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Nicholas Fearn is one of Vicky's fellow Appointed Peacekeepers. He's a redheaded half-elven beanpole with a lot of freckles, a cute smile--and a big family. XD

So here is everybody--

DIARMAID FEARN - The Dad. Mage. He does landscaping and gardening.
ELISABETH MOIRE FEARN - The Mom. Elven. She's a web designer and works from home because that's where her ridiculously epic computer is. That, and she kind of needs a cat on her lap to focus. XD

SADIE (MERCEDES) KIMBERLEY FEARN - The Oldest Sister. She's Diarmaid's daughter from his first marriage; while she is adopted, he does not consider her any less his kid for that. Mage. (Sadie is incidentally trans and no one has any problem with this because why would they). Sadie is 23 years old.
NICK (NICHOLAS) DWIGHT FEARN - The Oldest Brother. While he is biologically related to his mom, this doesn't infer any special status--as far as the Fearns are concerned, the blood of the covenant is thicker than et cetera. Family is more than DNA! Nick coming into the world did a number on him and mom, and while they recovered she cannot have any more kids manually as it were. Her first husband left. When Nick was four, she remarried. Half-elven. Nick is 20 years old.
JORDAN DAVID FEARN - The Middle Brother. Adopted when Nick was eight. Jordan is outgoing, cheerful, and has a habit of being found by critters in need of aid. Lycanthropic shapeshifter. 16 years old.
MEAGHAN EVELYN FEARN - The Middle Sister. If you give Meaghan a broken techy thing, she WILL fix it. Mage. 12 years old.
REGINA EMILY FEARN - The Little Sister. 10 years old. Half-youma. Attracts critters with as much frequency as Jordan, and it's she who gets adopted by all the cats.
ZACHARIE LUCAS FEARN - The Little Sibling. Zack is the newest arrival, having gotten off to an extremely rough start in life. Now that they're in a safe place with people who love them, they're thriving. Mage. 6 years old.

And as if that wasn't enough, RIC (FRIEDRICH) THEODORUS WOLFGANG VANDENBERG II ("Yes, that IS actually my full name") rents the basement apartment of the house, and has pretty much been adopted too. Maybe not formally, but still! (Ric is incidentally a homunculus; in Comityverse they do have souls and age similarly to mageblooded humans...usually.)

TARA - The rescued pit bull. Extremely goofy. Much like Zack, she came from a nasty home, but is now thriving. They're inseparable.
FUSILLI - The rescued we-don't-know-what-kind-of-Spaniel-he-is. Nick found him living out behind the college's wood-shop garage door.
BOBBINS, KATIE, PINKY, and DEAN - The cats. A marmie, a tortie, a calico and a meezer respectively. All were strays; now they are not. XD
CUPCAKE - The English Lop rabbit. Jordan found her by the creek, very skinny and very nervous. Now she is round and happy.
NEFERTITI- The Holland Dwarf rabbit. So named for her lovely bunny 'eyeliner' pattern.
BEAKER, STATLER, WALDORF and ZOOT - the quartet of guinea pigs.
ALL OF THE FISH - They're Regina's. The orange one is not Talbot.

The Fearns live somewhat outside downtown Comity in a very big old farmhouse with no right angles in it whatsoever. Old though it may be, and with squeaky stairs, it's a good house with space for everybody.
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When I was growing up my dad was a gigantimous Gordon Lightfoot fan, and to this day 'Triangle' has a habit of being stuck in my head. (If you happen to go looking for an MP3 of this, go for an older recording--the one from Shadows is the one I've got. Gord sounds a bit funky nowadays.)

And then one day while I was listening to it Eveynna decided to give me alternative lyrics.

Braincanon-wise this is (probably) one of those older folksongs; the locations change depending on where the sailors happen to be GOING. The bracketed locales are the originals; the ones outside brackets are the ones Evey tends to sing.

Stormwinders have a very deep reverence for the sea, obviously. ^^

I don't know if this counts as filk XD )
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A lot of my crew are linked to my girlfriend's because she's the one who got me into WoW in the first place and her people are fukken awesome XD

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TITLE: Katabasis
FANDOM: WCIII/WoW - somewhere between the two.
PEOPLE: One of many who didn't make it all the way north.
RATING: 14A-ish.
WARNINGS: lol undead creepers. Basically this is the end result of me having no sleep, lousy dreams, and a critical lack of an ego. Beware descriptions of the onset of hypothermia, as well as references to emotional beatdowns.
NOTES: At least I can get something out of anxiety dreams. Goddamn this hurt to write though. Embodiment of all my fears much.

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Hello, my name is Ishandarr, and I am a Death Knight who is so ravingly mediocre with the Blood discipline that it makes most of the Darkfallen giggle! However, I am very damn good with Frost and also quite adept with Unholy and prone to dorky theorycrafting and research. So, today, I'm going to be discussing that and the Plague of Undeath, since they're related and I have a better understanding than many about their exact mechanics. I'm not exactly sure why this decidedly-creepy topic of conversation has come up, but here it is and here I am, since I'm the one who dealt most with the Plague and its quirks and minutiae.

Hold onto your spine. It's going to be an unsettling ride.

... )
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TITLE: This Vital Fluid
FANDOM: Warcraft III/World of Warcraft
PEOPLE: Ishandarr Evenbrooke (once called Ebonrooke), a Blood elf and formerly a Death Knight under the Lich King, now a DK of the Knights of the Ebon Blade), Koltira Deathweaver (likewise, and quite the tsundere), Thassarian (a human Ebon Blade knight and one of few to see Koltira's deredere side), Darion Mograine (the head of the Ebon Blade), various other unlucky people, and the Death Knights' former...er...'employer'.
PAIRING: Thassarian and Koltira have an implied canonical bromance; as well, there are references to Ishan and the other Death Knights' relationship with their former boss.
RATING: 14A for implied past sketchy relationships and big ol' innuendo about such.
SUMMARY: "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you." - Nietzsche
WARNINGS: There be sketchy past relationships in this here fic. Also, mindscrew and bad dreams and unhappy hallucinations.
NOTES: This is based on an actual quest chain, too. Yes, you CAN make this damn thing in the game. How the issue of dealing with it gets solved in the fic is AU, but - yeah.

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I needed to write some cute XD;

TITLE: After, in the Dark
FANDOM: Warcraft III/World of Warcraft
PEOPLE: A couple of punkassed knights.
PAIRING: implied/aftermath of m/m, Arthas/Ishan.
RATING: 14A because Ishan's got a bit of a dirty mind.
SUMMARY: After the battle at Icecrown and a startling discovery, Ishandarr's distracted and bemused by the experience of sharing a bed with a living breathing Arthas.
WARNINGS: There's some reference to the weirdness of their past relationship. Though it was never non-consensual it was a bit wonky. Please note, though, that Ishan was always on the less-vanilla side of things. XD That wasn't as a result of being Mr. Spooky McDeathknight. That's just Ishan not being vanilla.
NOTES: Ishan isn't the only partner Arthas had amongst the knights, of course, but he may be the most longcat of them. *cough* This is set WAAAAY after the prior fic. You can probably guess what happened to Arthas just from what's going on here. Redemption and rebuilding mean a lot more than a sacrifice of life, after all, and it's the nature of the light to forgive. tl;dr I am horrible and like making antagonists atone and Kyl does too. XD This is the Arthas in her head. He occasionally crashes on my sofa and is a smartass.

Yyyep, I'm still dicking about with font colours. XD

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