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(I still don't know what the frickass is going on here lol shut up Dracula stop trolling ur buddy Death)

She has broken the game, and it is glorious.

The Dragonson Scion grins at Death, fangs pearly and eyes carnelian-red in the candlelight.

I know not what you expected of them both, when you sent her to undergo the trials and set her brother to watch--and I care not what you expected. She has broken every rule, and done so with such audacity...surely you knew this might happen? Surely you knew she and her brother could not be lost in nightmare until your war was over. Surely you knew it could not keep them.

He chuckles, a low sound like thunder; mirthful--truly mirthful, for the first time in many years.

Do you see what has become of that bitter blood-feud between the disgraced noble house and the church's assassins, because of these crow-children? What tragedy no longer befalls the foreign preacher and his kin? What distance is no longer between my own emissary and his pupil so long-lost?

His smile broadens, wolfish now.

They broke the game. Isn't it wonderful? I am a man of my word, so now...she and her brother have my blessing, and allies in this dream. I do not think this was what you expected, but you should have expected it could never possibly be what you expected. After all--I am Chaos.
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...Yes, I did set this up in part to see what happens when This Is Bat Country makes friends with the Daughter of the Cosmos, because it's funny. :D
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[or: Yukie just stuck Bloodborne in Castlevania in Kupopolis, and made a Goth Sandwich. WTF Yukie.]

"The lie of dichotomy's done more to wound the mortal races than most other tainted doctrines. Emotion and reason, body and mind, subconscious and conscious--all are one, really, but misunderstandings of old and cultivated falsehoods sowed in the name of conquering have made this truth obscure at best and a heresy at worst. Only recently have we put aside these misconceptions and sought what's true...well, most of us. Some would rather cling to old lies--and inevitably be crushed to death when the weight of truth comes crashing down."


This dreaming-realm is, in a word, weird. No surprise there, given the dreamer. It manifests as a sprawling Gothic city, all spires and wrought-iron and cobblestone and beauty in decay. Something terrible has happened here; it's up to the visiting dreamer to sound the depths of the mystery and hopefully emerge unscathed.

We don't know where he got the name "Yharnam" from. Or "Yahar'gul" or "Ihyll Phthumeru" or anything else. Probably the language of Void and Chaos. Maybe it means something? The syllables put some linguists in mind of extremely old fae and youma Hierachoral--the sung language of magic.

Many of the denizens of this dream are humans, all tainted by the calamity that's befallen the city. They don't like outsiders; they want your blood. This is the dreamer's experience of how humans simply are. Don't be too offended by it, no one said he was a reliable narrator.

Certain prominent denizens are echoes of the Dreamer's past. Not all, of course, but some. Eileen, Djura, Arianna, and Maria (among others) have a certain gravity to them that other dream-peoples lack. Conversely, Gehrman feels curiously hollow. He may be a facet of the Dreamer.

In the deepest fathoms of the Dream, the natural denizens of the realm have free reign and influence The Dreamer has no fear of them, but visitors who fancy themselves innately "rational" may be stunned or traumatised by facing such things. They're inclined to think too hard about things, and try to apply human reason to beings that have no use for such.

Those with a deeper sense of whimsy can make contact with these denizens, and even commune with them, gaining powerful allies. This has the effect of making the Dream even weirder, and the Dreamer more inclined to consciously pit himself against the visitor. Think of it like a game of chess, but in four dimensions and upside-down.

The Son of Dragons is weird.

If yo should make your way to the end of the Dream and see the story to its end, he will grant you his boon as the Scion of Chaos.

Few have managed this.
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At some point here I'm going to start cataloguing all the nerdbuckets who loiter around The Mall (the noble-house nerds who all have four-letter-word names (Duke, Chai, Ioan, Ryth, and Teal), the clan of very kindly polite femme-y spider ladies (Tela and Co.), the Trigun-Plant-type nerd siblings (Drei and Vier and Yucalli), the weird security guards, the weirder politics, my strange-ass POV character, Jingyi and Lianlian and the other dryads, and so on), and try to make some sense of the area surrounding it.

Because there is AN ENTIRE CITY. and there's weird territorial rules. and there's some weird train that runs on the shadows of its tracks sometimes. and a burrito place that sees regular brawls. and an outdoor bazaar that likes to move around by itself.

