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I don't think I'm ever going to understand the weirdofailpagan idea that people can be like...luck-vampires, and steal all the attention and accolades that rightfully belong to someone else.

Uh, no, that's--either someone is taking credit for your work/stealing your ideas, or they're not.

If I have seven notes on some tumblr post, and someone else has three, I didn't "steal" four notes. (In fact four o those notes are probably me replying to said post with the worst puns ever.) I just have seven. I didn't mystically siphon off attention/notes/love/whatever.

It's really quite remarkable how many people have NO EARTHLY CLUE how This Kind Of Shit works. "SHE HAS MORE NOTES THAN MEEEEE" yeah okay that's not energy vampirism at work; that's social media shenanigans. Energy vampirism is a different thing from that.

Hurgh. Sometimes there's nothing otherworldly about a given situation, beyond the general baseline. Sometimes shit's just how it is because of chance.

This rant brought to you by: general wining on twitter etc. from people I don't even know.
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(I still don't know what the frickass is going on here lol shut up Dracula stop trolling ur buddy Death)

She has broken the game, and it is glorious.

The Dragonson Scion grins at Death, fangs pearly and eyes carnelian-red in the candlelight.

I know not what you expected of them both, when you sent her to undergo the trials and set her brother to watch--and I care not what you expected. She has broken every rule, and done so with such audacity...surely you knew this might happen? Surely you knew she and her brother could not be lost in nightmare until your war was over. Surely you knew it could not keep them.

He chuckles, a low sound like thunder; mirthful--truly mirthful, for the first time in many years.

Do you see what has become of that bitter blood-feud between the disgraced noble house and the church's assassins, because of these crow-children? What tragedy no longer befalls the foreign preacher and his kin? What distance is no longer between my own emissary and his pupil so long-lost?

His smile broadens, wolfish now.

They broke the game. Isn't it wonderful? I am a man of my word, so now...she and her brother have my blessing, and allies in this dream. I do not think this was what you expected, but you should have expected it could never possibly be what you expected. After all--I am Chaos.
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So I got round to doing the questing for Darkrider Arly and Olakin this evening, because that's how I roll (i.e. hooray for ADHD and my focus being all over the place wheeeee), and once again I got struck by how fucking fantastic a villain Arthas is.

fangirly bollocks follows! )
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Inspired by: Playing through the Pandaria arrival on my pally, and muttering "...It would have been so much cooler and scarier if the landing went like THIS--"
Warnings: My usual peeing on Canon's rug. Semi-spoilers for the landing on Pandaria except not. AU-of-an-AU!

I want to expand on this later hence no formal title block. :B


There was sand up Garrosh Hellscream's nose and sand in his boots and sand in his teeth and sand was trying to get into his eyes but he wasn't going to let it because it was everywhere else. So the sand could just deal with it.

...Was he really thinking that sand could act out of malice and plot against him? Seriously?

Damn, but his head hurt.

... )

Pro tip:

Mar. 27th, 2013 03:37 pm
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Dear fanfic authors,

If you've acknowledged that XYZ Fantasy Race is coded in a way that is just Orientalist as balls, but you STILL opt to characterize them in fanfic as just this side of Ming the Merciless/Dragon Lady/Discount Jafar, you have only done half the blasted homework and need to go back to the editing desk right now before I bite you a lot.

Smooch smooch,

Someone who's really tired of people depicting WoW elves in ways that are at the root just racist (yes, it still counts if 'Elves' = 'Generic Pop-culture Stereotype Asian/Middle Eastern lololololol'), gross and issue-laden as fuck.

I mean--writing a compelling love-to-hate antagonist who's well thought out and whose portrayal is NOT steeped in grody old bigotry? Awesome. Feel free to have Fandral be as big a douche as you like, it gives your heroes a reason to fight. But there is 'douche' and then there's 'oh for fuck's sakes why did you do that'. If your villain up and starts sprouting all these Fu Manchu/Dragon Lady/Evil Vizier-esque traits that are indicated fuck-nowhere in canon, there's something going on that needs addressing. That is not interpretation anymore, that is Issues.

