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SO I'm poking at this afain in spite of my scattershot knowledge of Japanese. I WILL FIGURE OUT WERT DER FERK THEY ARE ALL ON ABOUT



In the meantime I'll just sit here snickering immaturely at Dyluck going 'uguu'. And at Thanatos being the most condescending trolly bastard ever. And Popoie being a little punkass.

(And yes, stupid fanonkiddie who farted out nonsense all over TvTropes, that's how the kid's name is blasted well written in multiple places. Futher, 'Purim' is not and never was short for Primrose. Her name's written プリム. Randi's is ランディ. Popoie's is ポポイ. Your weeaboo nattering about ~overly literal~ transliterations is balls; you clearly have no damn idea how katakana even works. Furthermore, your personal fanon is not canon. Wiki-type databases are bad enough without pratty swaggerkids stanking them up with bad info, weeabunkum and fanon-craps.

I have my own damn fanon but I'm not going to go to TvTropes claiming Thanatos is an actual death god with a soft spot for cats and an undying love of goddamn vanilla ice cream. MINE is but in-game he's just mauve. Jesus hell, there's a time and place for that kind of a thing, and wiki databases are neither. A wiki is not your personal fanfic repository unless it is YOUR FANFIC REPOSITORY WIKI kthx bai.)
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I knew this already, but rewatching the source material has cause a reaction along the lines of 'dizzamn'. Also he does do the BG 'voosh' movement canonically. Ha ha ha ah ha ha, I told you so, landlady. (...Not like you disbelieved me but I feel like being annoying so - hi.)

This is an entry that is being written because the hashashiyyin is bored and his typist didn't write today because the anemia ate her.

-J. Rosencrantz

P.S. Pomegranates are like deathgod catnip, holy hell.
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Of all the goddamn fuck dammit fuck fuck fuckity fuck argh fuck. What. Fuck. Fuckwhat.


I'm good, honestly. I just had a hell of a Capital-T Test dropped on me.

I'm grateful but at the same time my brain has exploded like The Kid upon contact with those apples giant cherriesdelicious fruit things that FALL UP. And SIDEWAYS/

Holy fuckin' smokes. I should have seen this coming but - WOW.

This is gonna be a hell of a thing.
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I really wish I was better at drawing tech. Because like - I KNOW what the interior of the Mana Fortress's pilot's chamber looks like in my head completely, I could build it if you gave me stuff for a model, BUT I CANNOT DRAW IT WORTH A SHIT.

...Damn it. This means I need to stop slacking off and get some minor drafting supplies XD; French curves and stuff. I keep meaning to do it and putting it off.

Oh well. D: In lieu of art, have some of my many words! This ma not be canonical to the big old collab proper but it is to the stuff in my head? XD

On the Mana Fortress )
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hey boy now boy busboy cowboy [/ridonk camp counselor]

Mazoku Trio bios: FINISHED!


There'll be more bios later but those three are complete XD Mostly.
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Profile crack for the three punkass henchpunks! Haha their birth dates elude me. This is roughed-in, by no means final XD

a.k.a. the colour kids. )
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But then someone new moved in (hi Orlouge) and I got infodumped hardcore.


All of this tentative/subject to change/stuff. But Orlouge's past is all according to him, and that's pretty steady at least.

of mazoku and maou and fae and suchlike )
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That is to say - goddamn I am amused by the fact that the current noobness of my fussy little elf punk actually makes sense WRT his backstory.

Yeah this is nerdherdery of a high order so XD

of tea-connoisseur elf punks, memoryfail, and occasional cookies )
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So yeah, Mr. 'I have a list up to Plan YY, never mind plan B and C, bring it' has done the Lich King thing before, right? With the heroes and the creepy plotting and the hey-o.

Well, that plan?

Yeah he always has it going. ALWAYS. And it was actually a part of the bigger interconnected chessmaster 'oh WHAT' yarntangle with the evil tree and et cetera. I don't know where hitting a certain guy's avatar button fits into all that, but I digress.

That was part of the plan. It always is.

lol WoW spoilarz beyond! )
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Mmmmmyyyyeah, I was right. I needed to grind.

