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I know that aura/magic colour is hardly a new thing and it's been done a lot but HEY it's a concept that interests me just out of "I get to play with colour symbolism AND colour science har har har"

Some of my characters, I know the colours for; others I don't.

Some of these characters aren't "mine' per se, but they live here XD

VICKY: Pink-tinged silver

SIDONIE: Tropical-ocean blue

BENJ: Parma violet

AARON: Indigo

ZOE: Forest green

JER: Jade-tinged silver

AMY: Rose peach

EIRLYS: Silvery-green

JAKE: Warm yellow-orange

OWAIN: Geranium red

ADERYN: Delphinium blue


KILROY: Celadon

HIROMU: Electric purple

IDONEA: Lime green


SABLE: Violet-black

PYRRHUS: Naphthol red (he needed to specify, and this is accurate--his energy is BRIGHT RUBY)

ORIANA: Gamboge gold

ARGENT: Blue-white


SEPH: RGB full-intensity green

KEFKA: Lemon yellow/peridot green (it's glittery too, because Chaos hugged him)

MATEUS: Lavender

THEODOR: Ultramarine


DRAC: Ruby-red/black

SHEEX: Deep violet

FANHA: Bright coral

GESTHAR: Green teal

THANATOS (and any complete incarnation he's had*): Black/violet/mauve iridescent
* Potential 'hosts' or incomplete rebirths will tend to have that mauve as an undertone.

OERSTED: Dark-green-veined ruby


The colours of magic will show when a caster's got a magic circle going or when they're revving up to fling a spell. It's visible even to the physical eyes of people who're untrained in looking for it.

Aaaand that's everybody for the time being lol why is it so hot out.
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Learning more and more about how Vicky's homeverse works as I poke at magic systems.

One thing: in conservative magical families of ANY walk (fae human whatever) there's a bias against "blue collar" spellcraft--like, Vicky's father Owain has an affinity for magnetism and electricity, so he's a registered electrician (has apprentices and his own business and all). Some families--including his birth house (which is why he left)--have issues with that kind of a thing. They think it's lowly or unimaginative.

This can cause huge issues, of course. (See: the case of Perry Masterton, a mage-kid with water affinity who left home along with his little bro because he was not "a proper heir". His water magic is practical and he didn't have any affinity with the family's other branch of data-processing magecraft. He probably would've ended up raging himself into oblivion like Earthbound's Pokey if he hadn't met Vicky and Co. He now works for Sidonie's dad Edmond Dumont Ohakim, who's a dowser and plumber and general hydrology wizard. Perry has a definite knack for how 2 water in howse, and he feels good about it.)

More progressive magi giggle behind their hands at the idea of practical being "lowly". The Greene House (says Vicky: "we like the pun~") is largely practical magi--geomancy and botany and alchemy and machinist-fu. Some might find this funky given the house is blessed by Omhar the Illumined and Somna the Dreamweaver--but the house is all about bringing a dream into reality in a practical and concrete way.

So yeah. Basically, there's some narfy assumptions made about blue-collar and even some white-collar mages, and an upper-class-twit attitude in some older and more set-in-their-ways houses. But that kind of stagnation runs counter to how magic really IS. Some stagnated houses have found their crests (like a magical rune/blazon--it can be carried in a bloodline or granted ceremonially or both) losing potency or focus. The house Vicky's dad left was a bed of nails for its odd folks out; they left, and now the house's crest is kind of unravelling and changing against the wishes of the house's heads.

The worst-case scenario for a house married to its image/its idea of what it SHOULD be? crest dissipation--something that's happening to the house of Darach Ailbhe (a friend of Vicky's whose family forbade him from handfasting with her or even SEEING her since she's not naturally-born as such, but rather an alchemical-and-biological "creation"). the Ailbhe house was having problems for a while, and its elders' rejection of Vicky and others led to unrest and infighting. The house basically shattered along generational lines and is in the process of dividing into separate branches--legally united for practicality's sake, but that's about all. A lack of compassion basically diluted who they ARE.

The fragments of the unravelled crest seem to be strengthening in the branch houses that embraced change.

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Even at the same time as my spreadsheet of magic is a train wreck?

I'm happy that I've been able to work out some mechanics.

Like - element and magic use/type/discipline are different things.

So Vicky's healz and buffs are a result of Dark-element-based structural magecraft. (A lot of healers use Light or Water instead, but you can use just about anything.)

Jer's engineering-fu and his debuffs is also dark/structural, just applied differently.

Sidonie heals with water; her "blink" type spell is hybrid water-and-light.

And so on and so on. XD

The origins of their magics varies too. XD
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i'm trying to like, encyclopedia-ify the way magic works in my various projects and etc.



at least i have some rough categorizations (however much they overlap) - elemental, ceremonial, conceptual, divine (as in granted by divinity), innate, adapted.
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WELL WOW that little session of listening to Halsey's "Castle" sure did turn into a crackmobile headcanonical backstory extravaganza for kupop-o-verse Saga Frontier dramatis personae.

honkity honk honk! )
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it occurs to me that where Vicky keeps her danmaku-generating Xigbar-esque-freeshooter-guns and her sword is like the earth/dream-rooted magic version of this.

Basically they're in liminal space/dreamspace when she isn't using them. When she does manifest them, they're very stable and solid because of the resonance of her mana. That and they're hers XD

If she were to summon someone else's dream of a weapon, she couldn't use it for as long.

So even if Gilgamesh has, say, made with his LOOK AT ALL MY BLING ability and busted out with Gram (of Volsung saga fame) and is clunking someone with it, Vicky can manifest the DREAM of Gram and help out. It doesn't last for ages, and when it de-manifests it first turns to dust (GLITTERBOMB) before fading away, rather than going *ker-breeze* like Shirou and Archer's.

the reason her motorbike doesn't do that even though it was built out of her dream is that it uses an actual motorbike base and Eirlys helped out a great deal XD


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