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BEFORE I START: yes, I know this has a lot of extrapolation in it, but this is Megaman X so extrapolation is kinda necessary.

SO! I know Word of Inafune has it that Zero is--well--patient zero for the lolwtgomgdairyqueenbbq virus, and Sigma was the first it got passed on to, but it seems to have had an interesting incubation period. Most computer viruses hit hard, hit fast, and smoke your junk before you can say PEBKAC, but what jumped from Zero to Sigma seems to behave more like something biological.

Computer and biological viruses both whack when the system's defenses are down; the maverick/irregular/Zero-gots-cooties virus is data in essence but it behaves like biology as you would expect because repl(ir)oids==replicant androids et cetera and I'm sorta rambling here so I'll try to get to my point--

The virus seems to lie dormant in Sigma for a while. This isn't unusual when it comes to shit like the flu. It'll chunk around doing nothing until conditions are right--like the host being tired out or weakened. Can reploids have that happen? Yes, probably. We know they can get physically damaged, and while the getting-punched-by-Vile kind of damage is a no-brainer, what about fatigue?

Specifically, what about mental and emotional fatigue?

This puts the same strain on OUR systems as does physical fatigue because the mind/body dichotomy is fucking bunkum. Fear, joy, sadness, anger--all of these emotive states have an impact on our body. Thus it would be the case with reploids.

So in essence, my theory's that the virus was dormant until Sigma got won out, and then it clobbered him, and he did his damnedest to pretend nothing was wrong until that was no longer possible. Which should sound familiar to some people!

It's not anvilled but it IS implied that humans are kind of asshatty in how reploids are treated (the ever-badass Red McDracoensis Canadensis pointed this out not too long ago so I have to give her mad props for her superskills and give her credit for my expanding on this idea at all). This isn't too surprising, since--look how we treat EACH OTHER. There's a massive lack of mental health resources available to the average person, and the lack of these resources is NOTORIOUSLY EPIC when it comes to the military and EMS (fire/ambulance/cops). And with the reploids--well, look at Iris and Colonel and how come they even exist.

This isn't painting a pretty picture about what active duty might have been like for ol' Sigma.

My guess is that Sigma got sent out on mission after mission after mission after mission without much downtime (because, said the humies, he's a reploid--better faster stronger et cetera, he shouldn't NEED downtime), and thus he ended up coping with toxic levels of stress without much support, ultimately developed PTSD, and all the while the virus is sort of nibbling away and he knows something's wrong but keeps a lid on it because wat happens when he becomes useless and obsolete--and then when he was completely blue-screening it clotheslined him hardcore.

(I have a similar theory about why Sephiroth went so far around the bend so fast. Legendary soldiers shouldn't neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed mental heath resources et cetera let's just keep ignoring his prescribed leave and send him out over and over again barf barf barf, fuk u prez shinra. I hope Hojo used up all your profits on frivolous crap.)

And Sigma's able to pass the virus on because he reaches out to people who are as worn down and beaten up as him, and--yeah. I've seen people make OFFENSIVE AND INACCURATE AND NONSENSICAL ANALOGIES with this but I will not address this beyond "those people need to be eaten by eternal murdercrickets". Sigma believes he is freeing his kin. In a way, he is. It's hard for me to see him as a straight-up bad guy at this point. Why yes, he IS a rampaging asshat, but in his eyes he's doing everything necessary to save his kin from ending up facedown in the dumpster, and he's not entirely wrong in thinking so. Hell, look what happens to Repliforce, and yeah I know Sigma was trollfasing all up in there but come on now...how hard did he actually have to try? How much or how little does it take to get some poor schmuck branded maverick? I can see EASILY how life for reploids could get McCarthylicious every which way but loose, and do so at great speed.

Yeah. Sigma's a doucheyacht. But I can't say he's totally in the wrong inexcusable rebel without a clue no excuse for zomg zomg zomg, because WOW humans are assholes, and they probably had a massive hand in making him what he is. (And I'm not just talking Dr. Wily here.)

tl;dr i like sympathetic villains, even occasionally badly translated ones. XD
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…I’m really tired of these bingbongs just sticking one toe-tip in the pool and then crowing that they are totally Olympic swimmers.

vidya gaem broskis are especially bad about this and usually so are their stans. they throw around all of this rhetoric that’s supposed to be snappy and witty and make them look all grown up—but really guys I need to tell you that I saw the exact same behaviour back in high school from Liefeld, McFarlane and Moore fanboys. grasping for your youth in the form of trying to relive/revive the heyday of the so-called dark age of comics all over again isn’t gonna make you look like anything but old farts trying to be hip and with-it.

