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According to Sora, in my noggin--

* Destiny Island is kinda famous for ice cream flavours. Blue Sea-Salt is a big one (yes, that adoration originated with Sora XD); there's also soft-serve that's like a Dole Whip. Others - lime-coconut, passionfruit, mangosteen, cucumber-melon, rambutan, longan, white peach, pear, red bean, beni-imo (purple yam)--he could go on all day. XD Of course there is paopu flavour.

* There's also shave ice (kakigoori) - it's sort of like a fluffier snow cone, you eat it with a spoon. Sometimes it's got condensed milk in it.
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So there's a tumblr account called communicorewest that is ALL OLDSCHOOL EPCOT THINGS

and i have been on this huge nostalgia-bomb trip as a result.

it got me thinking a lot about the concept of "a sense of wonder" and what that means specifically in my personal brain dictionary.

KH1 for me was totally full of that. It made me feel the same way I did riding Spaceship Earth as a little ten-year-old kid with giant glasses. (Secret of Mana, Calvin and Hobbes, and Chrono Trigger have the same deal for me. Ditto FF7.)

it's a hard thing to explain, but for me it has to do with "the world feels big" "the world feels hopeful even when stuff's not going very well at all", and "I belong in this big world that i can explore" among other stuff la la la could I be any more nebulous.

anyhow I made this post in the first place to say that Sora summoning Figment would be the greatest fricking thing ever anywhere.

And the Pirates shoulda' been on the Ocean Between Worlds.

And if you flew around in your Gummi Ship long enough maybe you'd bump into Dreamfinder. :D

...Crap, heartless plot bunnies are happening.

(also i apologize for being scarce here lol i am fail)
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Okay, so apparently the WUT dream of 'oh what the fuck was that' connects to Tenebrous.

And scary brother has started talking to me XD;

So hurhur lol rough profiles.

tenebrous crack, with added crack! )
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Original stuff, others' original stuff, KH, et cetera! From the great cottage weekend of doomy doom.

A KH Vicky! I like how her figure turned out here. I didn't scan the fail keyblade that's on the same page.

Aerionn, my fruitypants Blood Elf.

TEENY TINY SEEKERS! From the Tenebrous AU. They're actually twins there, though the nature of Xem's birth is something I'm unsure of yet - whether it's the usual way or something else. XD; Yay, my mind.

Tenebrous verse Kefka. He's a Sorceress in that thar story.

Kairi! I didn't like her KH2 outfit so I faffed around XD;

More as I pencil over my col-erase red lines. XD Wooty hoo hoo.
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Comes from my big fat cracky AU of crack! Not quite finished but I felt like posting.

Marin is sort of equivalent to Aqua, though unlike Aqua, Marin is the paladin/tank. XD I was thinking of Celes and then it just sort of happened.

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