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Basically--anyone who grabs onto Kael's 'other insults' phrasing as a justification for Golden's fucking rockbrained probematic-as-shit "characterization" in the Arthas novel?

Is a dumbass retcon-oblivious ass-sniffing fart-whiffing apologist wanking spewing whinging fact-twisting dishonest whiny motherfucking klunk-knobbed smegmawheel tinhat fuckchop stan-wanker who doesn't know shit about shit.

And needs to shut up for eternity.

more profanity and violent snarly rhetotric and uber-bitch-queenery beyond this cut. you have been warned. i am not nice here. i am not pulling punches here. i am fucking angry here. if my anger upsets you, please don't read beyond this longass cut. it's not gonna get less vicious anytime soon. )
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okay so how do you usually start this stuff like


that looks sarcastic

oh well.

hellscream's war-sarcasm! )
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I do not understand people who will jump into a conversation about learning disabilities and announce that they don't believe in AD(H)D/Asperger's Syndrome/Dyslexia/massive brain eating chronic anxiety/et cetera/et cetera/and so forth.

Like - my dear Speciallest of Snowflakes? WTF R U DOIN? You're not trolling, you got defensive like dang when we asked you not to troll. So - was there a point to that malarkey besides trying to make yourself feel special and awesome whilst annoying the living schpadoinkle out of us all?

Look, brain-trust, until you are a physician of some sort and until you know what neurochemistry IS, sit down and shut up kthxbai. You are critically undereducated and not interested in getting educated, so you've waived your right to open your beak. It's not hard to find material about this stuff. Learn you some Google and THEN come back and beak at us, or else STFU.

Whether or not you 'believe in' non-neurotypical brain business has zero bearing on our lives. Your skepticism is not making my slackoff serotonin production get better. XD I know that may be news to a solipsist like you but - there you go and there you are. This isn't episode 26 of Evangelion, bud.

You don't sound cynical and worldly, you sound like what you are: a hipster trying frantically to be cool and falling short in a tragic, tragic way.

Either Google you some shit, Speciallest of Snowflakes, or shush while people with manners are talking. It's possible to express an opposing POV without being a little douche-kayak, you know. Indeed other people did that in the very same place and no one et their head because they were respectful.

It's all about the respect, Snowflake. If you moonwalk in here and make a point to backhandedly call people lazy manipulative liars, don't expect them to be cordial.
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E-doctors and armchair doctors are the most obnoxious fuckers in the world.

It is none of your business, idiot children, what I do or do not eat.

It is none of your business, idiot children, whether or not I am getting inoculated for something, or why I am getting inoculated for something1.

It is none of your business, idiot children, what medications I take.

It is not for you to say, idiot children, whether or not my health problems are 'real'.

It is not for you to say, idiot children, whether or not I should be on THIS drug and not THAT one2.

It is not for you to say, idiot children, whether or not my condition exists because you've never heard of it, or whether it is more serious than I think because you know ever so much more about the condition than someone who LIVES with it because you read a fucking paragraph somewhere one time.

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I do not respond positively to narcissistic little condescending asshole dimwit children five years or so my junior. Do NOT, unless you're a masochist who WANTS my best testicle-shrivelling look, preface ANY effort to communicate with me with 'aren't we'.

The fact alone that you buy into that P.U.A. bullshit means that I am your intellectual superior by leaps and bounds. Do not presume to think that I am your inferior - in ANY sense - by default simply because I have a vag.

Your battered little ego is not my fault or my problem; I didn't even know you existed until recently. Yes, society is certainly full of shit, and it makes every mother's son and daughter and in between FUCKING MISERABLE...

...But I'm not obligated to pretend to be a fool or roll along with your shit to make your tender, tender fee-fees happy. Maybe other people immediately commenced with the virtual fellatio because they think you're cool, but I do fucking not and I don't HAFTAAAAAAA *stomp stomp!* either.

Jesus. Go away.
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No, I didn't make you hurt me. You stupid motherfucker, how the hell could I manage that WITHOUT eerie powers. My dad drilled that into my head when I was a CHILD, that no one could 'make me' attack people. I guess your parents were lax or you've been listening to liars?

No, you're not going to get away with shit about shit by hiding behind RP characters, excuses, illness or angry gods. I sure never fucking got to, hwo the fuck come you think you deserve all the time to get treated nicer than me, ah?

No, I don't appreciate this bullshit artistry 'some are more equal than others' that's led you to decide I must be a deserving target. Oh look, the mindset of the abuser, in textbook form! I should show you to a psych class as a visual aid.

You dicks.

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