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had a random cute dream in which Vicky (and by extension, Jer) has a terrestrial-travel shapeshift that's like black_dog.zip

(think like - black lab + samoyed and you have the basic look XD)

it was her and Isaac-fox running around Drac's palace vandalizing things XD

it makes me giggle a lot. smol gothfae turning into things that are sort of death-omens.

(i'm certain she's protected sidonie and benj while being a quadrupedal barkmachine.)
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(author’s note: this isn’t exactly canonical as such; this is more of a character piece, with me getting a feel for cassian and letting him talk to people.)

Cassian's dreams tended toward “vague as fuck” or “vivid miserable flashback”, so when he started to dream about following a big scruffy skinny black tomcat through an empty city, he kept following the cat even through dawning lucidity just for the sake of it being something new.

It wasn't a blur, and it wasn't charred ruins and the scent of something beyond ordinary death.

It was rainy foggy streets, the scent of wet asphalt, and a twinge in his left knee.

“Waow,” demanded the cat. He had a funny rough kind of voice, like he'd been yowling his little head off on a fence all night. “Wwwuuu...aow?”

“I'm coming,” Cassian griped.

“WAOW.” The cat shook water off his feet, and stared at Cassian.

“Okay, I--”


“I'm coming! You--”


“Holy fuck, OKAY! You have four legs, you little shit. I only have two. Give an old guy a break.”

“Waow.” The cat gave him a smuggish slow blink and then bounced off into the drizzly rain, tail an inverted J, the tiny bell on his collar jingling.

“Little shit,” Cassian sighed again, and followed.

Down the road, out of town, out beyond the usual boundaries of the cities of his dreams.

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It randomly occurred to me today that Vicky's stature and stuff make her closer to stock-fantasy dwarves than anything else.

And then it occurred to me that Benighted's 'dwarves' are probably the shortass stocky clans of fae and 'dwarf' is the result of someone mis-hearing their name for themselves.

The same goes for 'elf' and 'sprite' and 'undine' and so on.

So yeah. Many different kinds of fae of many different appearances! Elemental affinity can sometimes be discerned by someone's body-build but not always.

The fae/youma division is just--which side of the gate one happens to be on. the different 'arch-clans' (!elf, !undine and so on) have members on both sides of the gate between realms.

The big physical difference between them, really, is that youma have a different pupil shape (almost a + shape, with the little crossbar called 'the thorn of Manah' after the goddess of spring/air/magic--it's basically a mark of her protection; even though Manah wished they hadn't had to go hermitty, they are still HER PEOPLE.)

Vicky, being a hybrid, has a diamond-shaped pupil structure.

Also, her being earth-affinity and wol-totemic means Vicky is essentially a burrowing owl lolololol. XD
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Pondering about Vicky's and Jer's specific power-set:

These are granted by Somna the Dreamweaver (in Benighted). Other universes would mean different deities involved of course.

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This is incomplete yet and needs work (like adding personalities and worship type things) but this is a start woooo XD

Deities! )
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he wasn't the first person to tell me those sorts of things, and he isn't going to be the last one, either.

and it wouldn't be so annoying if he and the other people who got something up their nose and decided yelling at me was fun weren't right, sometimes. if they never ever had a point it'd be much much simpler :p

i mean, someone who i thought of as a close friend really did flip out badly when she found out some of my family tree has youma chilling out on the branches as well as fae. and i didn't know what was wrong. i just knew she was watching me all funny all the time, that we didn't talk like we used to. i thought i'd done something really wrong, that i hurt her somehow. so i was sitting trying to figure out where i could have made a mistake. and then everything smashed into a wall and went to little bits the night she ditched me and almost got set on fire by a very upset alchemist. i mean, she almost - bleh!

and so it goes. and more things. )

i need to remember that i'm allowed to make mistakes and have colds and not kick myself when things like errors and bleh sinuses happen. mistakes can be fixed, and colds go away. and i can remember that training for that long when it's that cold is a little silly. :)


p.s. also nothing brought this fit of staring at my belybutton on except my sinuses being full of bleh and failure. so no self kicking from the spectators!
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(This is less flashy than the cairn thing but is more accurate. XD; Nico/Vicky's song is taken from here and modified for the person she's singing for.)

