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(cred for title goes to IvoryTower 'cos she r0xx0rz)

So last night I decided I'd run the Icecrown Dungeon Threebie to see if I could (yes, I'm level 90, but I'm also the RNG's favourite kickball--and I tend to underestimate myself a lot, haha), and I could, and it was fun.

Wrath wasn't perfect, and ICC is the bluest blue thing to ever blue out of blueville. The Alliance-side version of this dungeon run contributed to the Jaina derail in obnoxious ways, and the Horde-side isn't perfect about Sylvanas either. Uther kind of sounds like a douche to me in places, which mehhh. Pit of Saron is a bit counterintuitive to navigate if you're not used to it and misread the map; I ran up the hill instead of around the corner and then went 'oh right, uh...' Also? BRONJAHM DESERVES MORE LOVE. (And a VA who's not pasty godDAMN. Sorry, Metzyboy, but you're about as brown as me--which is to say, absolutely not. Sit down son.) Because he's the hardest-working man in Icecrown. ;p Also, these three dungeons feel kind of brief? I know I'm vastly overlevelled, and that this is sort of a three-in-one dungeon--like, one piece of the icecrown Threebie is not equivalent to one quarter of Auchindoun's complex--but it still seems oddly configured? I'm not sure if there's another dungeon grouping that does this... I dunno. YMMV. To me the pieces felt a little shortish in length and I prolly would have made them separate and not a three-in-one if that was possible without breaking flow. I dunno. It just felt kind of oddish. Others may well disagree and I totally accept that and defer to their greater experience. XD

But. Gripes aside? Wow. The atmosphere. THE LOREGASM. And the end of the dungeon triad flossing christ.

Overall: It's fun stuff. I know I'm not qualified to make major lore judgements or difficulty judgements, and I won't do either. This is just my rambling observations, personal opinions and nattering. :D

So, piece by piece:

take your life, take your soul, everything's out of control )
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3/8 garden spots had a tentacle at Ishan

azeroth what is with your flora
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Some people deal with bad soil.

Some people deal with opportunistic wildlife.

Some people deal with gigantic weeds from the lowermost depths of the Twisting Nether.

Some people deal with pudgy caterpillars everywhere.

And me? The magnet of everything with fronds, tentacles, and other assorted noodly appendages?


…I manage to have my garden sprout one. voila )

Which then starts cheerfully waving at me.

-Ishandarr Evenbrooke (who just wanted some carrots for stir-fry and was not expecting this malarkey)

P.S. Stay away from my ankles, frondblossom. You are NOT waving me around like a tourney banner like everything else of your ilk does. ;p the only fronds allowed near me are the ones my girlfriend summons i mean what

Also, I had to arm-wrestle with this to get rid of it. What the hells, nature!?

And another image of the frondblossom.
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So last night I finished up the 'Tirion's Gambit' questline as well as the LOL ADMIRAL WESTWIND one. XD; I like Wrath stuff, I dunno. It feels a lot more rounded out than a lot of Cata things to me, quest-wise. I know it did dumb stuff to raiding, but the questing was nice.

Spolars for Wrath within, particularly the two questlines I mentioned above. I know I'm way out of the spoiler buffer zone and into territory roughly around 'Aerith dies at the end of Disk One', but hey. Also, CHRONIC CASUAL SWEARING. XD

Of Trolling Undead Kings and Booty-Rockin' Dreadlords )

OC meme!

Jun. 5th, 2012 12:42 am
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I done stole it from Riha 'cos I can XD

The Rules:
1. You must choose ONLY ONE of your OCs. Do it again if you want to use another OC.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. When you're done, tag as many people as you want.
4. Have fun!

Doing one of my own choice first but you all can hit me up with requests if you want XD

And anyone who wants to do this, feel free. ♥

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hay look guise i wrote moar

TITLE: Came in From the Wilderness
PEOPLE: Ishandarr and Leilandra, Ishan's ex-boss, and other assorted badass adventurers.
PAIRING: Ishan+Andra. D'aww.
RATING: R; violence and creepy mindmunch, even if only in dreams. I'm not even kidding. XD;
SUMMARY: There are a few reliable cures for nightmares; Andra has a pretty fair repertoire, which Ishan very much appreciates.
WARNINGS: There are disturbing somewhat violent mental-badtouch nightmares (I DON'T EVEN - IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CUTE BUT THEN) and there is brainmunchy.
NOTES: The cute. I esplod. XD I have no idea how this pairing happened but it's freakin' cute so I NO CURR. XD This fic kind of goes cute/WTF/cute like an oreo whose centre is made of pure demented, :D; Also, I want to kick Ner'zhul. Wheee~

Beware plummeting typos. Continuity may not be as depicted on box. Do not fold, spindle or apply Frostmourne to face. Andra belongs to Kyl, so any errors in depiction happened because my neurons were doing the chooga somewhere else. XD


a creature void of form )
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Hello, my name is Ishandarr, and I am a Death Knight who is so ravingly mediocre with the Blood discipline that it makes most of the Darkfallen giggle! However, I am very damn good with Frost and also quite adept with Unholy and prone to dorky theorycrafting and research. So, today, I'm going to be discussing that and the Plague of Undeath, since they're related and I have a better understanding than many about their exact mechanics. I'm not exactly sure why this decidedly-creepy topic of conversation has come up, but here it is and here I am, since I'm the one who dealt most with the Plague and its quirks and minutiae.

Hold onto your spine. It's going to be an unsettling ride.

... )
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TITLE: This Vital Fluid
FANDOM: Warcraft III/World of Warcraft
PEOPLE: Ishandarr Evenbrooke (once called Ebonrooke), a Blood elf and formerly a Death Knight under the Lich King, now a DK of the Knights of the Ebon Blade), Koltira Deathweaver (likewise, and quite the tsundere), Thassarian (a human Ebon Blade knight and one of few to see Koltira's deredere side), Darion Mograine (the head of the Ebon Blade), various other unlucky people, and the Death Knights' former...er...'employer'.
PAIRING: Thassarian and Koltira have an implied canonical bromance; as well, there are references to Ishan and the other Death Knights' relationship with their former boss.
RATING: 14A for implied past sketchy relationships and big ol' innuendo about such.
SUMMARY: "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you." - Nietzsche
WARNINGS: There be sketchy past relationships in this here fic. Also, mindscrew and bad dreams and unhappy hallucinations.
NOTES: This is based on an actual quest chain, too. Yes, you CAN make this damn thing in the game. How the issue of dealing with it gets solved in the fic is AU, but - yeah.

o river of silver... )
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Watch me pretend I'm a discount Mark Danielewski LOL TYPOGRAPHY.

TITLE: Life and death and death
FANDOM: Warcraft/WoW
PEOPLE: A dead(?) Blood Elf, and the creepy voice in his head.
WARNINGS: I'm going to be an ass with typography. XD Also, creepy. Inspired by Kyl's much spookier offering.

wake up, wake up, don't be afraid. )


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