And there's CONSISTENT ARCHITECTURE AND LOCATION DATA. certain buildings and landmarks move, but others are always in the same place. it's really odd, and really fascinating.

And there's ridiculous juxtapositions like the generic 1960s-esque motor lodge inn that's smackboom beside what looks like a giant ornate stonehenge-y thing which is near what used to be a harbour until the river decided it wanted to MOVE one day etc. etc.

If I could 3D render all this business in my head, I would, because it's all so damn vivid to me. I could honest-to-goodness make a map of this place if i had the patience and if I knew where my technical pens were.

It's almost like - this place exists in modular chunks, and they can move when they want, and they have chesspiece-like rules for WHERE they can move. (like certain chunks of mall will always connect to other chunks, and the elevator in a certain part of one hotel will always somehow go up and out into a wildlife preserve with giant-ass trees, and the crystal-palace-looking fancy-pants mall connects by subway to the big main mall and is always kind of near the weird brutalism-looking museum type building that may or may not also connect to the big main mall et cetera.)

and then there's the weird territory down by the lake that stays more or less the same and looks like it's made of Lego and ciruitboard heatsinks writ large, and that hydroelectrically powers a bunch of things, and there's a boardwalk running alongside it that divides its territory from that of some weaksauce cottage-resort thing that has a really gross-looking lake because a local guardian deity cursed the sand. (Chai is generally a very sweet woman but holy fuck don't cross her or hurt her betrothed.)

I dunno! This place has been a part of my dreams for ages and it still IS, and there's bits that are annoyingly fuzzy around the edges but most of it's crystal-clear.

So I wanna write about it!


Dec. 26th, 2012 06:57 pm
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Dear tentacle vine things in my garden,

I understem that you only want to be frondly with me, offer me a little tendril loving care...

...But...do not want, guys. I'll get to the root of the issue: my fear of tentacular things has its roots in Northrend, where Yoggy tried to caress me with his noodly appendages. A lot.

I've been jumpy about anything calamari-esque ever since. And you guys are doing a very good elmpression of calamari!

So kindly leaf me alone, tentacle vine things in my garden. I only wanted to spruce up my digs a bit; now thanks to you, I just want to take two aspens and go to bed.

SEVEN out of sixteen spots full of tentacle things--seriously, you guys, this is getting out of hand.

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okay seriously


if you are trying to depict addiction recovery of any kind, you need to look into what 'dry-drunk syndrome' entails. (no, that is not a pejorative term, and anyone who uses it thus is doin it rong. it's a descriptor. bear with me, i'll splain.)

also you need to not present this kind of behaviour as virtuous/good/ideal/healthy.

it's not.

it's not good for the person in recovery and it's not good for their loved ones.

cessation of the actual substance abuse is only the beginning of things, okay?

the behaviours described as dry-drunk syndrome are a sign that someone is not doing the mental homework necessary to recovery. they've stopped drinking alcohol/taking drugs, but they haven't done anything ELSE, whether out of thinking quitting is enough or out of not knowing WTF to do or something else...either way, they've stalled.

so sometimes they act like sanctimonious judgemental holier-than-thou douches, and sometimes they throw huge pity parties that last ages, and sometimes they're snarly and dickish as hell, and sometimes they get into these THOSE WERE THE DAYS~~~~ nostalgia fits that drive everyone around them up a wall tl;dr it's disordered behaviour, it's not healthy, it's not good, it's not a sign of strength of character--and conversely it's not a sign that they are innate magnum douches who fail at life. it's a sign that somebody in recovery has gotten stuck in a rut and is spinning their wheels and needs a boost.

i've heard people say that someone in recovery basically goes through the stages of grief, and from what i've seen--yeah, they do. someone engaging in the disordered behaviours and thinking that get called dry-drunk syndrome are stuck in a rut in some phase or another preceding acceptance.

again, this kind of behaviour doesn't mean someone is a bad person, or a failbox, it just means they're in a rut and prone to driving people around them nuts lol and in need of support/counseling--and it should absolutely not be upheld as ideal or virtuous or healthy, because that's enabling bullshit and i will elbow drop the BALLS off of anybody who proclaims that this behaviour is good for people. kthxbai.

if you're gonna depict addiction recovery do your homework or i will bite your knees off.

this rant brought to you by stupid sheltered ignorant people's depictions of addiction recovery, esp. dealing with WoW characters of various sorts. :P


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