Do you despair, my daughter?

Nicola looks up at the enormous raven. She dries her eyes with her sleeve, swallows hard to get rid of the ache in her throat. "No, my lady."

Have you abandoned hope, yet?

"No. I never would."

Why do you weep, so, my owl-daughter? You called out to me so loudly that I could not help but come. it is not wrong to feel sorrow and fear, my daughter, but I trust you will not drown yourself in tears?

Nicola shakes her head. "No." And, "Never. There's no point in that.

Are you afraid?

"Yes. But - not of - not of my power or what I can do. For once. Not this time. I'm afraid I might not ever see her again." And saying that does not make her feel weak or childish. "I love you, and I love your Sister. And now she's gone, and my grandmother can't See her. None of us can feel her, and were worried. Afraid."

Where she has gone, Osana sighs, I cannot follow. Even I cannot find her, which gives me a fair idea of where she may well be. But neither you nor I can go to her.

Nicola looks down at her hands folded in her lap. She's quiet a long while, and fear and sadness slowly ebb, giving way to the calm that comes in the wake of such tears.

"If I call to her," she says, "will your sister hear me?"

The voice of your heart is strong and clear, my daughter, my owlet. I heard you across vast distances, but distance means nothing to the heart. If you love her, then your heart is with hers. Since you love her, it will ever be.

"Even if I can't feel it or hear her." Nicola smiles a bit. "She'll hear me, though. Like you did."

Osana spreads soft black wings in the moonlight. She will hear you. But she will not be alone. You will dare to call to her then, regardless of the risk this might entail? She will not be the only one who hears your voice, if I am correct in my assumptions.

Nicola curls her toes and shivers a bit.

Do you fear?

"Yes, but not as much as I love."

Give her the song of your heart.

Nicola does, voice rising high and clear in the quiet night.

Silver moon upon the deep dark sky,
Through the vast night pierce your rays.
This sleeping world you wander by,
Smiling upon our homes and ways.

Oh moon ere past you glide, tell me,
Tell me, oh where does my loved one bide?
Oh moon ere past you glide, tell me
Tell me, oh where does my loved one bide?

Tell her, oh tell her, my silver moon,
Mine are the arms that shall hold her,
That between waking and sleeping she may
Think of the love that enfolds her,

May between waking and sleeping
Think of the love that enfolds her.
Light her path from far away, light her path,
Tell her, oh tell her who does for her stay!

O sing to her soul, should it dream of me,
Let my memory wakened be.
Moon, moon, oh do not wane, do not wane,
Moon, oh moon, do not wane....


Far away, he watches her. She stirred, now, did she not? Impossible as that seems... He thinks she may have raised her head. Only slightly. Did the shadow of her eyelashes on her cheek shift subtly, or is he simply overtired?

He may well be imagining it - how she could be aware at all of anything is beyond him...

...But someone is calling, and if he can hear it, so then might she.
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Warnings: vague descriptions of the aftermath of stabby violence and inquisition bullcrap within. Nothing harsh, but - even so. Also, creepliness.

Gavin Farrell is a Daywalker. He's nineteen and often partnered with Vicky. He has a bottomless pit of a stomach - two double Big Macs is nothing.
Douglas James Tasgall is a Black Dog shapeshifter, and the boyfriend of the vampire Caleb Rainier (whom I wrote about once ages ago but that was before I knew what he was actually like; same goes for poor Brenn, who bullshat me into writing him as a total bastard when he ain't...yeah just ignore most of my prior stuff about Caleb and Brenn XD;). He works for the Council. He and Caleb are extremely cute.
Sigismund Farkas (or Farkas Sigismund, putting it the Hungarian way) is a 15th century warlord who calmed down and eventually became the local vampire magistrate of the city (it's a smallish city) of Comity. He's like a sane Vlad, kinda.
Vicky is - Vicky.

