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E-doctors and armchair doctors are the most obnoxious fuckers in the world.

It is none of your business, idiot children, what I do or do not eat.

It is none of your business, idiot children, whether or not I am getting inoculated for something, or why I am getting inoculated for something1.

It is none of your business, idiot children, what medications I take.

It is not for you to say, idiot children, whether or not my health problems are 'real'.

It is not for you to say, idiot children, whether or not I should be on THIS drug and not THAT one2.

It is not for you to say, idiot children, whether or not my condition exists because you've never heard of it, or whether it is more serious than I think because you know ever so much more about the condition than someone who LIVES with it because you read a fucking paragraph somewhere one time.

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I do not respond positively to narcissistic little condescending asshole dimwit children five years or so my junior. Do NOT, unless you're a masochist who WANTS my best testicle-shrivelling look, preface ANY effort to communicate with me with 'aren't we'.

The fact alone that you buy into that P.U.A. bullshit means that I am your intellectual superior by leaps and bounds. Do not presume to think that I am your inferior - in ANY sense - by default simply because I have a vag.

Your battered little ego is not my fault or my problem; I didn't even know you existed until recently. Yes, society is certainly full of shit, and it makes every mother's son and daughter and in between FUCKING MISERABLE...

...But I'm not obligated to pretend to be a fool or roll along with your shit to make your tender, tender fee-fees happy. Maybe other people immediately commenced with the virtual fellatio because they think you're cool, but I do fucking not and I don't HAFTAAAAAAA *stomp stomp!* either.

Jesus. Go away.
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1) Roman Polanski fucking deserved what he got, and anyone who I catch defending his drugging and raping of a thirteen year old girl - WHICH HE PLEAD GUILTY TO BY THE BY, YOU COCKLORDS - is gone from my life. FUCKING GONE. I don't have time to be trying to educate the criminally, hopelessly ignorant and misogynistic who think it wasn't 'actual rape' or who think that a child can 'ask for it'. If you think this way, you should end yourself by leaping into a mosh pit full of angry wolverines. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

2) Pickup artists are idiots. Negging doesn't work on me, little boys, and it don't work on most women. Your bullshit condescension reveals to me only your shrieking lack of an ego. You're not hot, I'm not interested in you, and it doesn't matter how much you fucking swear or whine or throw tantrums at me. I DO NOT CAAAAAAAAAAAAARE. I'm not obligated to ~*be niiiiiiiiiiiiiice 2 u*~ because I'm the one with the rack and the nootch. Go AWAY. No one owes you sex.

3) If you fuck up, OWN YOUR SHIT! I am sick to death of all these alleged ADULTS squalling and wailing and huffing and stamping their feet in a toddlerlike dance of whinge, and then fucking hiding behind the nearest defense. Look, fools, I never EVER got the chance to do that and thus I don't let other people go 'butbutbut butbutbut buhbuhbuh but buh but BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW' while hiding behind their poodles/significant other/family/OMGBFF/bullshit moral code/fandom. Seriously. Grow a SPINE.

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No, I didn't make you hurt me. You stupid motherfucker, how the hell could I manage that WITHOUT eerie powers. My dad drilled that into my head when I was a CHILD, that no one could 'make me' attack people. I guess your parents were lax or you've been listening to liars?

No, you're not going to get away with shit about shit by hiding behind RP characters, excuses, illness or angry gods. I sure never fucking got to, hwo the fuck come you think you deserve all the time to get treated nicer than me, ah?

No, I don't appreciate this bullshit artistry 'some are more equal than others' that's led you to decide I must be a deserving target. Oh look, the mindset of the abuser, in textbook form! I should show you to a psych class as a visual aid.

You dicks.

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