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(I still don't know what the frickass is going on here lol shut up Dracula stop trolling ur buddy Death)

She has broken the game, and it is glorious.

The Dragonson Scion grins at Death, fangs pearly and eyes carnelian-red in the candlelight.

I know not what you expected of them both, when you sent her to undergo the trials and set her brother to watch--and I care not what you expected. She has broken every rule, and done so with such audacity...surely you knew this might happen? Surely you knew she and her brother could not be lost in nightmare until your war was over. Surely you knew it could not keep them.

He chuckles, a low sound like thunder; mirthful--truly mirthful, for the first time in many years.

Do you see what has become of that bitter blood-feud between the disgraced noble house and the church's assassins, because of these crow-children? What tragedy no longer befalls the foreign preacher and his kin? What distance is no longer between my own emissary and his pupil so long-lost?

His smile broadens, wolfish now.

They broke the game. Isn't it wonderful? I am a man of my word, so now...she and her brother have my blessing, and allies in this dream. I do not think this was what you expected, but you should have expected it could never possibly be what you expected. After all--I am Chaos.
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...Yes, I did set this up in part to see what happens when This Is Bat Country makes friends with the Daughter of the Cosmos, because it's funny. :D
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[or: Yukie just stuck Bloodborne in Castlevania in Kupopolis, and made a Goth Sandwich. WTF Yukie.]

"The lie of dichotomy's done more to wound the mortal races than most other tainted doctrines. Emotion and reason, body and mind, subconscious and conscious--all are one, really, but misunderstandings of old and cultivated falsehoods sowed in the name of conquering have made this truth obscure at best and a heresy at worst. Only recently have we put aside these misconceptions and sought what's true...well, most of us. Some would rather cling to old lies--and inevitably be crushed to death when the weight of truth comes crashing down."


This dreaming-realm is, in a word, weird. No surprise there, given the dreamer. It manifests as a sprawling Gothic city, all spires and wrought-iron and cobblestone and beauty in decay. Something terrible has happened here; it's up to the visiting dreamer to sound the depths of the mystery and hopefully emerge unscathed.

We don't know where he got the name "Yharnam" from. Or "Yahar'gul" or "Ihyll Phthumeru" or anything else. Probably the language of Void and Chaos. Maybe it means something? The syllables put some linguists in mind of extremely old fae and youma Hierachoral--the sung language of magic.

Many of the denizens of this dream are humans, all tainted by the calamity that's befallen the city. They don't like outsiders; they want your blood. This is the dreamer's experience of how humans simply are. Don't be too offended by it, no one said he was a reliable narrator.

Certain prominent denizens are echoes of the Dreamer's past. Not all, of course, but some. Eileen, Djura, Arianna, and Maria (among others) have a certain gravity to them that other dream-peoples lack. Conversely, Gehrman feels curiously hollow. He may be a facet of the Dreamer.

In the deepest fathoms of the Dream, the natural denizens of the realm have free reign and influence The Dreamer has no fear of them, but visitors who fancy themselves innately "rational" may be stunned or traumatised by facing such things. They're inclined to think too hard about things, and try to apply human reason to beings that have no use for such.

Those with a deeper sense of whimsy can make contact with these denizens, and even commune with them, gaining powerful allies. This has the effect of making the Dream even weirder, and the Dreamer more inclined to consciously pit himself against the visitor. Think of it like a game of chess, but in four dimensions and upside-down.

The Son of Dragons is weird.

If yo should make your way to the end of the Dream and see the story to its end, he will grant you his boon as the Scion of Chaos.

Few have managed this.
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I know that aura/magic colour is hardly a new thing and it's been done a lot but HEY it's a concept that interests me just out of "I get to play with colour symbolism AND colour science har har har"

Some of my characters, I know the colours for; others I don't.