you’re not saying anything new. you’re not saying anything worthwhile. you’re flinging around buzzwords and just BARELY superficially scratching the surface of all these DEEP AND TROUBLING REAL LIFE ISSUES that you’re claiming to address. you’re making shallow wangst-pr0n; you are not creating anything that is actually “adult” or “mature” or “gritty” or “realistic”. you’re splicing together a fuckload of action scenes and random shockjockery from whatever source you can get your grubby little hands on and proclaiming it Oscar material.

you get the picture, right?

you are not doing anything that matters. you are not producing material that matters or has meaning. you wave around the HOLY SHIT GRYMMDARQUE banner in the vain hope that we’ll be distracted by it and not see that the product ultimately has no substance, or has been halfassed and rushed to death, or is a complete fucking mess.

and maybe right now you have the accolades of your stans and yes-men but they are fickle as fuck.

tl;dr if you’re going to bring GRIPPING REAL LIFE ISSUES OMGZORS into your work, spine up and address them properly. do not just randomly pitch heavy stuff like addiction and bigotry and discrimination into your work to make it GRITTY AND GRIM AND EDGY but not fucking bother to address these issues or resolve them.

if you’re gonna be a coward about heavy stuff, don’t bother trying to handle it. you fail. either spine up and follow through, or sit down and shut your face.

(standard disclaimer: this isn't about anybody here. :3)
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In game-canon these either made me bored (Theradras and Zaetar) or were obvious to me but kept being read as actually ZOMGvillainy regardless of how obviously bad one party is at lying, and the innuendo dropped by the ladies said party is talking to (Gerard and Theresa). Anyway. I don't really care what game-canon is anymore. This is how things work in Kyl's and my headcanon.

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Okay I’m not going to scold people for liking tragic romance type storylines—whatever floats your boat, seriously.

But I’m really not interested in pursuing such plotlines with regard to the queer couples/trios/catpiles I write.

I’m not averse to putting them through some hella gloominous doominous shit—I like hard-won happy endings, the trial-by-fire makes the s’mores at the end taste that much better and so on…

But I’m not in it for the downer ending with regard to the queer romances I write.

So while I will tell tales of Sylvanas and Lana’thel, or Koltira and Thassarian, going through all kinds of difficult and nightmarish malarkey…I’m not going to rob them of their happy endings.

And yeah, i think it is possible for these couples to have such. Seriously, if people in fandom are going to speak of undeath as synonymous to disability--and then turn around and say that no one undead can ever have a happy ending? That’s treading perilously close to the same kind of ‘logic’ that says disability is God’s punishment for a sin, that disabled folks are somehow b0rken and cannot be happy.

People who have been dealt a shitty hand by fate are allowed to be angry; they are also capable of finding happiness and being joyful, and are allowed to do both! Sorry, but I'm not obliged to suffer nobly for anybody's Hallmark moments! Nor is anyone else who's marginalized in any way, shape or form. This narrative bollocks about bearing up oh-so-nobly under great sorrow and strife needs to go away because it serves mostly to perpetuate the suffering.

I’m sorry, I did not come here to dance at that party.

And yeah I know not everyone who likes tragic stuff runs on that rationale! I just resent the stuff that does! A LOT! Tragedy is something that all of us contend with, and I am not saying that nobody marginalized must ever suffer in writing because pfffttt. But when things wander into the territory of 'X is suffering BECAUSE she is Y and oh the TRAGEDY of FORBIDDEN LOVE THAT CAN NEVER BE' I start to bang my head on the desk and seek beer.

For people in positions of privilege, that's just story fodder, but for marginalized people, sometimes that's our lives, so - no thanks. None of those walnuts are going into my brownies.

So yeah. Koltira and Thassarian have a right to be crabby about perpetually cold feet, no heartbeat, and all the WTF that goes along with being undead. They also have a right to sleep in and like pancakes. And Sylvanas and Lana'thel have a right to be annoyed as fuck with Arthas and frustrated with their circumstances (Lana with wing cramps = crabby forever), but also have a right to snuggle and hold hands and enjoy lichboom tea with lots of honey and lemon.

