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…I’m really tired of these bingbongs just sticking one toe-tip in the pool and then crowing that they are totally Olympic swimmers.

vidya gaem broskis are especially bad about this and usually so are their stans. they throw around all of this rhetoric that’s supposed to be snappy and witty and make them look all grown up—but really guys I need to tell you that I saw the exact same behaviour back in high school from Liefeld, McFarlane and Moore fanboys. grasping for your youth in the form of trying to relive/revive the heyday of the so-called dark age of comics all over again isn’t gonna make you look like anything but old farts trying to be hip and with-it.

you’re not saying anything new. you’re not saying anything worthwhile. you’re flinging around buzzwords and just BARELY superficially scratching the surface of all these DEEP AND TROUBLING REAL LIFE ISSUES that you’re claiming to address. you’re making shallow wangst-pr0n; you are not creating anything that is actually “adult” or “mature” or “gritty” or “realistic”. you’re splicing together a fuckload of action scenes and random shockjockery from whatever source you can get your grubby little hands on and proclaiming it Oscar material.

you get the picture, right?

you are not doing anything that matters. you are not producing material that matters or has meaning. you wave around the HOLY SHIT GRYMMDARQUE banner in the vain hope that we’ll be distracted by it and not see that the product ultimately has no substance, or has been halfassed and rushed to death, or is a complete fucking mess.

and maybe right now you have the accolades of your stans and yes-men but they are fickle as fuck.

tl;dr if you’re going to bring GRIPPING REAL LIFE ISSUES OMGZORS into your work, spine up and address them properly. do not just randomly pitch heavy stuff like addiction and bigotry and discrimination into your work to make it GRITTY AND GRIM AND EDGY but not fucking bother to address these issues or resolve them.

if you’re gonna be a coward about heavy stuff, don’t bother trying to handle it. you fail. either spine up and follow through, or sit down and shut your face.

(standard disclaimer: this isn't about anybody here. :3)
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In game-canon these either made me bored (Theradras and Zaetar) or were obvious to me but kept being read as actually ZOMGvillainy regardless of how obviously bad one party is at lying, and the innuendo dropped by the ladies said party is talking to (Gerard and Theresa). Anyway. I don't really care what game-canon is anymore. This is how things work in Kyl's and my headcanon.

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Nicholas Fearn is one of Vicky's fellow Appointed Peacekeepers. He's a redheaded half-elven beanpole with a lot of freckles, a cute smile--and a big family. XD

So here is everybody--

DIARMAID FEARN - The Dad. Mage. He does landscaping and gardening.
ELISABETH MOIRE FEARN - The Mom. Elven. She's a web designer and works from home because that's where her ridiculously epic computer is. That, and she kind of needs a cat on her lap to focus. XD

SADIE (MERCEDES) KIMBERLEY FEARN - The Oldest Sister. She's Diarmaid's daughter from his first marriage; while she is adopted, he does not consider her any less his kid for that. Mage. (Sadie is incidentally trans and no one has any problem with this because why would they). Sadie is 23 years old.
NICK (NICHOLAS) DWIGHT FEARN - The Oldest Brother. While he is biologically related to his mom, this doesn't infer any special status--as far as the Fearns are concerned, the blood of the covenant is thicker than et cetera. Family is more than DNA! Nick coming into the world did a number on him and mom, and while they recovered she cannot have any more kids manually as it were. Her first husband left. When Nick was four, she remarried. Half-elven. Nick is 20 years old.
JORDAN DAVID FEARN - The Middle Brother. Adopted when Nick was eight. Jordan is outgoing, cheerful, and has a habit of being found by critters in need of aid. Lycanthropic shapeshifter. 16 years old.
MEAGHAN EVELYN FEARN - The Middle Sister. If you give Meaghan a broken techy thing, she WILL fix it. Mage. 12 years old.
REGINA EMILY FEARN - The Little Sister. 10 years old. Half-youma. Attracts critters with as much frequency as Jordan, and it's she who gets adopted by all the cats.
ZACHARIE LUCAS FEARN - The Little Sibling. Zack is the newest arrival, having gotten off to an extremely rough start in life. Now that they're in a safe place with people who love them, they're thriving. Mage. 6 years old.

And as if that wasn't enough, RIC (FRIEDRICH) THEODORUS WOLFGANG VANDENBERG II ("Yes, that IS actually my full name") rents the basement apartment of the house, and has pretty much been adopted too. Maybe not formally, but still! (Ric is incidentally a homunculus; in Comityverse they do have souls and age similarly to mageblooded humans...usually.)