Some of these characters aren't "mine' per se, but they live here XD

VICKY: Pink-tinged silver

SIDONIE: Tropical-ocean blue

BENJ: Parma violet

AARON: Indigo

ZOE: Forest green

JER: Jade-tinged silver

AMY: Rose peach

EIRLYS: Silvery-green

JAKE: Warm yellow-orange

OWAIN: Geranium red

ADERYN: Delphinium blue


KILROY: Celadon

HIROMU: Electric purple

IDONEA: Lime green


SABLE: Violet-black

PYRRHUS: Naphthol red (he needed to specify, and this is accurate--his energy is BRIGHT RUBY)

ORIANA: Gamboge gold

ARGENT: Blue-white


SEPH: RGB full-intensity green

KEFKA: Lemon yellow/peridot green (it's glittery too, because Chaos hugged him)

MATEUS: Lavender

THEODOR: Ultramarine


DRAC: Ruby-red/black

SHEEX: Deep violet

FANHA: Bright coral

GESTHAR: Green teal

THANATOS (and any complete incarnation he's had*): Black/violet/mauve iridescent
* Potential 'hosts' or incomplete rebirths will tend to have that mauve as an undertone.

OERSTED: Dark-green-veined ruby


The colours of magic will show when a caster's got a magic circle going or when they're revving up to fling a spell. It's visible even to the physical eyes of people who're untrained in looking for it.

Aaaand that's everybody for the time being lol why is it so hot out.
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Benighted+Kupopoverse sandwich of ALMIGHTY DOOM!
WARNINGS: Animal death CW, sad things, and catharsis for an author.


Vicky's bike was by the roadside when Perry and Nick pulled over. Gil was stood next to it (in his stupid red hoodie, Perry thought, though not nastily) and he handed Vicky's phone over to Nick as soon as Nick got within arm's reach.

"I don't want to break the screen again," he said, about as sheepish as a guy like him could ever be.

Nick chuckled. "Understandable. So--she's back in the woods there?"

"Yes. She said she didn't need company, necessarily, but I was suspicious of the veracity of the statement. I know she can't lie, but...she can speak and try to make herself believe what she says."

Perry quirked a brow. "You're speedier on the uptake than you first came off, Gigglemoose."

Gil quirked back. "I'm a man of many talents."

Nick swatted at both their arms. "Come on. Smarmbrow wars later."

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WELL WOW that little session of listening to Halsey's "Castle" sure did turn into a crackmobile headcanonical backstory extravaganza for kupop-o-verse Saga Frontier dramatis personae.

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(author’s note: this isn’t exactly canonical as such; this is more of a character piece, with me getting a feel for cassian and letting him talk to people.)

Cassian's dreams tended toward “vague as fuck” or “vivid miserable flashback”, so when he started to dream about following a big scruffy skinny black tomcat through an empty city, he kept following the cat even through dawning lucidity just for the sake of it being something new.

It wasn't a blur, and it wasn't charred ruins and the scent of something beyond ordinary death.

It was rainy foggy streets, the scent of wet asphalt, and a twinge in his left knee.

“Waow,” demanded the cat. He had a funny rough kind of voice, like he'd been yowling his little head off on a fence all night. “Wwwuuu...aow?”

“I'm coming,” Cassian griped.

“WAOW.” The cat shook water off his feet, and stared at Cassian.

“Okay, I--”


“I'm coming! You--”


“Holy fuck, OKAY! You have four legs, you little shit. I only have two. Give an old guy a break.”

“Waow.” The cat gave him a smuggish slow blink and then bounced off into the drizzly rain, tail an inverted J, the tiny bell on his collar jingling.

“Little shit,” Cassian sighed again, and followed.

Down the road, out of town, out beyond the usual boundaries of the cities of his dreams.

... )
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-She is friends with Braig and he's just as ridiculous with bulletspam though less artsy about it. They may have been members of the same team/project/something.
-She doesn't use corridors very often
-She's produced some truly ridonkulously intricate shot patterns
-Yes, she does plan them out beforehand XD
-She seems to do something akin to Dio Brando meets Haste materia meets Rider Kabuto's Clock-Up meets a kekkai meets gun kata.

