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had a random cute dream in which Vicky (and by extension, Jer) has a terrestrial-travel shapeshift that's like black_dog.zip

(think like - black lab + samoyed and you have the basic look XD)

it was her and Isaac-fox running around Drac's palace vandalizing things XD

it makes me giggle a lot. smol gothfae turning into things that are sort of death-omens.

(i'm certain she's protected sidonie and benj while being a quadrupedal barkmachine.)
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Pondering about Vicky's and Jer's specific power-set:

These are granted by Somna the Dreamweaver (in Benighted). Other universes would mean different deities involved of course.

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- But this actually has an explanation.

Vicky's friend Sidonie Dumont and Jer's boyfriend Aaron MacCumhaill are in a band. Right now it has no name. (Aaron says, "I wanted to call it 'The The Band' but Zoe pelted me with Ringalos.") But it's them, Tomas Yamanaka, Asher Singh, and Zoe Daine. They play like - Gothish nerdy triphop about popculture, horror mmovies, urban legends and creepy folktakes from their respective backgrounds.

Aaron is lead guitar and actually plays classically. He's also a bit of a technomancer.

His amp is ancient and sometimes it dies.

So when that happens, usually Asher (who plays the piano absurdly well) steps in, and he'll get topics from the audience and then...start rapping.

So one time someone requested something about necromancy, and Asher did this -

break it down, yo. )
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TITLE: Der ErhÃĪngte
CHARACTERS: Jer and Lian
SUMMARY: It's hard to find someone who's gone out of his way to make himself hard to find! Least he could have done is left a note...
RATING: PG because Jer is occasionally prone to colourful phraseology.
NOTES: Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning is my reference book for this. ^^

i do not see the hanged man )
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TITLE: There is a Light; or, Uphill Both Ways
CHARACTERS: Vicky and Jeremiah
SUMMARY: Paladins' Ordeals in bits and pieces.
RATING: To be on the safe side 14A since there'll be brawling and mindscrewiness later.
NOTES: Aaatypos! Also, Sir belongs to Drakon. ^^

1: NightWalk )

2: Up )

3: Open Air )

4: Down )

6: In the Dark )

7: Eventually )

8: Inside Us All Along )


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