Srsly don't do that shit it's hacky and makes my ass twitch. :D
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Whenever there's a long stretch where not many comments happen I'm like--

"Wait, shit, am I boring people? Am I nattering about something no one cares about? Am I annoying people with it? Did I piss someone off, or is someone talking shit about me and lying about me for no reason? Oh, shit, it's not that again, is it? It's been a few years since some flatulating demented mule called me a devilbitch and made me their scapegoat and straight-up lied about me wall to wall for their own gain, maybe it's that time again? Am I going to have to play damage control because some douche McNugget decided to start stirring the pot and attention-jockeying? Or--did I legitimately piss someone off by sticking my foot in my mouth hardcore again? ...Or is everyone just, like, busy? SAMHKYJGSHDmulkabdgshafjdzASCM,BK ballsack why can't there be some clue as to WTF is going on. Please say it's just that everyone is busy. @_@"

ADHD with comorbid anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies is great. :D


Anyway. No one needs to feel bad about not commenting I'm just. Yes. If I did something obnoxious let me know. XD
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So if you've played through or read up on the revamped Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance dungeon quests, you'll know that Lilian has something to do with both. The events of the Scholo one made me blink a lot.

I'll spoiler-cut just in case, and also declare that I do not take this as part of my own AU brain-canon. AU Lilian has joined the Forsaken (who are not generically evil FFS) and is sort of unofficially apprenticed to Nathanos and Koltira, who consider her one of the precious few sensible people they've met.

Anyhow. Spoiler cut now!

Ellipsis goes here! )
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...That Balnazzar is the laziest Dreadlord in the universe.



Yeah I know he's supposed to be readying for some big attack, and his Risen (who probably still call him "Saidan Dathrohan" and drive him insane with such) are supposed to be a bigger threat than the Scourge because Balnazzar won't hold back etc. (even though they're squishy as BALLS...)

But--then you go into Strat and they're holed up in their bastion and guarding the front doors with a barricade and...uh...I think Balnazzar is less concerned with making a big army than he is concerned with having an army that can fend off things that may potentially come and eat him, i.e. he's pulling an Illidan move but he's being a far bigger doucheyacht about it and also not doing a very successful job.

Either that or my initial assumption is the truth--that is, he's just really lazy. Strat is a good place for a lazy Dreadlord. It's nice and flamey so it'd remind him of home, and there's lots of wandering ectoplasmic stuff to snack on...he has minions, he's got a nice swanky throne room...

Yeah. Balnazzar is not making an army and planning an attack. He's either keeping other Dreadlords off his lawn, or he's being a couch potato. XD
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-go to tanaris

-enter caverns of time

-enter old strat

-say hi to chromie!

-hug hearthsinger forresten! and everybody in that inn! (pamela ;n;)

-locate crates for chromie!

-ride off into the mist as far as possible, laughing maniacally, until you hit the invisiwall!

-futz around doing this for a good twenty minutes, still laughing maniacally

-get bored with the eerie pink minty-fresh chronological mist o’ doom and head for strat proper…

-…while looking in every house…

-…and making up a song about eerie pink minty-fresh chronological aerosol pepto-bismol!

-jump into moat and swim to see if one can swim under the invisiwall (nope, denied)

-hug chromie and turn in quest and start RP event!

-hug jaina and uther

-click on jaina a lot and sigh when she has only two clicky lines and uther has none

-hug arthas, then follow arthas

-click on arthas, sigh over his VA not being as good as the WC3 fellow, click on arthas again anyway

-click on arthas repeatedly

-click on arthas repeatedly

-click on arthas repeatedly


-realize arthas is a total leeroy intent on pulling everything under the sun ever, sigh, and allow self to be taken out by zombie scrummage

(WoW is not as much fun without my gorgeous girlfriend afoot XD I can still amuse myself (because I have ADHD and we’re like that), but…THEN I DO STUFF LIKE THIS XD Arthas is going to bink me to death with his smackin’ hammer.)


Dec. 26th, 2012 06:57 pm
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Dear tentacle vine things in my garden,

I understem that you only want to be frondly with me, offer me a little tendril loving care...

...But...do not want, guys. I'll get to the root of the issue: my fear of tentacular things has its roots in Northrend, where Yoggy tried to caress me with his noodly appendages. A lot.

I've been jumpy about anything calamari-esque ever since. And you guys are doing a very good elmpression of calamari!

So kindly leaf me alone, tentacle vine things in my garden. I only wanted to spruce up my digs a bit; now thanks to you, I just want to take two aspens and go to bed.

