironforge's champion, a woman with brilliant red curls and a nut-brown complexion--cheerfully exchange rude gestures with the Orc woman. As these got more and more amiably crass (still with no violence pending), a Draenei woman nearby tried to intervene. She did her best to keep a straight face whilst she leaned down from her Elekk and scolded them for being ridiculous, but in the end didn't manage. As she started to giggle and that warm, softer sound mingled with the Orc woman's uproarious laughter, Jaina quirked an eyebrow at Varian.

"Well?" she said.

He pretended he hadn't heard her or seen any of that, tugged his warm cloak more fully around himself, hunched his shoulders, thanked the light for the umpty-umpth time that he'd brought a scarf, and grumbled into his mug.

"I didn't come here," he said, "to sit on my laurels and watch these hooligans thump one another--and my allies--about the head and shoulders with sticks."

Jaina didn't even bat an eyelash. "Drink your tea, Varian," she said.

Varian grumbled into his mug again and obeyed.
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TITLE: Arise, Maiden
FANDOM: World of Warcraft
PEOPLE: Agathe the Val'kyr, her sisters Daschla and Arturia, and their Queen.
PAIRING: Sylvanas/Agathe, sort of.
RATING: G because all Agathe does is heartmark XD
SUMMARY: The aftermath of Godfrey finding out the hard way that Sylvanas is extremely hard to kill (all of the bullets are nowhere near enough), and Agathe being terrified at how fragile her Queen suddenly seems to be...
WARNINGS: Minor spoilers-kinda-sorta for the Silverpine quest shenanigans.
NOTES: From Kyl's Great AU. I'm using more Scandinavian/oldschool-y spellings of the Val'kyr Sibling Trio's names, simply because I can.

First posted on Tumblr; expanded a bit here.

Dedicated to my dearest longcat Kyl. ♥


"Take care of Arturia," she said, and was prepared to die. She was happy to give of herself, of her soul, for her Lady. It was their place to give of themselves for their Master—or Mistress—and as the eldest of the three sisters, it was Agathe’s place to give all she had.

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TITLE: This Vital Fluid
FANDOM: Warcraft III/World of Warcraft
PEOPLE: Ishandarr Evenbrooke (once called Ebonrooke), a Blood elf and formerly a Death Knight under the Lich King, now a DK of the Knights of the Ebon Blade), Koltira Deathweaver (likewise, and quite the tsundere), Thassarian (a human Ebon Blade knight and one of few to see Koltira's deredere side), Darion Mograine (the head of the Ebon Blade), various other unlucky people, and the Death Knights' former...er...'employer'.
PAIRING: Thassarian and Koltira have an implied canonical bromance; as well, there are references to Ishan and the other Death Knights' relationship with their former boss.
RATING: 14A for implied past sketchy relationships and big ol' innuendo about such.
SUMMARY: "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you." - Nietzsche
WARNINGS: There be sketchy past relationships in this here fic. Also, mindscrew and bad dreams and unhappy hallucinations.
NOTES: This is based on an actual quest chain, too. Yes, you CAN make this damn thing in the game. How the issue of dealing with it gets solved in the fic is AU, but - yeah.

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I needed to write some cute XD;

TITLE: After, in the Dark
FANDOM: Warcraft III/World of Warcraft
PEOPLE: A couple of punkassed knights.
PAIRING: implied/aftermath of m/m, Arthas/Ishan.
RATING: 14A because Ishan's got a bit of a dirty mind.
SUMMARY: After the battle at Icecrown and a startling discovery, Ishandarr's distracted and bemused by the experience of sharing a bed with a living breathing Arthas.
WARNINGS: There's some reference to the weirdness of their past relationship. Though it was never non-consensual it was a bit wonky. Please note, though, that Ishan was always on the less-vanilla side of things. XD That wasn't as a result of being Mr. Spooky McDeathknight. That's just Ishan not being vanilla.
NOTES: Ishan isn't the only partner Arthas had amongst the knights, of course, but he may be the most longcat of them. *cough* This is set WAAAAY after the prior fic. You can probably guess what happened to Arthas just from what's going on here. Redemption and rebuilding mean a lot more than a sacrifice of life, after all, and it's the nature of the light to forgive. tl;dr I am horrible and like making antagonists atone and Kyl does too. XD This is the Arthas in her head. He occasionally crashes on my sofa and is a smartass.

Yyyep, I'm still dicking about with font colours. XD

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TITLE: My Nation Underground Part I: "Was it like an echo?"
FANDOM: Warcraft III/World of Warcraft
PEOPLE: Aerionn Dawntreader (a somewhat excitable paladin who probably has the elven equivalent of ADD), Rauthien Brightblade (his more calm mentor, possessed of excellent hair), and some ghosts (of various citizens and nobility, benign and malign).
PAIRING: None as such, though Aer and Rauth are snuggly off-duty.
RATING: PG; not much in the way of cursing and such but there is implied violence and it's not really settling!
SUMMARY: Aerionn's first trip to the Undercity is - eventful in more ways than he expected it to be.
WARNINGS: It's creepy. I mean, I made myself someone antsy writing it. And if you don't want to be spoiled for the way the story of Arthas in WCIII ends, don't go on, oh lordie! If you do want to be spoiled, there's a link to the cinema at the end of the fic.
NOTES: Aerionn's pendant delivery run here is a real quest in WoW, 'Journey to Undercity'. Rauth belongs to Kyl. He and his fabulous hair are included with utmost respect and love.

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"What's the point in hiding from the fact that we're not infallible beings?"

Thaeron looked back over his shoulder with a faint scowl.

"And who, exactly, set the rule that says we MUST be? Honestly, trying to be perfect is a fools' errand. Trying to live up to every expectation is condemning yourself to the immense desire to go bop your head against a wall. These are not goals that ANYONE can reach. Try to, and all you do is bind yourself more and more to unhappiness. Inevitable unhappiness. The harder we try to be perfect, the less we'll manage it, too. We'll keep on making mistakes - and make more and more as we keep on trying to attain this impossible goal, this shining nebulous dream..."

He snorted.

"We can never always be everything expected of us, you know. No one can. Not even the one who put us here. Not ever. All of us will, at some point in time, sneeze tea out our noses. We will fall up the stairs, lose patience with word puzzles and people, snap at those people, and sometimes be selfish - which isn't always a bad thing, but I digress." A gesture. "Look, we can be just as much blinkered by our hopes and fears as can any human, elf, fae, youma, drow or nu. And you know? The sooner we learn to go 'well, that's just how it is to be a created being - I fouled up this time and I'll make amends and avoid that situation next time' the better."

He was starting to pace a bit now and his voice rose a bit. Not in anger, but - well, when he was passionate about something, it showed.

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TITLE: Nomine
CHARACTERS: Teh Bird and Teh Lich
SUMMARY: "...I remember those who came to me long before names, before words. 'I' was all they needed. All - from the beginning. All who have come to me, I know."
RATING: G, shockingly!
NOTES: Because my friend Frank destroyed my brain with the plot rabite. XD Also TYPOS GO TO HELL XD

If you want to get a feel for things, start this as Vicky walks into the inner sanctum.

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