And the other guy is nuts off his gourd.

TYPOS ABOUND I BET XD; Beware of falling Carroll references.

show his eyes, and grieve his heart... )
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Ha ha ha ha MOAR MAZOKU INFO DUMP! And some about the Fae!

brought to you by the letters Q and X and the fact that Yukie is amused by Orlouge using the 'ware' pronoun.

stuff and things )
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But then someone new moved in (hi Orlouge) and I got infodumped hardcore.


All of this tentative/subject to change/stuff. But Orlouge's past is all according to him, and that's pretty steady at least.

of mazoku and maou and fae and suchlike )
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Original stuff, others' original stuff, KH, et cetera! From the great cottage weekend of doomy doom.

A KH Vicky! I like how her figure turned out here. I didn't scan the fail keyblade that's on the same page.

Aerionn, my fruitypants Blood Elf.

TEENY TINY SEEKERS! From the Tenebrous AU. They're actually twins there, though the nature of Xem's birth is something I'm unsure of yet - whether it's the usual way or something else. XD; Yay, my mind.

Tenebrous verse Kefka. He's a Sorceress in that thar story.

Kairi! I didn't like her KH2 outfit so I faffed around XD;

More as I pencil over my col-erase red lines. XD Wooty hoo hoo.
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- But this actually has an explanation.

Vicky's friend Sidonie Dumont and Jer's boyfriend Aaron MacCumhaill are in a band. Right now it has no name. (Aaron says, "I wanted to call it 'The The Band' but Zoe pelted me with Ringalos.") But it's them, Tomas Yamanaka, Asher Singh, and Zoe Daine. They play like - Gothish nerdy triphop about popculture, horror mmovies, urban legends and creepy folktakes from their respective backgrounds.

Aaron is lead guitar and actually plays classically. He's also a bit of a technomancer.

His amp is ancient and sometimes it dies.

So when that happens, usually Asher (who plays the piano absurdly well) steps in, and he'll get topics from the audience and then...start rapping.

So one time someone requested something about necromancy, and Asher did this -

break it down, yo. )
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TITLE: Verdancy
CHARACTERS: Fabian and Vicky
SUMMARY: Unexpected visitors, crashed goddesses, lurking deities of /b/ - Fabian has an eventful life.
RATING: PG for occasional cussage XD
NOTES: I was looping Celes's Theme while I wrote this. Again, beware the typos XD; Google Docs was being cantankerous. And I kept WIBBLING at this XD; I'm so sappy.

o greenest bough )
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TITLE: Der Erhängte
CHARACTERS: Jer and Lian
SUMMARY: It's hard to find someone who's gone out of his way to make himself hard to find! Least he could have done is left a note...
RATING: PG because Jer is occasionally prone to colourful phraseology.
NOTES: Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning is my reference book for this. ^^

i do not see the hanged man )
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TITLE: There is a Light; or, Uphill Both Ways
CHARACTERS: Vicky and Jeremiah
SUMMARY: Paladins' Ordeals in bits and pieces.
RATING: To be on the safe side 14A since there'll be brawling and mindscrewiness later.
NOTES: Aaatypos! Also, Sir belongs to Drakon. ^^

1: NightWalk )

2: Up )

3: Open Air )

4: Down )

6: In the Dark )

7: Eventually )

8: Inside Us All Along )
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Revenge of the son of the Kupop tourist in Bermuda shorts and a ludicrous aloha shirt!

This is rough and probably will be part of a bigger chunk of something but damn it they were being cute, so yeah.

The BGM I had going while I wrote it is McVaffe's Weepy Loop, which is not at all as sad as its title may imply and reminds me a hell of a lot of Vicky. Spin it while you read for atmosphere!

Xav belongs to Kyl but on occasion he lounges on my porch. XD

Watch for typos as ever. For once it's G rated!

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