TARA - The rescued pit bull. Extremely goofy. Much like Zack, she came from a nasty home, but is now thriving. They're inseparable.
FUSILLI - The rescued we-don't-know-what-kind-of-Spaniel-he-is. Nick found him living out behind the college's wood-shop garage door.
BOBBINS, KATIE, PINKY, and DEAN - The cats. A marmie, a tortie, a calico and a meezer respectively. All were strays; now they are not. XD
CUPCAKE - The English Lop rabbit. Jordan found her by the creek, very skinny and very nervous. Now she is round and happy.
NEFERTITI- The Holland Dwarf rabbit. So named for her lovely bunny 'eyeliner' pattern.
BEAKER, STATLER, WALDORF and ZOOT - the quartet of guinea pigs.
ALL OF THE FISH - They're Regina's. The orange one is not Talbot.

The Fearns live somewhat outside downtown Comity in a very big old farmhouse with no right angles in it whatsoever. Old though it may be, and with squeaky stairs, it's a good house with space for everybody.
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-She is friends with Braig and he's just as ridiculous with bulletspam though less artsy about it. They may have been members of the same team/project/something.
-She doesn't use corridors very often
-She's produced some truly ridonkulously intricate shot patterns
-Yes, she does plan them out beforehand XD
-She seems to do something akin to Dio Brando meets Haste materia meets Rider Kabuto's Clock-Up meets a kekkai meets gun kata.

-Exactly how the furk that last thing works. :D;

-She doesn't stop time exactly like Dio, she doesn't have a Stand, there is no ZA WARUDO. There IS a kind of a 'there's Kilroy, blur, oh my fricking balls where did all these energy shots come from' (she doesn't use real bullets lol she'd run out too quick, she does whatever Braig does).
-What she MAY be doing is sort of sidestepping into corridorspace and using that like Chell does the portals, albeit with Haste magic added, so speedy thing goes in and REALLY SPEEDY THING comes out
-Or something
-How do I physics

-She doesn't actually drink much coffee. XD
-And she doesn't teleport either XD
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SO LIKE WTF IS T.I.B.C.: A band comprised of six people--Aaron Virtue Park (vocals, theremin, violin, weirdness), Benjamin "Beejay" Jafri (vocals, keyboards, esoteric percussion), Sidonie Dumont (vocals, guitar), Zoe Daine (vocals, drummage), Victoria "Vicky" Greene (vocals, bass), Jeremiah "Jer" Greene (vocals, rhythm guitar), and occasionally too many bags of Haribo.

THAT IS A LOT OF PEOPLE: Yes it is, which is why we can't really play venues with tiny stages.

SO WHAT KIND OF MUSIC ARE WE TALKING HERE: Oldschool J-Rock meets Gothabilly meets Folkrock meets Nerdy ProgLOL meets IDKWTF. It's eclectic. The fans seem to like it, though. Even when the old-ass amp decides to temporarily die, and Asher raps nerdily.

WHO DO YOU LIKE TO PLAY WITH: Moonchild, Oceanic Megalith, The Darkest of Knights, Ars Arcana Drakonis, Piper, Release the Chiroptera You Fools, Eldritch Beyond, and Ghost Model T are all fabulous people and we love them yes we do.

HAVE YOU GOT A LABEL/PRODUCER/ETC: Thanks to the amazing people of Moonchild, yes we do.

WHO DOES ALL YOUR MIXING: Aaron and Jer, on their respective rigs. They also do VGM remixes. If you see anything by Ehifu Gravitywell that's them.

SO WHO COVERS THE FINANCES: For the most part, our fans! We livestream for album costs and charity donations, do pay-as-you-wish for b-sides and remixes and silliness, and so on--and we're massively grateful to all our donors, which is why our webpage has an ever-growing donor list. And yes, everybody is on there. Anonymous donors get included by date. We are lucky and our fans are generous and faboo.

ANY SWAG: Yes! T-shirts, hoodies, pendants, buttons, nifty bags, LED flashlights (with a red setting so as not to obliterate the night-vision), et cetera, all made and designed by us because whenever we have too much time on our hands we get crafty. Once we get rights and suchlike worked out, we might begin taking fan-submitted swag. Right now, we are not able to do so, but we're flattered and ecstatic that people love us enough to make swag for us!

...SO...WHAT DO YOU LIVESTREAM: Oh, almost everything. Jer likes to broadcast his fail at Shinobi Monogatari, Beejay and Aaron have this masochistic love of badly-coded games, Sidonie is our hardcore badass and all of our Belmondo Chronicle vids are hers (which you should know already, silly people), and most of all we really like running old Arcana Mundi dungeon raids and failing all over the floor. Sometimes we team up with Moonchild and then even more of us fail all over the floor, and sometimes we team up with Vicky and Jer's dad, Owain Eadland (a key member of the Verdant Sanctuary Foundation who work for better awareness of psionic and empathic disorders and better treatments for such--if we stream with him, the cash goes to V.S.F.), in which case we fail much less because he's really good at it.

