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Thirty-six and still goin' strong; 103% FEV1 (that's good - means I'm exhaling as much as I inhale, nothing is getting stuck, and I'm equal-to-and-slightly-better-than average people lungwise) and weight stable.


And grateful.

And accomplished.

And content.

And full of determination, but that goes without saying. :D

Thanks for bein' with me on the ride. ♥
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SO AMUSED by how Netflixvania is getting people into the Castlevania game malarkey :D


May. 31st, 2017 11:22 am
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anybody who thinks a comparison of Viera to rabbits is 'wussifying' the former HAS NO DANG IDEA HOW HARDCORE ACTUAL RABBITS ARE :D


seriously, do ye a little homework.

(that doesn't mean 'read Watership Down', it's a good story but it has nothing to do with how real rabbits are socially.)

rabbits are hardcore, yo.


Mar. 13th, 2017 05:31 pm
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I am super grateful that all the pagan and mystic folks I now know and chat with regularly are the sensible sort (like y'all).

Because BOY HOWDY do I ever have next to no tolerance for flailing woo-enginery and childish pagan-dramatics anymore.

♥ to you guys, yo.
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I don't think I'm ever going to understand the weirdofailpagan idea that people can be like...luck-vampires, and steal all the attention and accolades that rightfully belong to someone else.

Uh, no, that's--either someone is taking credit for your work/stealing your ideas, or they're not.

If I have seven notes on some tumblr post, and someone else has three, I didn't "steal" four notes. (In fact four o those notes are probably me replying to said post with the worst puns ever.) I just have seven. I didn't mystically siphon off attention/notes/love/whatever.

It's really quite remarkable how many people have NO EARTHLY CLUE how This Kind Of Shit works. "SHE HAS MORE NOTES THAN MEEEEE" yeah okay that's not energy vampirism at work; that's social media shenanigans. Energy vampirism is a different thing from that.

Hurgh. Sometimes there's nothing otherworldly about a given situation, beyond the general baseline. Sometimes shit's just how it is because of chance.

This rant brought to you by: general wining on twitter etc. from people I don't even know.
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(I still don't know what the frickass is going on here lol shut up Dracula stop trolling ur buddy Death)

She has broken the game, and it is glorious.

The Dragonson Scion grins at Death, fangs pearly and eyes carnelian-red in the candlelight.

I know not what you expected of them both, when you sent her to undergo the trials and set her brother to watch--and I care not what you expected. She has broken every rule, and done so with such audacity...surely you knew this might happen? Surely you knew she and her brother could not be lost in nightmare until your war was over. Surely you knew it could not keep them.

He chuckles, a low sound like thunder; mirthful--truly mirthful, for the first time in many years.

Do you see what has become of that bitter blood-feud between the disgraced noble house and the church's assassins, because of these crow-children? What tragedy no longer befalls the foreign preacher and his kin? What distance is no longer between my own emissary and his pupil so long-lost?

His smile broadens, wolfish now.

They broke the game. Isn't it wonderful? I am a man of my word, so now...she and her brother have my blessing, and allies in this dream. I do not think this was what you expected, but you should have expected it could never possibly be what you expected. After all--I am Chaos.
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water, and also rock )
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...Yes, I did set this up in part to see what happens when This Is Bat Country makes friends with the Daughter of the Cosmos, because it's funny. :D
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[or: Yukie just stuck Bloodborne in Castlevania in Kupopolis, and made a Goth Sandwich. WTF Yukie.]

"The lie of dichotomy's done more to wound the mortal races than most other tainted doctrines. Emotion and reason, body and mind, subconscious and conscious--all are one, really, but misunderstandings of old and cultivated falsehoods sowed in the name of conquering have made this truth obscure at best and a heresy at worst. Only recently have we put aside these misconceptions and sought what's true...well, most of us. Some would rather cling to old lies--and inevitably be crushed to death when the weight of truth comes crashing down."


This dreaming-realm is, in a word, weird. No surprise there, given the dreamer. It manifests as a sprawling Gothic city, all spires and wrought-iron and cobblestone and beauty in decay. Something terrible has happened here; it's up to the visiting dreamer to sound the depths of the mystery and hopefully emerge unscathed.

We don't know where he got the name "Yharnam" from. Or "Yahar'gul" or "Ihyll Phthumeru" or anything else. Probably the language of Void and Chaos. Maybe it means something? The syllables put some linguists in mind of extremely old fae and youma Hierachoral--the sung language of magic.

Many of the denizens of this dream are humans, all tainted by the calamity that's befallen the city. They don't like outsiders; they want your blood. This is the dreamer's experience of how humans simply are. Don't be too offended by it, no one said he was a reliable narrator.

Certain prominent denizens are echoes of the Dreamer's past. Not all, of course, but some. Eileen, Djura, Arianna, and Maria (among others) have a certain gravity to them that other dream-peoples lack. Conversely, Gehrman feels curiously hollow. He may be a facet of the Dreamer.

In the deepest fathoms of the Dream, the natural denizens of the realm have free reign and influence The Dreamer has no fear of them, but visitors who fancy themselves innately "rational" may be stunned or traumatised by facing such things. They're inclined to think too hard about things, and try to apply human reason to beings that have no use for such.

Those with a deeper sense of whimsy can make contact with these denizens, and even commune with them, gaining powerful allies. This has the effect of making the Dream even weirder, and the Dreamer more inclined to consciously pit himself against the visitor. Think of it like a game of chess, but in four dimensions and upside-down.