-Exactly how the furk that last thing works. :D;

-She doesn't stop time exactly like Dio, she doesn't have a Stand, there is no ZA WARUDO. There IS a kind of a 'there's Kilroy, blur, oh my fricking balls where did all these energy shots come from' (she doesn't use real bullets lol she'd run out too quick, she does whatever Braig does).
-What she MAY be doing is sort of sidestepping into corridorspace and using that like Chell does the portals, albeit with Haste magic added, so speedy thing goes in and REALLY SPEEDY THING comes out
-Or something
-How do I physics

-She doesn't actually drink much coffee. XD
-And she doesn't teleport either XD
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SO LIKE WTF IS T.I.B.C.: A band comprised of six people--Aaron Virtue Park (vocals, theremin, violin, weirdness), Benjamin "Beejay" Jafri (vocals, keyboards, esoteric percussion), Sidonie Dumont (vocals, guitar), Zoe Daine (vocals, drummage), Victoria "Vicky" Greene (vocals, bass), Jeremiah "Jer" Greene (vocals, rhythm guitar), and occasionally too many bags of Haribo.

THAT IS A LOT OF PEOPLE: Yes it is, which is why we can't really play venues with tiny stages.

SO WHAT KIND OF MUSIC ARE WE TALKING HERE: Oldschool J-Rock meets Gothabilly meets Folkrock meets Nerdy ProgLOL meets IDKWTF. It's eclectic. The fans seem to like it, though. Even when the old-ass amp decides to temporarily die, and Asher raps nerdily.

WHO DO YOU LIKE TO PLAY WITH: Moonchild, Oceanic Megalith, The Darkest of Knights, Ars Arcana Drakonis, Piper, Release the Chiroptera You Fools, Eldritch Beyond, and Ghost Model T are all fabulous people and we love them yes we do.

HAVE YOU GOT A LABEL/PRODUCER/ETC: Thanks to the amazing people of Moonchild, yes we do.

WHO DOES ALL YOUR MIXING: Aaron and Jer, on their respective rigs. They also do VGM remixes. If you see anything by Ehifu Gravitywell that's them.

SO WHO COVERS THE FINANCES: For the most part, our fans! We livestream for album costs and charity donations, do pay-as-you-wish for b-sides and remixes and silliness, and so on--and we're massively grateful to all our donors, which is why our webpage has an ever-growing donor list. And yes, everybody is on there. Anonymous donors get included by date. We are lucky and our fans are generous and faboo.

ANY SWAG: Yes! T-shirts, hoodies, pendants, buttons, nifty bags, LED flashlights (with a red setting so as not to obliterate the night-vision), et cetera, all made and designed by us because whenever we have too much time on our hands we get crafty. Once we get rights and suchlike worked out, we might begin taking fan-submitted swag. Right now, we are not able to do so, but we're flattered and ecstatic that people love us enough to make swag for us!

...SO...WHAT DO YOU LIVESTREAM: Oh, almost everything. Jer likes to broadcast his fail at Shinobi Monogatari, Beejay and Aaron have this masochistic love of badly-coded games, Sidonie is our hardcore badass and all of our Belmondo Chronicle vids are hers (which you should know already, silly people), and most of all we really like running old Arcana Mundi dungeon raids and failing all over the floor. Sometimes we team up with Moonchild and then even more of us fail all over the floor, and sometimes we team up with Vicky and Jer's dad, Owain Eadland (a key member of the Verdant Sanctuary Foundation who work for better awareness of psionic and empathic disorders and better treatments for such--if we stream with him, the cash goes to V.S.F.), in which case we fail much less because he's really good at it.

ANYTHING ELSE BEFORE WE GO: We have a new album pending, so look for previews soon on yonder website. We love you all, and goodnight!

((some of this applies just as much to Benighted of course. XD))
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So who plays what?

