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(author’s note: this isn’t exactly canonical as such; this is more of a character piece, with me getting a feel for cassian and letting him talk to people.)

Cassian's dreams tended toward “vague as fuck” or “vivid miserable flashback”, so when he started to dream about following a big scruffy skinny black tomcat through an empty city, he kept following the cat even through dawning lucidity just for the sake of it being something new.

It wasn't a blur, and it wasn't charred ruins and the scent of something beyond ordinary death.

It was rainy foggy streets, the scent of wet asphalt, and a twinge in his left knee.

“Waow,” demanded the cat. He had a funny rough kind of voice, like he'd been yowling his little head off on a fence all night. “Wwwuuu...aow?”

“I'm coming,” Cassian griped.

“WAOW.” The cat shook water off his feet, and stared at Cassian.

“Okay, I--”


“I'm coming! You--”


“Holy fuck, OKAY! You have four legs, you little shit. I only have two. Give an old guy a break.”

“Waow.” The cat gave him a smuggish slow blink and then bounced off into the drizzly rain, tail an inverted J, the tiny bell on his collar jingling.

“Little shit,” Cassian sighed again, and followed.

Down the road, out of town, out beyond the usual boundaries of the cities of his dreams.

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hey boy now boy busboy cowboy [/ridonk camp counselor]

Mazoku Trio bios: FINISHED!


There'll be more bios later but those three are complete XD Mostly.
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Profile crack for the three punkass henchpunks! Haha their birth dates elude me. This is roughed-in, by no means final XD

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For posting on Kupop, y'all. XD Later on according to plotski of course. I'll have to ploink it for details, but I don't mind XD

Seraphine = Eirlys. Nicola = Vicky. I am a big enough nerd that I Tezuka'd/expy'd my own characters.

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"What's the point in hiding from the fact that we're not infallible beings?"

Thaeron looked back over his shoulder with a faint scowl.

"And who, exactly, set the rule that says we MUST be? Honestly, trying to be perfect is a fools' errand. Trying to live up to every expectation is condemning yourself to the immense desire to go bop your head against a wall. These are not goals that ANYONE can reach. Try to, and all you do is bind yourself more and more to unhappiness. Inevitable unhappiness. The harder we try to be perfect, the less we'll manage it, too. We'll keep on making mistakes - and make more and more as we keep on trying to attain this impossible goal, this shining nebulous dream..."

He snorted.

"We can never always be everything expected of us, you know. No one can. Not even the one who put us here. Not ever. All of us will, at some point in time, sneeze tea out our noses. We will fall up the stairs, lose patience with word puzzles and people, snap at those people, and sometimes be selfish - which isn't always a bad thing, but I digress." A gesture. "Look, we can be just as much blinkered by our hopes and fears as can any human, elf, fae, youma, drow or nu. And you know? The sooner we learn to go 'well, that's just how it is to be a created being - I fouled up this time and I'll make amends and avoid that situation next time' the better."

He was starting to pace a bit now and his voice rose a bit. Not in anger, but - well, when he was passionate about something, it showed.

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Subtitle: In Which Vicky and Jer's Father Reveals What an Asskicker He Can Be.


"Huh. What's all this, then, a dimwit convention? ...Strike that. A dimwit bully convention."

The soles of Owain's heavy reinforced-toe boots crunched against the gravel road. He wasn't in a hurry; his hands were in his back pockets and the goggles he wore when woodworking still sat on top of his head. Looking at him casually, one would think he was just on the way into town form his workshop, coming to visit his son and daughter.

Looking at him closely, one would be taken aback by the cold fury in his countenance. Indeed a few of the knights were.

"What is it you think you'll accomplish here?" he said, and reached up and back -

His pendant, Aderyn realized.

Owain was reaching for the clasp of his talisman pendant.

He caught her eye.

She braced her warding hard, knowing what he was about to do.

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Oh hi. Welcome to episode one of Creepy Tricks What One Can Pull Off With The Dark If One Has Enough Clout With It'. I'm your host, Jan Rosencrantz, a.k.a. the artist formerly known as 'that one guy bisected by Kali-Ma'. It'd probably make more sense to get a guy who can actually DO these things to explain 'em but the naïb thinks I'm the best guy for the job, so I'm giving it a whirl. Why the hell not?

Right. So. Assuming people know what the Dark is; for those unclear I can give a more detailed description in comments. To sum up, it's one of five primal elements that make up the framework of things in general. Its complement is Light. THE DARK IS NOT EVIL. Can we clear that up, now? By extensions USERS OF THE DARK ARE NOT EVIL BY DEFAULT. Can people be idiots with it, yes they can, but painting Prince Ansem as evil on account of because he is Dark is vaaaaaastly stupid. He did idiotic things in the NAME of the Dark; the Dark did not make him do these things. THE DARK ITSELF AS AN ELEMENT DOES NOT CONTROL PEOPLE FROM WITHIN. It can be used as a means of control, but the Dark itself is not possessed of a malevolent will and nor is its Lady. I'd also like to clear up that PEOPLE WHOM THE DARK IS USED SUCCESSFULLY AGAINST ARE NOT DUPES, FOOLS OR WEAKLINGS. Perpetuate that line of crap and I'll defenestrate you for your ig'nance and for vexin' me.