Because, seriously, so fucking many queer folks (and PWD, and PoC, and people who are any and all combos of the aforementioned, because INTERSECTIONALITY IS A THING AND IT MATTERS) IRL -are- denied a happy ending. And if you add in the cultural coding of elves, and the insistence some people have on treating undeath as analogous to disability—yeah, it gets even more facepalmy.

Guys, a lot of my friends have been denied a happy ending through shitty happenstance and terrible circumstances, and I’m writing in the end for myself and my girlfriend—and in the memory of those people who had to stop too fucking soon.

A desire for a happy ending is not childish. The world is often crapsack, and if some people get a kick out of crapsack world fiction, they’re free to get it, but don’t go scolding me for not caring for such stories. I don’t care for bleu cheese either. it’s not because my palate is immature; I just don’t like the taste of friggin’ bleu cheese.

idk where i was going here i had a point lololololol

tl;dr other people are free to write what they want but since I do not like bleu cheese I will continue to write my hard-won happy endings. Fighting for a happy ending doesn’t always work IRL, especially for marginalized people…so I figure I can give myself and others such satisfying endings in my head instead. XD
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So I got round to doing the questing for Darkrider Arly and Olakin this evening, because that's how I roll (i.e. hooray for ADHD and my focus being all over the place wheeeee), and once again I got struck by how fucking fantastic a villain Arthas is.

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When I was growing up my dad was a gigantimous Gordon Lightfoot fan, and to this day 'Triangle' has a habit of being stuck in my head. (If you happen to go looking for an MP3 of this, go for an older recording--the one from Shadows is the one I've got. Gord sounds a bit funky nowadays.)

And then one day while I was listening to it Eveynna decided to give me alternative lyrics.

Braincanon-wise this is (probably) one of those older folksongs; the locations change depending on where the sailors happen to be GOING. The bracketed locales are the originals; the ones outside brackets are the ones Evey tends to sing.

Stormwinders have a very deep reverence for the sea, obviously. ^^

I don't know if this counts as filk XD )

Pro tip:

Mar. 27th, 2013 03:37 pm
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Dear fanfic authors,

If you've acknowledged that XYZ Fantasy Race is coded in a way that is just Orientalist as balls, but you STILL opt to characterize them in fanfic as just this side of Ming the Merciless/Dragon Lady/Discount Jafar, you have only done half the blasted homework and need to go back to the editing desk right now before I bite you a lot.

Smooch smooch,

Someone who's really tired of people depicting WoW elves in ways that are at the root just racist (yes, it still counts if 'Elves' = 'Generic Pop-culture Stereotype Asian/Middle Eastern lololololol'), gross and issue-laden as fuck.

I mean--writing a compelling love-to-hate antagonist who's well thought out and whose portrayal is NOT steeped in grody old bigotry? Awesome. Feel free to have Fandral be as big a douche as you like, it gives your heroes a reason to fight. But there is 'douche' and then there's 'oh for fuck's sakes why did you do that'. If your villain up and starts sprouting all these Fu Manchu/Dragon Lady/Evil Vizier-esque traits that are indicated fuck-nowhere in canon, there's something going on that needs addressing. That is not interpretation anymore, that is Issues.

Srsly don't do that shit it's hacky and makes my ass twitch. :D
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I keep wishing we’d got more information about the San’layn.

I mean, I love what we do get about Valanar and Keleseth. Just from their quest text alone, you learn:

-They’re brothers

-They care about each other a great deal

-They’re quite high-up on the chain of command (Kel is in charge of the whole of Howling Fjord—from Utgarde, as we learn later)

-They respect you and enjoy working with you (Kel greets you with ‘hail’, entrusts you with what appears to be his very favourite set of sharp pointy things, and is generally very amiable; Val PRACTICALLY SQUEES after you cannonpwn the Scarlets, gets all excited about the prospect pf Arthas being happy about this, and says he’ll make damn sure that the boss knows who was responsible for the explosions and chaos)

For a pair of guys on the evil side of the fence, they’re certainly a lot nicer to deal with than some of the player’s alleged allies!

more things! )


Feb. 22nd, 2013 01:35 am
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Okay, just to clarify...

If an author pulls any of the following shit over and over and fucking over again, I am highly unlikely to like them or any of their work.