Aaron Park: Theremin, Banjo
Zoe Daine: Drums
Sidonie Dumont: Guitar
Asher Singh: Piano
Victoria Greene: Bass
Jeremiah Greene: Violin

Ishandarr Evenbrooke: Thalassian flute
Aerionn Dawntreader: Mandolin
Eveynna MacTeague: Citole, penny whistle
Garrett Mason: Fiddle
Solseannan Thundermar: Accordion
Jayalaksmi tar'nai-Vasu: Sarod
Kleidion Fireflight: Viola
Kristios Fireflight: Cello
Sarradaine Helianthe: Harp
Valerriana Helianthe: Recorder
Atharri Swiftmorrow: Piano
Sharl Rhydderch: Harmonica
Chiyana Shadehand: Reed pipe
Rakkarah Duskwolf: Garadar Talking Drum
Kikkijikki Ghostwalker: Tumbadora
Dakkarayi Ghostwalker: Steel drums
Ferayyah Voidsinger: Moon harp
Bejaria Moonfell: Reed pipe
Iynadora Gyreleaf: Reed pipe
Kazyanagi Moonblade: Biwa
Mireillie Sunveil: Pipe Organ
Berenikki Fleezelbop: Bass guitar
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PEOPLE: Some deities, and some proto-fae
PAIRING: implied Bunny/Bard/Pally
WARNINGS: Gratuitous grandiose classical-myth-book language, oh jeez. XD
NOTES: Chrystalis descends into the Underworld for one last hug and finds an odd fruit. For my girlfriend.


some produce is hard to open sometimes. )
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(This is less flashy than the cairn thing but is more accurate. XD; Nico/Vicky's song is taken from here and modified for the person she's singing for.)

Do you despair, my daughter?

Nicola looks up at the enormous raven. She dries her eyes with her sleeve, swallows hard to get rid of the ache in her throat. "No, my lady."

Have you abandoned hope, yet?

"No. I never would."

Why do you weep, so, my owl-daughter? You called out to me so loudly that I could not help but come. it is not wrong to feel sorrow and fear, my daughter, but I trust you will not drown yourself in tears?

Nicola shakes her head. "No." And, "Never. There's no point in that.

Are you afraid?

"Yes. But - not of - not of my power or what I can do. For once. Not this time. I'm afraid I might not ever see her again." And saying that does not make her feel weak or childish. "I love you, and I love your Sister. And now she's gone, and my grandmother can't See her. None of us can feel her, and were worried. Afraid."

Where she has gone, Osana sighs, I cannot follow. Even I cannot find her, which gives me a fair idea of where she may well be. But neither you nor I can go to her.

Nicola looks down at her hands folded in her lap. She's quiet a long while, and fear and sadness slowly ebb, giving way to the calm that comes in the wake of such tears.

"If I call to her," she says, "will your sister hear me?"

The voice of your heart is strong and clear, my daughter, my owlet. I heard you across vast distances, but distance means nothing to the heart. If you love her, then your heart is with hers. Since you love her, it will ever be.

"Even if I can't feel it or hear her." Nicola smiles a bit. "She'll hear me, though. Like you did."

Osana spreads soft black wings in the moonlight. She will hear you. But she will not be alone. You will dare to call to her then, regardless of the risk this might entail? She will not be the only one who hears your voice, if I am correct in my assumptions.

Nicola curls her toes and shivers a bit.

Do you fear?

"Yes, but not as much as I love."

Give her the song of your heart.

Nicola does, voice rising high and clear in the quiet night.

Silver moon upon the deep dark sky,
Through the vast night pierce your rays.
This sleeping world you wander by,
Smiling upon our homes and ways.

Oh moon ere past you glide, tell me,
Tell me, oh where does my loved one bide?
Oh moon ere past you glide, tell me
Tell me, oh where does my loved one bide?

Tell her, oh tell her, my silver moon,
Mine are the arms that shall hold her,
That between waking and sleeping she may
Think of the love that enfolds her,

May between waking and sleeping
Think of the love that enfolds her.
Light her path from far away, light her path,
Tell her, oh tell her who does for her stay!

O sing to her soul, should it dream of me,
Let my memory wakened be.
Moon, moon, oh do not wane, do not wane,
Moon, oh moon, do not wane....


Far away, he watches her. She stirred, now, did she not? Impossible as that seems... He thinks she may have raised her head. Only slightly. Did the shadow of her eyelashes on her cheek shift subtly, or is he simply overtired?

He may well be imagining it - how she could be aware at all of anything is beyond him...

...But someone is calling, and if he can hear it, so then might she.


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