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-She is friends with Braig and he's just as ridiculous with bulletspam though less artsy about it. They may have been members of the same team/project/something.
-She doesn't use corridors very often
-She's produced some truly ridonkulously intricate shot patterns
-Yes, she does plan them out beforehand XD
-She seems to do something akin to Dio Brando meets Haste materia meets Rider Kabuto's Clock-Up meets a kekkai meets gun kata.

-Exactly how the furk that last thing works. :D;

-She doesn't stop time exactly like Dio, she doesn't have a Stand, there is no ZA WARUDO. There IS a kind of a 'there's Kilroy, blur, oh my fricking balls where did all these energy shots come from' (she doesn't use real bullets lol she'd run out too quick, she does whatever Braig does).
-What she MAY be doing is sort of sidestepping into corridorspace and using that like Chell does the portals, albeit with Haste magic added, so speedy thing goes in and REALLY SPEEDY THING comes out
-Or something
-How do I physics

-She doesn't actually drink much coffee. XD
-And she doesn't teleport either XD
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Okay, so apparently the WUT dream of 'oh what the fuck was that' connects to Tenebrous.

And scary brother has started talking to me XD;

So hurhur lol rough profiles.

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Hey look, Zalera shenanigans!

1) Oh check it, the shamaness laughs too in this, and not necessarily at the same time Zal himself does. She has a little giggle herself (into his shoulder XD) before they both LOL. Hmm. XD This kind of lends some weight to my theory that there's something more going on there than the traditional Ivalese idea of their relationship.

2) That lvl 1 death thing that does in Balthier - check out the rood inverse on the onryou-type skull. XD

3) Aww, look at their exeunt omnes pose. XD SO MUCH DRAMA QUEENING. But on the 'ooh' side - they both react. Not at the same time either. Zalera's waaaargh happens before the shamaness's. And she hugs him when she's sniffling and he pats her hair. Zalera, how the hell do you manage to be cute, you're a deathy thing. XD But oh god the scenery chewing "LA, I DIE" - hee.

Zalera, stop somehow managing to be cute. XD

Hahaha YAY THINGS THAT SUPPORT TENEBROUS'S CRACK I am such a nerd, oh, such a nerd. But goddamn, this keeps on happening XD; Their relationship does NOT look like how the game's common lore describes it. She pretty clearly has her own will and voice and Zalera doesn't just see her as a weapon. This isn't out of character for an Ivalice Alliance game, since disinformation and obfuscation and the search for the actual truth is a pretty big part of those games' plotlines.

...Pretzeltown, I can't find the entry I made when I talked about the dang Ladies. XD

ETA: And someone in my head just said the shamaness (Korone in Tenebrous) is one of the Dark Lady's daughters or granddaughters. I wouldn't be totally surprised.

ETA 2: GODDAMN IT MATEUS IS THE SAME WAY! Seriously, if the goddess is supposed to be a @_@ thrall, WHY does she chant the spell (silently, but still - and it's ENTHUSED chanting) of one of the bigass attacks Mateus does, and why does she 'ohoho' LAUGH when the attack goes off, and why does she have an AH GODDAMN IT scream when the battle ends? There are two voices there, in the laugh and the defeated yell. Mateus-the-armour's underlays Mateus-the-goddess's.

I shouldn't be surprised that Ivalice's in-game lore is whacked out, but...STILL!
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Oh hi. Welcome to episode one of Creepy Tricks What One Can Pull Off With The Dark If One Has Enough Clout With It'. I'm your host, Jan Rosencrantz, a.k.a. the artist formerly known as 'that one guy bisected by Kali-Ma'. It'd probably make more sense to get a guy who can actually DO these things to explain 'em but the naïb thinks I'm the best guy for the job, so I'm giving it a whirl. Why the hell not?

Right. So. Assuming people know what the Dark is; for those unclear I can give a more detailed description in comments. To sum up, it's one of five primal elements that make up the framework of things in general. Its complement is Light. THE DARK IS NOT EVIL. Can we clear that up, now? By extensions USERS OF THE DARK ARE NOT EVIL BY DEFAULT. Can people be idiots with it, yes they can, but painting Prince Ansem as evil on account of because he is Dark is vaaaaaastly stupid. He did idiotic things in the NAME of the Dark; the Dark did not make him do these things. THE DARK ITSELF AS AN ELEMENT DOES NOT CONTROL PEOPLE FROM WITHIN. It can be used as a means of control, but the Dark itself is not possessed of a malevolent will and nor is its Lady. I'd also like to clear up that PEOPLE WHOM THE DARK IS USED SUCCESSFULLY AGAINST ARE NOT DUPES, FOOLS OR WEAKLINGS. Perpetuate that line of crap and I'll defenestrate you for your ig'nance and for vexin' me.

Let me explain. Recollect Losstarot making me think I was waving his arm around? Right. Now consider my personality. Do I look weak-willed or wishy-washy to you? Come on, now, I make mules look like wafflers. I had one whole hell of a damaged heart, BUT I was able to ward it using the Dark myself. So why-oh-why was Losstarot able to work his eerie mojo on me?

Subtlety and strength. He has a lot more power than I and has had a great deal of time to hone his skills. Further, there was an emotion he could use to trip me up - my pride. Dark-users who can see hearts can use this skill to pinpoint the best way with which to affect their target (I won't say victim because in the case of Losstarot and Riot, the point was not to harm). In my case, pride was the point where I had blinkers on.

In the cases of Greene and Hardin it was desire - or more accurately love.

(A CAVEAT LECTOR: beyond this point I'm going to be discussing curses, illusions, and exploitation of people's hearts via unscrupulous, unethical use of the Dark. If you're squicked out or set to flailing by this (which is understandable) you prrrrrobably don't want to read on. If you do want to read on but you become squicked out or set to flailing anyhow, I'm sorry about that and I'll do my best to assuage the "OH MY FUCK, ROSENCRANTZ, YOU DOUCHE HOUND". This is not a happy fun topic, in this post. I swear I'll be discussing non-dick uses of the Dark later!)

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TITLE: Four Things that Happened to Schala in Traverse Town
CHARACTERS: Schala, Magus, Alphard and Dalton. Yes, the dork gets listed last. XD
SUMMARY: Timestreams are special, and even though Schala is a very patient young woman, some things can rather get on her last nerve. This is what happens after.
RATING: PG-ish I guess? XD No one really swears but.
COMMENT: Tenebrous-verse! ...Well, this fic - it makes as much sense as RD did to me? XD Mostly it's dumb.

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Original stuff, others' original stuff, KH, et cetera! From the great cottage weekend of doomy doom.

A KH Vicky! I like how her figure turned out here. I didn't scan the fail keyblade that's on the same page.

Aerionn, my fruitypants Blood Elf.

TEENY TINY SEEKERS! From the Tenebrous AU. They're actually twins there, though the nature of Xem's birth is something I'm unsure of yet - whether it's the usual way or something else. XD; Yay, my mind.

Tenebrous verse Kefka. He's a Sorceress in that thar story.

Kairi! I didn't like her KH2 outfit so I faffed around XD;

More as I pencil over my col-erase red lines. XD Wooty hoo hoo.
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Actually that was blatant false advertising. Nothing up in there but TENEBROUS CRACK-CANON AEON BABBLE *echo effect goes here*.

Starting at the beginning of the Zodiac with Belias and going through to Mateus, and Zodiark on the end.

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Pantheon, espers, world building, et cetera -

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