1) Gross dumbass gender bullshit--be it taming-the-ice-queen or lady-is-a-prize or vomitworthy essentialist crud or fucky double standards or punishing someone for ~not knowing their place~ etc.
2) Normalization of abusive behaviour/victim blaming--be it that 'boys will be boys' fuckery that basically insults everybody male ever, that 'oh but they're just STRESSED' backhand crap, passing off emotional manipulation as normal etc.
3) Dunderfuck anti-LGBTQ etc. bullshit, no matter what the fuck it is.
4) More-equal-than-others shit where it's okay for the hero to be a dickyacht just because s/he's the hero and therefore any sketchy shit s/he pulls is handwaved or excused.
5) Unexamined clueless shitbrained attempted parallels to real-life situations, without any examination of the hangups that can make this go horrifically wrong and/or make this get ragingly offensive.
6) Stereotypical fuckery relating to ethnicity and culture. This encompasses the 'this one person represents their entire culture teeheez' shit, model-minority issues, and often crosses over with the humans-are-white crap that is so very very tiresome.
7) Ableist shit. This encompasses just about anything you can think of lol--the PWD naturally being evil, evil albinos amg zamg, the idea that illness or disability is a just punishment for something (see also: the idea of ~generational curses~) or that a disability is an outward manifestation of inner badness, and the usual cackhanded treatment of mental illness and of issues relating to addiction.

No, I cannot ~*just look past this*~. The older I get, the more and more it leaps out at me. And? I was taught to hunt this kind of thing down in my own work (my advertising prof was very big on not repeating past grossness) and burninate it with vigour--repeatedly if necessary. I can't help but see it now. And to see it so often in the work of quote-unquote professionals, and see it go unexamined, and see it perpetuated by people...well, that gives me rabies XD

And now you know why I skim most WoW novels and refuse to use certain authors' characters and make up my own instead, and why a lot of mainstream popular media makes me want to bite things. ;p Whee!

And! Yes! I know everyone has ingrained issues and such, because Society Is Deeply Hosey And Issueladen and we all pick up nonsense without realizing it much like socks picking up lint. The key here is whether or not you're onto yourself and examining why you did XYZ Thing. I screw up a lot, I am no paragon, but I do take the time to consider what the heck I am doing and why. The authors I get annoyed with very obviously skip this step and think everything is just hunky-dory wall-to-wall and it's ~just~ a book or a comic or something.

Well. I do not agree with that assessment. Intent isn't magical, if you elbow someone by accident it still hurts etc. Summing up--I'm gonna quote my prof here: it's rare that a piece of media is 'just' a piece of media. Everything comes from somewhere.
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So I was taking Aerionn the b'elfy holy/protadin punklet through the beginning Pandaria quests last night, and the following occurred to me:

As much as I love the Hozen and I seriously want to hug all of them, I kind of wish they were more developed. I also kind of wish they were more like the original Monkey King. Like Sun Wukong. Not with the UBERHAXX necessarily, but the general attitude and cleverness and most of all identity. The Hozen have some solid foundations, but their cultural identity and their culture fullstop isn't fleshed out as much as it could be.

The little bits and pieces that we get about their culture are neat--how and when and why you get a double name, their hilarious poetry, their linguistic quirks...yeah there's some deeply, DEEPLY facepalm-worthy gaffes and stereotypes to be found, but homework WAS done. It doesn't quite make up for the *GROAN* moments completely, but it's there?

And that just makes me want MORE dammit. XD I'm not sure how much development the Jinyu got, as I am FAR AND AWAY NOWHERE NEAR PANDARIA with my Allyside characters (the highest-level one is Eveynna, Stormwinder-Theramoran pally extraordinaire and queen of the epic !Newfie accent, at 30), but yeah. I do wish we'd gotten more. Compared to the amount of work done with the Pandaren, it's like an Ensure pudding cup next to creme brulee.

I know that not everything can be put into a game, and that Pandaria is light-years better than Cata with regard to the completeness of questlines (even if a lot of the storytelling is still execrable...the stuff dealing with the Pandaren and Jinyu and Hozen and Mogu and Co. alone is fantastic but the second practically any named mainstream NPC besides Anduin gets into things, everything spirals rapidly down the flush-hole), but...yeah. When you put one up against the other you get wistful. (Well...you do if you're me. :B)

I'm probably going to end up fiddling around and expanding upon a lot when I get to writing about Pandaria. Because well that is what I do. If something feels too spare and I'm still hungry I make more snack food.

And also it will feature AU!Garrosh not being made of fail, and a distinct lack of stupidness with legacy characters. :D
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This came out of (a) me contemplating how different tea cultures of Azeroth would have developed (i'm going to write about that too eventually) and (b) someone asking me if the tiling patterns/geometric screeny things in Dalaran looked Ottoman to me too.