SEVEN out of sixteen spots full of tentacle things--seriously, you guys, this is getting out of hand.

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So I love the Tillers.

And the Klaxxi and the Order of the Cloud Serpent but right now I'm going to be all smug about my giant digital pumpkins (wow that sounds like a surreal innuendo). And kvetch about grindiness, because it IS grindy, even though it's mostly fun.


I find myself caring a lot more about the Tillers and the other people around Halfhill than I do about the overarching "important" plot. (Ditto the Klaxxi. I couldn't give one-sixth of a fart about Garrosh and Varian being colonialist dickweeds (which they won't be in the AU when I start writing...my versions of those two are decidedly different from canon because canon's boring and trite and I'd rather challenge myself) and no Blizzard "benevolent/non-aggressive" colonialism is not better but that's a rant for another time...I must say, though, the WC2 nostalgia trip in Krasarang has some rather pointed edges! Colour me mildly impressed.) Why? Well--because I've gotten to know them.

This is what I don't get. They're completely Ozzie's-boxers-on-my-head senselessly dense about legacy characters, they slack off on characterization or turn on dimes when it comes to newer ones, and...then there's this bunch of farmers. Who I love.

No, their characterization isn't especially überdeep, but they feel like people, and you do discover more little bits and pieces about everyone as you go along. Gina's comments when you ask where everyone lives, for example--she doesn't get along with her dad, she's compassionate (worrying about Ella being lonely, feeling bad for Chee-Chee because he's having bad luck getting started out, and so on), and she's a damn badass businesswoman. As you get closer to these people they open up to you more. You learn about their aspirations, you sympathise with them and you--well--still don't like the grind but for me it feels more like a favour for a friend than arbitrary questing even though it's the latter lol.

Ffff basically I just want to hang around on the farm all the time. XD Ishandarr's pretty domestic anyway and he has a very green thumb for a Death Knight. (Though, my gods, the number of times he's had to wrassle with the fronds of wild veggies...)

Of course, I can't just hang out on the farm all the time because the stupid Mogu will want to come step on it if I don't punch them in the asses and discourage them from stepping on it...and speaking of them.


You cannot set up a severely-xenophobic bunch of might-makes-right domineering fascist bullyboy douches with a superiority complex the size of Kij'jaeden's fiery ass--a bunch of literally stone-faced wankers who see the world as them on top and everybody else as scrubs underfoot--and then expect me to believe they'd ally with anyone that isn't them. ESPECIALLY in the case of the ones you've decided were their allies in the past. I'm not even going to touch the bullshit face-heel turn you pulled with regard to the quote-unquote allies either. Suffice it to say that bullshit's not going in the AU, because it also makes no sense.


I really love the Tillers, and I love my little garden. I love the completely-hammered SI:7 ops who sometimes show up in Halfhill, one of whom challenges me to a dance-off in the name of justice. I love the troll who wonders where the huge meat to go with the huge veggies is, and the jinyu Aqualytes. Halfhill is one of my favourite places. It feels like a home, honestly, and that's more and more the case as time goes on. (Hilariously, it's very similar to Ishandarr's childhood hangouts near his grandfather's house, back when Goldenmist Village was intact...Acamarr was an epic green thumb too...)

I'm enjoying other things too--the Klaxxi and their lore (and their nice gender ambiguity...I'm choosing to read the bigger ones as female because that's how mantid insects work IRL), the Order of the Cloud Serpent, the fact that one of the Golden Lotus ops is mute (and possibly deaf?) and nobody looks down on him at all--he kicks just as much ass as the rest of them and they respect him. That made me really happy, considering Blizzard's prior cack-handedness with issues related to disability (i.e. the Forsaken and the Blood Elves). I suspect they'll continue to be cack-handed sometimes depending on who handles what. Such is life when it comes to a game with a fucktillion writers XD

I have but one kvetch about the Tillers stuff aside the grindiness of it all: it makes me really damn hungry. XD
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(cred for title goes to IvoryTower 'cos she r0xx0rz)

So last night I decided I'd run the Icecrown Dungeon Threebie to see if I could (yes, I'm level 90, but I'm also the RNG's favourite kickball--and I tend to underestimate myself a lot, haha), and I could, and it was fun.