ANYTHING ELSE BEFORE WE GO: We have a new album pending, so look for previews soon on yonder website. We love you all, and goodnight!

((some of this applies just as much to Benighted of course. XD))


Feb. 22nd, 2013 01:35 am
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Okay, just to clarify...

If an author pulls any of the following shit over and over and fucking over again, I am highly unlikely to like them or any of their work.

1) Gross dumbass gender bullshit--be it taming-the-ice-queen or lady-is-a-prize or vomitworthy essentialist crud or fucky double standards or punishing someone for ~not knowing their place~ etc.
2) Normalization of abusive behaviour/victim blaming--be it that 'boys will be boys' fuckery that basically insults everybody male ever, that 'oh but they're just STRESSED' backhand crap, passing off emotional manipulation as normal etc.
3) Dunderfuck anti-LGBTQ etc. bullshit, no matter what the fuck it is.
4) More-equal-than-others shit where it's okay for the hero to be a dickyacht just because s/he's the hero and therefore any sketchy shit s/he pulls is handwaved or excused.
5) Unexamined clueless shitbrained attempted parallels to real-life situations, without any examination of the hangups that can make this go horrifically wrong and/or make this get ragingly offensive.
6) Stereotypical fuckery relating to ethnicity and culture. This encompasses the 'this one person represents their entire culture teeheez' shit, model-minority issues, and often crosses over with the humans-are-white crap that is so very very tiresome.
7) Ableist shit. This encompasses just about anything you can think of lol--the PWD naturally being evil, evil albinos amg zamg, the idea that illness or disability is a just punishment for something (see also: the idea of ~generational curses~) or that a disability is an outward manifestation of inner badness, and the usual cackhanded treatment of mental illness and of issues relating to addiction.

No, I cannot ~*just look past this*~. The older I get, the more and more it leaps out at me. And? I was taught to hunt this kind of thing down in my own work (my advertising prof was very big on not repeating past grossness) and burninate it with vigour--repeatedly if necessary. I can't help but see it now. And to see it so often in the work of quote-unquote professionals, and see it go unexamined, and see it perpetuated by people...well, that gives me rabies XD

And now you know why I skim most WoW novels and refuse to use certain authors' characters and make up my own instead, and why a lot of mainstream popular media makes me want to bite things. ;p Whee!

And! Yes! I know everyone has ingrained issues and such, because Society Is Deeply Hosey And Issueladen and we all pick up nonsense without realizing it much like socks picking up lint. The key here is whether or not you're onto yourself and examining why you did XYZ Thing. I screw up a lot, I am no paragon, but I do take the time to consider what the heck I am doing and why. The authors I get annoyed with very obviously skip this step and think everything is just hunky-dory wall-to-wall and it's ~just~ a book or a comic or something.

Well. I do not agree with that assessment. Intent isn't magical, if you elbow someone by accident it still hurts etc. Summing up--I'm gonna quote my prof here: it's rare that a piece of media is 'just' a piece of media. Everything comes from somewhere.
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So if you've played through or read up on the revamped Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance dungeon quests, you'll know that Lilian has something to do with both. The events of the Scholo one made me blink a lot.

I'll spoiler-cut just in case, and also declare that I do not take this as part of my own AU brain-canon. AU Lilian has joined the Forsaken (who are not generically evil FFS) and is sort of unofficially apprenticed to Nathanos and Koltira, who consider her one of the precious few sensible people they've met.

Anyhow. Spoiler cut now!

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So I was taking Aerionn the b'elfy holy/protadin punklet through the beginning Pandaria quests last night, and the following occurred to me:

As much as I love the Hozen and I seriously want to hug all of them, I kind of wish they were more developed. I also kind of wish they were more like the original Monkey King. Like Sun Wukong. Not with the UBERHAXX necessarily, but the general attitude and cleverness and most of all identity. The Hozen have some solid foundations, but their cultural identity and their culture fullstop isn't fleshed out as much as it could be.

The little bits and pieces that we get about their culture are neat--how and when and why you get a double name, their hilarious poetry, their linguistic quirks...yeah there's some deeply, DEEPLY facepalm-worthy gaffes and stereotypes to be found, but homework WAS done. It doesn't quite make up for the *GROAN* moments completely, but it's there?