SPOILERAMA FOR SoM BEYOND THIS POINT from the Pandora Ruins to the Scorpion Army's first dorking!

fail@pwnage )
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I do not understand people who will jump into a conversation about learning disabilities and announce that they don't believe in AD(H)D/Asperger's Syndrome/Dyslexia/massive brain eating chronic anxiety/et cetera/et cetera/and so forth.

Like - my dear Speciallest of Snowflakes? WTF R U DOIN? You're not trolling, you got defensive like dang when we asked you not to troll. So - was there a point to that malarkey besides trying to make yourself feel special and awesome whilst annoying the living schpadoinkle out of us all?

Look, brain-trust, until you are a physician of some sort and until you know what neurochemistry IS, sit down and shut up kthxbai. You are critically undereducated and not interested in getting educated, so you've waived your right to open your beak. It's not hard to find material about this stuff. Learn you some Google and THEN come back and beak at us, or else STFU.

Whether or not you 'believe in' non-neurotypical brain business has zero bearing on our lives. Your skepticism is not making my slackoff serotonin production get better. XD I know that may be news to a solipsist like you but - there you go and there you are. This isn't episode 26 of Evangelion, bud.

You don't sound cynical and worldly, you sound like what you are: a hipster trying frantically to be cool and falling short in a tragic, tragic way.

Either Google you some shit, Speciallest of Snowflakes, or shush while people with manners are talking. It's possible to express an opposing POV without being a little douche-kayak, you know. Indeed other people did that in the very same place and no one et their head because they were respectful.

It's all about the respect, Snowflake. If you moonwalk in here and make a point to backhandedly call people lazy manipulative liars, don't expect them to be cordial.
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I've become a snob about ice cream.

...Well I was always PICKY about it but now it's just like - Chapman's can go to hell and suck THERE. XD; It tastes GRITTY.

Kawartha Dairy is the love of my life still but since I can't get that here right now fuck it HAAGEN DAZS IT IS!

Icon injoke nurr hurr. XD
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TITLE: Nomine
CHARACTERS: Teh Bird and Teh Lich
SUMMARY: "...I remember those who came to me long before names, before words. 'I' was all they needed. All - from the beginning. All who have come to me, I know."
RATING: G, shockingly!
NOTES: Because my friend Frank destroyed my brain with the plot rabite. XD Also TYPOS GO TO HELL XD

If you want to get a feel for things, start this as Vicky walks into the inner sanctum.

chthonian, this. )
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Cause of my headache: migraine + tension headache.

I clenched my teeth in my sleep and tensed up so much that the entire left side of my face was painful.

I was worrying so much about the pain that I made it WORSE.

(Parents were unhelpful. Telling me to stop worrying is great IN THEORY... At least they got that I was honestly struggling with this.)

So Counselor did meditation work with me and it was really amazing. I can make my mind go quiet. I learned to just let thoughts pass by. Note them and let them move on. After that thre wasn't any thought except about my breathing and the quiet space in me.

I remembered my friend JB telling me that she thought my energy felt like water and that she felt 'a sort of abyss type thing but not in a bad way'. (I love JB XD) I thought about water and about just kind of drifting down like some amazing merYukie to the bottom were the bioluminescent things do their best star impressions.

I didn't know how long I was meditative until he told me. 20 freakin' minutes.

And now I am almost pain-free for the first time in DAYS and it's such a fucking relief. I can identify my pain without freaking the fuck out.

There's residual ache but I can identify and handle it.

I just needed to remember that i -do- know my body and REMEMBER when I do things like ask a particular bard with a knack for warding/blocking mojo to help me deal with a stuck-open Ajna that was stuck to the point that my empathy is distracting - motherfucker was closed for DAYS and I only realized last night that it was...he forgot too, so it's dual derpage and anyway it's back open now... and that I'm better at relaxing than I think I am.

Also apparently I'm a projective empath. XD; I know that Counselor is observant but he says that as soon as I walked in he knew I was stressed out of my gourd. So - yeah. XD; I am a LEETLE BEACON.


Man. It is SUCH a bloody relief. I feel so much better it's not funny.


Apr. 7th, 2010 09:46 am
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how the shiny pink plaid hell do you even lose one of those i don't even -

oh my god your underlings are dense. (two of them are at least.)

and you sir are an airhead.

and spoony.

in closing stop hiding in the floor and being a dork therein.


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