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I mean like. Okay. Seriously.

I have Jan Freaking Rosencrantz singing 'Secret Agent Man' in a high-pitched voice, presumably to drive Ashley NUTS. (He was doing this a couple days ago too.)

Meanwhile Roméo freaking Guildenstern is sitting around with coffee in hand trying desperately to maintain the illusion that he is a morning person, and doing an amazing job of ignoring Jan.

Isaac is this bliss puddle who intermittently nyans at me about plot lagomorpha. (Kyl's Adrian is teh mackz0r.)

Meanwhile these giant AU things are devouring my spleen. And I have original stuff percolating in the background.

AND GODDAMMIT THAERON. How old ARE you man!? And how the hell old is Sydney!? omgwtfdarkness. @_@

man seriously what is this i don't even dgsjjkjrhtsth.

Mea culpa.

Nov. 17th, 2009 10:22 pm
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Jan has used this place before as a confessional, and tells me I am permitted to do likewise. For the sake of my own peace of mind, if nothing else, I will.

The tale is told that twenty-five years before the Greyland incident, a massive earthquake shook Lea Monde to its foundations, killing every soul within. If that were the case, the city whose streets I walked and whose heart I sought to grasp for my own would not have been one of standing towers and still-lit forges. The Spellsong is a powerful thing indeed, but in the face of the very earth moving beneath a city, what can even the strongest enchantment prevent?

I thought at first that Inquisitor Merlose's theory - that the seismic event might have released a poisonous vapour from earth and choked the city to death - was a sound one. I now know better.

She is not a foolish woman - far form it. But what truly murdered that city is beyond what any could ever have imagined.

The knowledge of it drove me completely mad. By the time Jan informed me of the truth I was already mostly mad, so the blame does not lie with him.

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And Rosey's made of noise. And even though discussing what exactly was done to Riskbreakers makes Thaeron Very Irritated (forcing one's way into hearts = very annoyed naïb in the house) - albeit not at Rosey - yeah. He wants to, and so forth - so he gets the keys.

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