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Original stuff, others' original stuff, KH, et cetera! From the great cottage weekend of doomy doom.

A KH Vicky! I like how her figure turned out here. I didn't scan the fail keyblade that's on the same page.

Aerionn, my fruitypants Blood Elf.

TEENY TINY SEEKERS! From the Tenebrous AU. They're actually twins there, though the nature of Xem's birth is something I'm unsure of yet - whether it's the usual way or something else. XD; Yay, my mind.

Tenebrous verse Kefka. He's a Sorceress in that thar story.

Kairi! I didn't like her KH2 outfit so I faffed around XD;

More as I pencil over my col-erase red lines. XD Wooty hoo hoo.
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Actually that was blatant false advertising. Nothing up in there but TENEBROUS CRACK-CANON AEON BABBLE *echo effect goes here*.

Starting at the beginning of the Zodiac with Belias and going through to Mateus, and Zodiark on the end.

ff12 has the coolest esper battlemusic. )

Mea culpa.

Nov. 17th, 2009 10:22 pm
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Jan has used this place before as a confessional, and tells me I am permitted to do likewise. For the sake of my own peace of mind, if nothing else, I will.

The tale is told that twenty-five years before the Greyland incident, a massive earthquake shook Lea Monde to its foundations, killing every soul within. If that were the case, the city whose streets I walked and whose heart I sought to grasp for my own would not have been one of standing towers and still-lit forges. The Spellsong is a powerful thing indeed, but in the face of the very earth moving beneath a city, what can even the strongest enchantment prevent?

I thought at first that Inquisitor Merlose's theory - that the seismic event might have released a poisonous vapour from earth and choked the city to death - was a sound one. I now know better.

She is not a foolish woman - far form it. But what truly murdered that city is beyond what any could ever have imagined.

The knowledge of it drove me completely mad. By the time Jan informed me of the truth I was already mostly mad, so the blame does not lie with him.

... )
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Comes from my big fat cracky AU of crack! Not quite finished but I felt like posting.

Marin is sort of equivalent to Aqua, though unlike Aqua, Marin is the paladin/tank. XD I was thinking of Celes and then it just sort of happened.

on the beach, in the dark... )


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