My answer: yes it does--and incidentally, this is one reason why the High Elves and Blood Elves are not universally as pallid as--well--ME when I'm drawing or writing them. (Again, the credit for my getting into thinking of this at ALL goes to my amazing girlfriend and her patience and insight and badassitude XD)

Seriously, none of their architecture is fully European in origin. Silvermoon City is not ttly zomg Euro-looking in the least, and neither is Dalaran.

(Hold on tight, guys--I'm about to hardcore art nerd all over the place.)

The primary influences seem to be Byzantine and Mughal architecture (and the somewhat-wacky Victorian British take on these), as well as the Art Nouveau movement which was itself inspired in part by Japanese and Mughal and Arabic architecture and art.

yukie: getting nerd all over journals since 2001~ )

Anyway. All this is what informs a lot of my depiction of Blood Elven and High Elven culture. It's also why not all of my Blood Elven or High Elven OCs are especially pallid. XD Kristios and Kleidion are the palest, about the same hue as me; Ishandarr is medium-olive-complected with freckles, Aerionn, Serhan and Isythalar are medium brown, and Lytaea is a darker copper. And Mireillie is bluish, but she's kind of also undead circa the Zerging of Lordaeron so there's that XD



there is my rationale, nerding, jargon, and DAFUQ WAS DAT XD
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Subtitle: Look, Mommy, Yukie is a Paladin

Blizzard is still being stupid as hell and this latest bout of hackish amateur-tastic lols hasn't impressed me at all SO YOU GET MY THOUGHTS ON WRITAN

My usual disclaimer applies: I'm explaining my rationale here. People who do stuff differently than me are neither nimrods nor stanky (unless they are Blizzard's usual flock of writers, in which case they are nimrods, stanky, and deserving of defenestration). Everyone has their own reasons for writing the stuff they do; I'm just running through my reasons for doing what I do here, as well as debunking what I feel are common fallacious argument type things.

Hokay. So.

things! THINGS! and more things! )
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(ETA 2: Just to clarify - I don't think Wesley is a kitten-chasing jerk and I tend to see him the way Wheaton does - as a character who was heinously annoying to some because of bad writing, but who had potential to not be. These characters are never MEANT to be jerks or look bad, but because of reader perspective having the potential to differ VASTLY from writer intent, they do. Wesley in the show was a punk kid; Wesley-types IRL are quite another story.

What I am trying to say is: passive aggressive pot-shots at me implying that I'm some kind of bandwagon hater can go fall down a hole. XD I didn't even know there were entire fanboy hate parades; I was never active in or part of online TNG fandom. My perspective on the guy is informed by my experience as a minigeek on the sofa asking my dad what Warp 5 meant since I got into the show in medias res.)

Okay so - I've determined through my own meandering experience and the commentary and snark of friends that one of the hallmarks of a Sue/Stu/Wesley is the fact that they get to have their cake and eat it too.

It's like this: they are wish fulfillment and they often have everything the writer doesn't/didn't/wants. As such, they rarely have to follow the rules that govern other characters - there's a sliding moral scale and it usually tips in their favour. They do not have to face the consequences of their actions, and if they are punished we are 'asposedta' not like the disciplinarian. They rarely face criticism or critique and when they do we're supposed to believe that the critic is a baby-eater. Everyone else will rise against the critic and run them out of the room, at best. Usually this is the author's desire for vindication against their perceived opponents saying yo 'sup.

This is all well and good and awesome for Wesley and Wesley's author, but - it's not so much fun for the reader. It can feel voyeuristic, or exclusionary.

The bottom line is that Wesley writers don't seem to stop to think what life is like for the people who aren't Wesley.

dah, dah, dah~ )
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There are a few reasons why this doesn't work any more and I'll address them all as I go, but - seriously. People. Please lose the 'but it's okay if our side does it'. It didn't fly even before the current politics made it a manky, manky proposition. it's lazy writing, and immature. If all you do is make excuses for your crew, have background characters pop in to sing their praises if they're ever (rightly) questioned for their actions, refuse to allow them to be wrong and try to justify every action...people are going to stop liking them. I can name several series in which this has happened; I'm sure everyone has ideas of their own that I never thought of.

If it's a single character whom everyone excuses or fanboys/fangirls, that character will quickly become a sue/stu and their author's-darling status will be very, very apparent.

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