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Okay, like--I fully understand that BDSM is not everyone's cup of tea, and that people do have legitimate reasons for being WTF about it, and so on.

But for the love of fuck.

The next person I see who pulls the 'well only EVIL PEOPLE like bondage/D&s/S&M/collars/pegging/other kinks&etc.', or who equates kink with depravity or abuse, or who does that goddamn 'it's sooooo hot but OMG WRONG WRONG AND EVIL AND BAD AND SICK' I will do such an acrobatic fucking triple salchow right off the handle...

...and I will land on the hapless dipshit perpetuating this bullshit ELBOWS FIRST.

Yes, kinky relationships can be abusive. I have seen these relationships in action. The key thing is, ANY AND ALL RELATIONSHIPS can be abusive. I will never deny that people use kink as a means to be fuckers; of course they would, since abusers will use ANYTHING as a means to be fuckers. But proclaiming that all kink is abuse and harping on that alone is ignorant as hell and it detracts from the actual problem--namely, the goddamned abuse.

Don't use other people's suffering as an excuse to get on the soapbox about shit or push an agenda; I will kick that box out from under you so fast you would not BELIEVE...and then I will bite your knees repeatedly.

k now that i got this out of my system i really need to write some consensual healthy fun kinky stuff to get the taste of self-righteous soapbox-ghoul kneecaps out of my mouth. *pfeh, pfeh*

come to me, AU sylvanas/koltira/thassarian catpile, we shall tell cata to go fuck itself thrice and then we shall board the mirthmobile and run amok like the hooligans we are.


Sep. 7th, 2010 01:45 am
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I have plane tickets





That was a faceroll not a keysmash.
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I do not understand people who will jump into a conversation about learning disabilities and announce that they don't believe in AD(H)D/Asperger's Syndrome/Dyslexia/massive brain eating chronic anxiety/et cetera/et cetera/and so forth.

Like - my dear Speciallest of Snowflakes? WTF R U DOIN? You're not trolling, you got defensive like dang when we asked you not to troll. So - was there a point to that malarkey besides trying to make yourself feel special and awesome whilst annoying the living schpadoinkle out of us all?

Look, brain-trust, until you are a physician of some sort and until you know what neurochemistry IS, sit down and shut up kthxbai. You are critically undereducated and not interested in getting educated, so you've waived your right to open your beak. It's not hard to find material about this stuff. Learn you some Google and THEN come back and beak at us, or else STFU.

Whether or not you 'believe in' non-neurotypical brain business has zero bearing on our lives. Your skepticism is not making my slackoff serotonin production get better. XD I know that may be news to a solipsist like you but - there you go and there you are. This isn't episode 26 of Evangelion, bud.

You don't sound cynical and worldly, you sound like what you are: a hipster trying frantically to be cool and falling short in a tragic, tragic way.

Either Google you some shit, Speciallest of Snowflakes, or shush while people with manners are talking. It's possible to express an opposing POV without being a little douche-kayak, you know. Indeed other people did that in the very same place and no one et their head because they were respectful.

It's all about the respect, Snowflake. If you moonwalk in here and make a point to backhandedly call people lazy manipulative liars, don't expect them to be cordial.
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Ferfuksake start writing again and draw something!

Good lord.

-yrs. trly.
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Crazy bastard rollercoaster weather patterns + insanely high pollen count + shark week = me having a migraine on and off for three days in a row and then after a day and a half of respite the DAMN THING COMING BACK FOR AN ENCORE.

Add in me having failio B12 levels and you have one dizzy, photophobic, SCREW YOU AND YOUR GODDAMNED PERFUME, got-no-sewing-done me.

I don't like shit going awry in my head on the best of days but since gramma died I've been stupidly paranoid about stuff like that. I know damn well that what happened with her was age-related but it's still making me twitch that now that I'm pushing 30 and my body's kind of settling into a different pattern of shit I'm having slightly different symptomatology to my migraines (by the way: yes, they are - my father and bother are both prone to them, I get aura symptoms, I know what a migraine is, people who lecture and condescend to me abut medical issues as if I were stupid are invariably idiots or just full of themselves). It still starts to my left side all the time (I don't know what's with my left side sinuses/ear/etc. that they're so pissy), and it still feels weirdly like I'm being jabbed in the eye from the BACK of my eyeball or the side and I'm still photophobic and stupidly sensitive to scent, but now after the initial jabbity-eyeball onset it settles into a weird throbby blugghh feeling, nausea, and vertigo/dizzy aaarghh. It responds to the gelcap Advil that I've always used to bash it down and it follows the pattern migraines usually do, so it's very VERY probably JUST MY USUAL MIGRAINE -

- But add onto that my mind latching onto the idea that there is something terribly the matter with my head that could take me out any second AND if that didn't suck enough ALLERGIES HAPPENED which means my sinuses are being assjacks...

Yeah. Not fun.

Would the trees please stop DOING IT and pollinating all over the place for a second please I mean DAMN.

So yeah, I'm going to be back into the swing of things shortly. this just has NOT been an enjoyable cluster of days by any means and I'm just glad the stupid seems to be ebbing. Even if the pollen count is still gigantic.

Oh well. I can handle sinus stupidity. I've got decongestants. XD

Expect more writery from me and perhaps ARTENING even!


Feb. 26th, 2010 10:38 am
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I am stupidly proud of having been able to cap the exact second when Randi jabbed him in the head.

Cap's from 900RedYoshi's SoM LP, which contains the Dark Lich being a total bastard. XD

I wish I could have made it legible in 100x100 format (I tried for about an hour, and couldn't without cropping out his hands, which I didn't want to do). I may still try, but until then I can use it on messageboards.

No one but me and maybe Kyl is going to get the injoke in the font sigh sigh sigh cackle. XD


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