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I don't think I'm ever going to understand the weirdofailpagan idea that people can be like...luck-vampires, and steal all the attention and accolades that rightfully belong to someone else.

Uh, no, that's--either someone is taking credit for your work/stealing your ideas, or they're not.

If I have seven notes on some tumblr post, and someone else has three, I didn't "steal" four notes. (In fact four o those notes are probably me replying to said post with the worst puns ever.) I just have seven. I didn't mystically siphon off attention/notes/love/whatever.

It's really quite remarkable how many people have NO EARTHLY CLUE how This Kind Of Shit works. "SHE HAS MORE NOTES THAN MEEEEE" yeah okay that's not energy vampirism at work; that's social media shenanigans. Energy vampirism is a different thing from that.

Hurgh. Sometimes there's nothing otherworldly about a given situation, beyond the general baseline. Sometimes shit's just how it is because of chance.

This rant brought to you by: general wining on twitter etc. from people I don't even know.
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It randomly occurred to me today that Vicky's stature and stuff make her closer to stock-fantasy dwarves than anything else.

And then it occurred to me that Benighted's 'dwarves' are probably the shortass stocky clans of fae and 'dwarf' is the result of someone mis-hearing their name for themselves.

The same goes for 'elf' and 'sprite' and 'undine' and so on.

So yeah. Many different kinds of fae of many different appearances! Elemental affinity can sometimes be discerned by someone's body-build but not always.

The fae/youma division is just--which side of the gate one happens to be on. the different 'arch-clans' (!elf, !undine and so on) have members on both sides of the gate between realms.

The big physical difference between them, really, is that youma have a different pupil shape (almost a + shape, with the little crossbar called 'the thorn of Manah' after the goddess of spring/air/magic--it's basically a mark of her protection; even though Manah wished they hadn't had to go hermitty, they are still HER PEOPLE.)

Vicky, being a hybrid, has a diamond-shaped pupil structure.

Also, her being earth-affinity and wol-totemic means Vicky is essentially a burrowing owl lolololol. XD
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So tonight I finished up leveling my noobie Draenei pally Jayalaksmi through Azuremyst and Bloodmyst and Wyrmscar and that island with all the orange and pink naga on it! And--

--Yeah, this and Silvermoon are definitely my favourite levelling zones. Even when it's obvious they crowbar'd the class quests out, even though a lot of the trickier quests have been made less so by the de-leetification of some NPCs (Matis the Drama Llama comes to mind--Knucklerot and Luzran are still elites, but Mattyboy is not). They're lovely, lovely zones, and they have some very solid storytelling (excluding the HUEHAHAEHUEUEAHUHAHUHEUAHUE KAEL CREZZEH NAO bullshit, which was never explained or written competently--honestly, I went through these zones keeping my girlfriend's AU in mind, and everything makes so damned much more sense that way), the quest rewards are nice, there's no phasing glitches to worry about...mmmmyeah.

Oh, and there's much less demented timeline whiplash. Yes, I know that stagnation means death, etc., and that the old world HAD to change...but I still think Cataclysm made some shockingly poor choices. Pandaria is better in some respects, but in others it makes the same mistakes as Cata only more so.


The 'Myst isles also lack the NPC whiplash you can get around Silvermoon that I've seen. Clicking on Lor'themar after doing the one quest wherein you do Dead Scar Soil Analysis and the quest giver says "Eff this we need to get to Outland tout suite kthxbai"? Yeah, THAT'S FUN. And the NPCs in the Blood Knights' hall still natter on about M'uru...

...But I digress!

I had a hell of a lot of fun levelling Jayalaksmi from 1-21. It's really neat to have a character sort of come into their own in your mind theatre as you go along.

This incidentally is what led to me rolling her shaman girlfriend Darzana, whom I also plan to level. That is--in between levelling Aerionn to 90 and trying to get the recoloured bronze-and-silver Valor set for Ishan. Look mom I'm transmog-happy.

In closing, Draenei are adorable, and Kessel having named his Elekk Archimindy will never stop being awesome.
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...That Balnazzar is the laziest Dreadlord in the universe.



Yeah I know he's supposed to be readying for some big attack, and his Risen (who probably still call him "Saidan Dathrohan" and drive him insane with such) are supposed to be a bigger threat than the Scourge because Balnazzar won't hold back etc. (even though they're squishy as BALLS...)