And that just makes me want MORE dammit. XD I'm not sure how much development the Jinyu got, as I am FAR AND AWAY NOWHERE NEAR PANDARIA with my Allyside characters (the highest-level one is Eveynna, Stormwinder-Theramoran pally extraordinaire and queen of the epic !Newfie accent, at 30), but yeah. I do wish we'd gotten more. Compared to the amount of work done with the Pandaren, it's like an Ensure pudding cup next to creme brulee.

I know that not everything can be put into a game, and that Pandaria is light-years better than Cata with regard to the completeness of questlines (even if a lot of the storytelling is still execrable...the stuff dealing with the Pandaren and Jinyu and Hozen and Mogu and Co. alone is fantastic but the second practically any named mainstream NPC besides Anduin gets into things, everything spirals rapidly down the flush-hole), but...yeah. When you put one up against the other you get wistful. (Well...you do if you're me. :B)

I'm probably going to end up fiddling around and expanding upon a lot when I get to writing about Pandaria. Because well that is what I do. If something feels too spare and I'm still hungry I make more snack food.

And also it will feature AU!Garrosh not being made of fail, and a distinct lack of stupidness with legacy characters. :D
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Subtitle: Look, Mommy, Yukie is a Paladin

Blizzard is still being stupid as hell and this latest bout of hackish amateur-tastic lols hasn't impressed me at all SO YOU GET MY THOUGHTS ON WRITAN

My usual disclaimer applies: I'm explaining my rationale here. People who do stuff differently than me are neither nimrods nor stanky (unless they are Blizzard's usual flock of writers, in which case they are nimrods, stanky, and deserving of defenestration). Everyone has their own reasons for writing the stuff they do; I'm just running through my reasons for doing what I do here, as well as debunking what I feel are common fallacious argument type things.

Hokay. So.

things! THINGS! and more things! )
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Pondering about Vicky's and Jer's specific power-set:

These are granted by Somna the Dreamweaver (in Benighted). Other universes would mean different deities involved of course.

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So the stupidness what is canon right now has inspired me to actually try to explain this guy, as by now they're so radically different as to make people wonder what I'm on probably! WHEE!

Oh well. I have fun writing him and he actually makes sense. (Also, he has not shaved his head and tattooed his lower jaw. And his head is not too small for his body. And he doesn't wear the stupid HORNS OMFG what is that even. He does however have a big ass Warsong Clan mark tat on his back now.)

Anyway, I'mma start off here by discussing his Many Issues because they govern a lot of his life for along time (he gets better) and they're what cause the most problems for him. They fall into three rough categories:

1) issues dealing with himself
2) issues dealing with culture
3) issues about his dad

So I'mma go through all of these. This, again, is AU!Garrosh, so if something seems WTFz0rs it's probably not canon. Mwah hah. Also, I am NOT making excuses for the stupid things he does (which are not the same stupid things as canon, but are still stupid). I'm trying to explain why he thought he should do 'em. XD

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Got the idea from 'eere as I was randomly reading; it made me go *SPROINK* on account of because storyhounding dorkery is what I do.


Of course, if I had enough clout to get one or more of my roadshow of doofii into the game it'd be a much different game, so I'm going to completely power-skank all over the place here too and break the gameplot harr harrr and shift everything and make weird crack possible! (A bunch of this is inspired by my girlfriend's fabulous AU work. She is awesome.)

stuff beyond this point is very silly indeed )
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Reposting the guideline for anyone who wants to do it XD

The Rules:
1. You must choose ONLY ONE of your OCs. Do it again if you want to use another OC.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. When you're done, tag as many people as you want.
4. Have fun!

Name of OC:
Aerionn Dawntreader (Blood Elf paladin with a slight attention deficit). He'll be handling things from here on out.

Punkadin is not a spec! )

OC meme!

Jun. 5th, 2012 12:42 am
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I done stole it from Riha 'cos I can XD

The Rules:
1. You must choose ONLY ONE of your OCs. Do it again if you want to use another OC.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. When you're done, tag as many people as you want.
4. Have fun!

Doing one of my own choice first but you all can hit me up with requests if you want XD

And anyone who wants to do this, feel free. ♥

Yee! )
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This is incomplete yet and needs work (like adding personalities and worship type things) but this is a start woooo XD

Deities! )
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Stole it offa Nagaina. ^^

I was thinking you should tell me about stories you think I should write. I mean, if you could sit me down for a day or whatever and say, "I want you to write this story for me," what would that story be?

I'm not actually promising to *write* any of these, mind you, but it's fun anyway. And who knows if I'll be inspired!
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hey boy now boy busboy cowboy [/ridonk camp counselor]

Mazoku Trio bios: FINISHED!


There'll be more bios later but those three are complete XD Mostly.
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Profile crack for the three punkass henchpunks! Haha their birth dates elude me. This is roughed-in, by no means final XD

a.k.a. the colour kids. )


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