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SO I'm poking at this afain in spite of my scattershot knowledge of Japanese. I WILL FIGURE OUT WERT DER FERK THEY ARE ALL ON ABOUT



In the meantime I'll just sit here snickering immaturely at Dyluck going 'uguu'. And at Thanatos being the most condescending trolly bastard ever. And Popoie being a little punkass.

(And yes, stupid fanonkiddie who farted out nonsense all over TvTropes, that's how the kid's name is blasted well written in multiple places. Futher, 'Purim' is not and never was short for Primrose. Her name's written プリム. Randi's is ランディ. Popoie's is ポポイ. Your weeaboo nattering about ~overly literal~ transliterations is balls; you clearly have no damn idea how katakana even works. Furthermore, your personal fanon is not canon. Wiki-type databases are bad enough without pratty swaggerkids stanking them up with bad info, weeabunkum and fanon-craps.

I have my own damn fanon but I'm not going to go to TvTropes claiming Thanatos is an actual death god with a soft spot for cats and an undying love of goddamn vanilla ice cream. MINE is but in-game he's just mauve. Jesus hell, there's a time and place for that kind of a thing, and wiki databases are neither. A wiki is not your personal fanfic repository unless it is YOUR FANFIC REPOSITORY WIKI kthx bai.)
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I really wish I was better at drawing tech. Because like - I KNOW what the interior of the Mana Fortress's pilot's chamber looks like in my head completely, I could build it if you gave me stuff for a model, BUT I CANNOT DRAW IT WORTH A SHIT.

...Damn it. This means I need to stop slacking off and get some minor drafting supplies XD; French curves and stuff. I keep meaning to do it and putting it off.

Oh well. D: In lieu of art, have some of my many words! This ma not be canonical to the big old collab proper but it is to the stuff in my head? XD

On the Mana Fortress )
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hey boy now boy busboy cowboy [/ridonk camp counselor]

Mazoku Trio bios: FINISHED!


There'll be more bios later but those three are complete XD Mostly.
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Mmmmmyyyyeah, I was right. I needed to grind.

SPOILERAMA FOR SoM BEYOND THIS POINT from the Pandora Ruins to the Scorpion Army's first dorking!

fail@pwnage )
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TITLE: And With Strange Aeons...
FANDOM: Kupop-flavoured Secret of Mana crackmobile.
SPOILERS: Well, if you don't know who the Big Bad is, yes, you're going to be spoiled.
RATING: I dunno, there's a bunch of shankin'. 14A?
SUMMARY: "Ha! Take that, Death! Now you're dead...which is ironic because you're Death ...Wait, wouldn't Death be in control of death so he wouldn't kill himself? I mean... Uh. ...My brain hurts with such great intensity." -Quadraxis14


The man had a voice like stone dragged across sand; Emperor Vandole learned from Geshtar that someone had shot his master in the throat with a crossbow bolt, and though he'd survived somehow it had turned his words to gravel.

In spite of that, it carried.

He never once raised his voice, but never had to.

It carried.

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