But--then you go into Strat and they're holed up in their bastion and guarding the front doors with a barricade and...uh...I think Balnazzar is less concerned with making a big army than he is concerned with having an army that can fend off things that may potentially come and eat him, i.e. he's pulling an Illidan move but he's being a far bigger doucheyacht about it and also not doing a very successful job.

Either that or my initial assumption is the truth--that is, he's just really lazy. Strat is a good place for a lazy Dreadlord. It's nice and flamey so it'd remind him of home, and there's lots of wandering ectoplasmic stuff to snack on...he has minions, he's got a nice swanky throne room...

Yeah. Balnazzar is not making an army and planning an attack. He's either keeping other Dreadlords off his lawn, or he's being a couch potato. XD
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-go to tanaris

-enter caverns of time

-enter old strat

-say hi to chromie!

-hug hearthsinger forresten! and everybody in that inn! (pamela ;n;)

-locate crates for chromie!

-ride off into the mist as far as possible, laughing maniacally, until you hit the invisiwall!

-futz around doing this for a good twenty minutes, still laughing maniacally

-get bored with the eerie pink minty-fresh chronological mist o’ doom and head for strat proper…

-…while looking in every house…

-…and making up a song about eerie pink minty-fresh chronological aerosol pepto-bismol!

-jump into moat and swim to see if one can swim under the invisiwall (nope, denied)

-hug chromie and turn in quest and start RP event!

-hug jaina and uther

-click on jaina a lot and sigh when she has only two clicky lines and uther has none

-hug arthas, then follow arthas

-click on arthas, sigh over his VA not being as good as the WC3 fellow, click on arthas again anyway

-click on arthas repeatedly

-click on arthas repeatedly

-click on arthas repeatedly


-realize arthas is a total leeroy intent on pulling everything under the sun ever, sigh, and allow self to be taken out by zombie scrummage

(WoW is not as much fun without my gorgeous girlfriend afoot XD I can still amuse myself (because I have ADHD and we’re like that), but…THEN I DO STUFF LIKE THIS XD Arthas is going to bink me to death with his smackin’ hammer.)
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Subtitle: Look, Mommy, Yukie is a Paladin

Blizzard is still being stupid as hell and this latest bout of hackish amateur-tastic lols hasn't impressed me at all SO YOU GET MY THOUGHTS ON WRITAN

My usual disclaimer applies: I'm explaining my rationale here. People who do stuff differently than me are neither nimrods nor stanky (unless they are Blizzard's usual flock of writers, in which case they are nimrods, stanky, and deserving of defenestration). Everyone has their own reasons for writing the stuff they do; I'm just running through my reasons for doing what I do here, as well as debunking what I feel are common fallacious argument type things.

Hokay. So.

things! THINGS! and more things! )

gdi blizz

Nov. 14th, 2012 09:39 pm
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why did you have to give me another race of nifty, gender-ambiguous, ancient, snarky, cantankerous arthropod people to squee about.

(though, your writer should've totally had them call the PC 'biped'... XD)

Now I wanna write Anub'arak and some of the Klaxxi having a big philosophical debate. :B

ETA: LORE SPOILARS in DW comments, proceed at own risk.
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SO I'm poking at this afain in spite of my scattershot knowledge of Japanese. I WILL FIGURE OUT WERT DER FERK THEY ARE ALL ON ABOUT



In the meantime I'll just sit here snickering immaturely at Dyluck going 'uguu'. And at Thanatos being the most condescending trolly bastard ever. And Popoie being a little punkass.

(And yes, stupid fanonkiddie who farted out nonsense all over TvTropes, that's how the kid's name is blasted well written in multiple places. Futher, 'Purim' is not and never was short for Primrose. Her name's written プリム. Randi's is ランディ. Popoie's is ポポイ. Your weeaboo nattering about ~overly literal~ transliterations is balls; you clearly have no damn idea how katakana even works. Furthermore, your personal fanon is not canon. Wiki-type databases are bad enough without pratty swaggerkids stanking them up with bad info, weeabunkum and fanon-craps.

I have my own damn fanon but I'm not going to go to TvTropes claiming Thanatos is an actual death god with a soft spot for cats and an undying love of goddamn vanilla ice cream. MINE is but in-game he's just mauve. Jesus hell, there's a time and place for that kind of a thing, and wiki databases are neither. A wiki is not your personal fanfic repository unless it is YOUR FANFIC REPOSITORY WIKI kthx bai.)


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