Wrath wasn't perfect, and ICC is the bluest blue thing to ever blue out of blueville. The Alliance-side version of this dungeon run contributed to the Jaina derail in obnoxious ways, and the Horde-side isn't perfect about Sylvanas either. Uther kind of sounds like a douche to me in places, which mehhh. Pit of Saron is a bit counterintuitive to navigate if you're not used to it and misread the map; I ran up the hill instead of around the corner and then went 'oh right, uh...' Also? BRONJAHM DESERVES MORE LOVE. (And a VA who's not pasty godDAMN. Sorry, Metzyboy, but you're about as brown as me--which is to say, absolutely not. Sit down son.) Because he's the hardest-working man in Icecrown. ;p Also, these three dungeons feel kind of brief? I know I'm vastly overlevelled, and that this is sort of a three-in-one dungeon--like, one piece of the icecrown Threebie is not equivalent to one quarter of Auchindoun's complex--but it still seems oddly configured? I'm not sure if there's another dungeon grouping that does this... I dunno. YMMV. To me the pieces felt a little shortish in length and I prolly would have made them separate and not a three-in-one if that was possible without breaking flow. I dunno. It just felt kind of oddish. Others may well disagree and I totally accept that and defer to their greater experience. XD

But. Gripes aside? Wow. The atmosphere. THE LOREGASM. And the end of the dungeon triad flossing christ.

Overall: It's fun stuff. I know I'm not qualified to make major lore judgements or difficulty judgements, and I won't do either. This is just my rambling observations, personal opinions and nattering. :D

So, piece by piece:

take your life, take your soul, everything's out of control )
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Even though Prince Taldaram is the lord of all that is LARGE HAM?

He is an intimidating mofo when he vanishes on you. Even when you're at level 90 and his using you as a slurpee doesn't do much at all (yes I went in solo tonight even though it gets me absolutely nothing, I was holding a grudge against the Spellflingers for glitching out last time i tried at 85 and magic-spamming me to death THROUGH A WALL), it's CREEPY. XD

Uh yeah brosephs tell me again that the elfpire who's got you pinned to the floor while he casually munches your hemoglobin is wussy? Go ahead. I'll wait. But don't expect me to clean up the pile of bro-soot off the floor once Tal gets done with his flame-assisted roflstomping.

(I wish they'd explained what he was doing in there besides being Gothtastic and having no shirt. XD)
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I am always intensely envious of people who make those dramatic kinds of **~*~**~~I'mma putting away childish things*~*~**~~~ speeches.

It means they actually got a chance to BE relatively regular kids.

Some of us? Didn't.

So beggin' these folks' pardon if I seem kid-esque, I have been required to strictly monitor my health every blessed day since I was quite small (among other shit) and compared to others I know I had it easy.

If a little Secret of Mana squee gets the speechers all upsetticakes with me--well, they can just go make sweet sweet love to the Lime Slime. XP

Excuse me. I have a jabberwocky to punch.

this post brought to you by the letters F and U, and the number 1, as in NO1CURR. jesus biscuit-munching christ, douche-I-am-bitching-about, my discussion of enjoying an SNES game is not your cue to lecture me about how much more mature you are than me and how I use gaming as a crutch.
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SO I'm poking at this afain in spite of my scattershot knowledge of Japanese. I WILL FIGURE OUT WERT DER FERK THEY ARE ALL ON ABOUT



In the meantime I'll just sit here snickering immaturely at Dyluck going 'uguu'. And at Thanatos being the most condescending trolly bastard ever. And Popoie being a little punkass.

(And yes, stupid fanonkiddie who farted out nonsense all over TvTropes, that's how the kid's name is blasted well written in multiple places. Futher, 'Purim' is not and never was short for Primrose. Her name's written プリム. Randi's is ランディ. Popoie's is ポポイ. Your weeaboo nattering about ~overly literal~ transliterations is balls; you clearly have no damn idea how katakana even works. Furthermore, your personal fanon is not canon. Wiki-type databases are bad enough without pratty swaggerkids stanking them up with bad info, weeabunkum and fanon-craps.

I have my own damn fanon but I'm not going to go to TvTropes claiming Thanatos is an actual death god with a soft spot for cats and an undying love of goddamn vanilla ice cream. MINE is but in-game he's just mauve. Jesus hell, there's a time and place for that kind of a thing, and wiki databases are neither. A wiki is not your personal fanfic repository unless it is YOUR FANFIC REPOSITORY WIKI kthx bai.)


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