Let me explain. Recollect Losstarot making me think I was waving his arm around? Right. Now consider my personality. Do I look weak-willed or wishy-washy to you? Come on, now, I make mules look like wafflers. I had one whole hell of a damaged heart, BUT I was able to ward it using the Dark myself. So why-oh-why was Losstarot able to work his eerie mojo on me?

Subtlety and strength. He has a lot more power than I and has had a great deal of time to hone his skills. Further, there was an emotion he could use to trip me up - my pride. Dark-users who can see hearts can use this skill to pinpoint the best way with which to affect their target (I won't say victim because in the case of Losstarot and Riot, the point was not to harm). In my case, pride was the point where I had blinkers on.

In the cases of Greene and Hardin it was desire - or more accurately love.

(A CAVEAT LECTOR: beyond this point I'm going to be discussing curses, illusions, and exploitation of people's hearts via unscrupulous, unethical use of the Dark. If you're squicked out or set to flailing by this (which is understandable) you prrrrrobably don't want to read on. If you do want to read on but you become squicked out or set to flailing anyhow, I'm sorry about that and I'll do my best to assuage the "OH MY FUCK, ROSENCRANTZ, YOU DOUCHE HOUND". This is not a happy fun topic, in this post. I swear I'll be discussing non-dick uses of the Dark later!)

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Ha ha ha ha MOAR MAZOKU INFO DUMP! And some about the Fae!

brought to you by the letters Q and X and the fact that Yukie is amused by Orlouge using the 'ware' pronoun.

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But then someone new moved in (hi Orlouge) and I got infodumped hardcore.


All of this tentative/subject to change/stuff. But Orlouge's past is all according to him, and that's pretty steady at least.

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- But this actually has an explanation.

Vicky's friend Sidonie Dumont and Jer's boyfriend Aaron MacCumhaill are in a band. Right now it has no name. (Aaron says, "I wanted to call it 'The The Band' but Zoe pelted me with Ringalos.") But it's them, Tomas Yamanaka, Asher Singh, and Zoe Daine. They play like - Gothish nerdy triphop about popculture, horror mmovies, urban legends and creepy folktakes from their respective backgrounds.

Aaron is lead guitar and actually plays classically. He's also a bit of a technomancer.

His amp is ancient and sometimes it dies.

So when that happens, usually Asher (who plays the piano absurdly well) steps in, and he'll get topics from the audience and then...start rapping.

So one time someone requested something about necromancy, and Asher did this -

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TITLE: Verdancy
CHARACTERS: Fabian and Vicky
SUMMARY: Unexpected visitors, crashed goddesses, lurking deities of /b/ - Fabian has an eventful life.
RATING: PG for occasional cussage XD
NOTES: I was looping Celes's Theme while I wrote this. Again, beware the typos XD; Google Docs was being cantankerous. And I kept WIBBLING at this XD; I'm so sappy.

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TITLE: Der Erhängte
CHARACTERS: Jer and Lian
SUMMARY: It's hard to find someone who's gone out of his way to make himself hard to find! Least he could have done is left a note...
RATING: PG because Jer is occasionally prone to colourful phraseology.
NOTES: Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning is my reference book for this. ^^

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TITLE: Nomine
CHARACTERS: Teh Bird and Teh Lich
SUMMARY: "...I remember those who came to me long before names, before words. 'I' was all they needed. All - from the beginning. All who have come to me, I know."
RATING: G, shockingly!
NOTES: Because my friend Frank destroyed my brain with the plot rabite. XD Also TYPOS GO TO HELL XD

If you want to get a feel for things, start this as Vicky walks into the inner sanctum.

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TITLE: There is a Light; or, Uphill Both Ways
CHARACTERS: Vicky and Jeremiah
SUMMARY: Paladins' Ordeals in bits and pieces.
RATING: To be on the safe side 14A since there'll be brawling and mindscrewiness later.
NOTES: Aaatypos! Also, Sir belongs to Drakon. ^^

1: NightWalk )

2: Up )

3: Open Air )

4: Down )

6: In the Dark )

7: Eventually )

8: Inside Us All Along )
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TITLE: Garden of Muses
CHARACTERS: Vicky and Aurora
SUMMARY: Speculative 'maybe they first met like this?' type fiction thing! Yay. Vicky is 19 here, so it's two years before the fustercluck and before the other stuff I've written, in which she's 21.
RATING: G. Total G. I know, man.
NOTES: It will give you cavities. Also possibly typos.

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TITLE: Phantom and a Rose
CHARACTERS: Big crow and little crow.
SUMMARY: Continued from the previous disasterpiece theatre. XD Unfortunately for poor Xavier, he ends up dealing with the fallout from his father's weirdness and general lack of sane often. Fortunately for Xav, Vicky doesn't blame him for his dad being nucking futs.
RATING: 14A for cheeky language from Vicky.
NOTES: This is a rough alpha version XD; I don't know if I've got the tone down right... ALSO: FUCKING TYPOS. XD;;;

will you leave behind the lost words? )
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Title: Apres le Deluge 1 - "Try imagining a place where it's always safe and warm..."
Pairing: Fae and Deathbishie. XD
Rating: 14A right now - this is just the first part, they get sillier later.
Warnings: Discussion of shagging, and some kneading, but nothing explicit.
Summary: It's diffcult gtting introverts to talk about some things. But not impossible.
Notes: There are probably typos. Everywhere. AHGAHD. And there will be smut, I'm just not there yet! And 'Shelter from the Storm' is stuck in my head.

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