The Son of Dragons is weird.

If yo should make your way to the end of the Dream and see the story to its end, he will grant you his boon as the Scion of Chaos.

Few have managed this.
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Happy Gnu Near. ♥
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After the memorial service with funny sandwiches, after going through SO MUCH KLEENEX, after a basquillion relatives everywhere, it's back to quiet-ish here. Sister is home for a bit; she and mom and dad and me are going up to Collingwood on a wine tour tomorrow. Her husbean was home from last Thursday to today; he's back in Calgary now.

(Hilariously, he and me went to the same pediatric hospital when he lived here in Ontariariario. XD)

I'm still kind of coping and getting used to things, and occasionally elbow-dropping the thoughts that say "you shouldn't be around either". Those are for-me-it-was-Tuesday small potatoes, but still obnoxious and ill-timed. 'Specially with my sister here, who is--like. We fought a lot as kids, we don't now. But she is everything I am not and I'm like ARGH but she probably feels the same about me in ways so I guess that's just how sibling.

I'm looking forward to the wine tour.

Also the cat's yelling in my ear. XD
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Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in

-Leonard Cohen


grandpa m. has joined the choir invisible; dad gave me a call at 2.

sad, but kinda relieved. emotions, how do i does them.

i don't think i'm gonna be sleeping a heck of a lot tonight/this morning/what even. i don't think i'm gonna be working today, though, so that's fine.
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with his scary crabby pants on


The fall of New Avalon, and what happened after Thassarian left the inn to cause a rucks so’s Koltira and the Ebon Commander (in this case, Kyl's amazing elf badass Nocturne) could get out safely.

Orbaz Bloodbane, Ishandarr, and a conversation about feelz–DK-style. Violence incoming, and douchebaggery. And profanity. They’re both disagreeable dingbats, really. If you don't know who the NPCs are, it's fine. Just enjoy boys being stupid.

by the pricking of my thumbs, elf is gonna kick your bums )
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It's cooler out now and the sunlight's bluer. Fall is coming.

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So my lung function is the best it has ever been.
3.13 L, 101% FEV1.

FEV1 is Forced Expiratory Volume--how much I breathe out. In CF patients and other respiratory-LOL patients, sometimes air gets hung up on the way out. So I'm breathing out everything expected, which is good.
3.13 L is 3.13 Litres lung-capacity. Two years ago, my capacity was about 2.75 so I have gone VERY UP. XD

WHAT THE sdfglkjhyk;jlasdfghjkl;hkljsdfkjsdf
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I know that aura/magic colour is hardly a new thing and it's been done a lot but HEY it's a concept that interests me just out of "I get to play with colour symbolism AND colour science har har har"

Some of my characters, I know the colours for; others I don't.

Some of these characters aren't "mine' per se, but they live here XD

VICKY: Pink-tinged silver

SIDONIE: Tropical-ocean blue

BENJ: Parma violet

AARON: Indigo

ZOE: Forest green

JER: Jade-tinged silver

AMY: Rose peach

EIRLYS: Silvery-green

JAKE: Warm yellow-orange

OWAIN: Geranium red

ADERYN: Delphinium blue


KILROY: Celadon

HIROMU: Electric purple

IDONEA: Lime green


SABLE: Violet-black

PYRRHUS: Naphthol red (he needed to specify, and this is accurate--his energy is BRIGHT RUBY)

ORIANA: Gamboge gold

ARGENT: Blue-white


SEPH: RGB full-intensity green

KEFKA: Lemon yellow/peridot green (it's glittery too, because Chaos hugged him)

MATEUS: Lavender

THEODOR: Ultramarine


DRAC: Ruby-red/black

SHEEX: Deep violet

FANHA: Bright coral

GESTHAR: Green teal

THANATOS (and any complete incarnation he's had*): Black/violet/mauve iridescent
* Potential 'hosts' or incomplete rebirths will tend to have that mauve as an undertone.

OERSTED: Dark-green-veined ruby


The colours of magic will show when a caster's got a magic circle going or when they're revving up to fling a spell. It's visible even to the physical eyes of people who're untrained in looking for it.

Aaaand that's everybody for the time being lol why is it so hot out.
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According to Sora, in my noggin--

* Destiny Island is kinda famous for ice cream flavours. Blue Sea-Salt is a big one (yes, that adoration originated with Sora XD); there's also soft-serve that's like a Dole Whip. Others - lime-coconut, passionfruit, mangosteen, cucumber-melon, rambutan, longan, white peach, pear, red bean, beni-imo (purple yam)--he could go on all day. XD Of course there is paopu flavour.

* There's also shave ice (kakigoori) - it's sort of like a fluffier snow cone, you eat it with a spoon. Sometimes it's got condensed milk in it.
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had a random cute dream in which Vicky (and by extension, Jer) has a terrestrial-travel shapeshift that's like black_dog.zip

(think like - black lab + samoyed and you have the basic look XD)

it was her and Isaac-fox running around Drac's palace vandalizing things XD

it makes me giggle a lot. smol gothfae turning into things that are sort of death-omens.

(i'm certain she's protected sidonie and benj while being a quadrupedal barkmachine.)
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TypeMoon keeps eating my face

*waves middle fingers at Gilgamesh a lot*
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Benighted+Kupopoverse sandwich of ALMIGHTY DOOM!
WARNINGS: Animal death CW, sad things, and catharsis for an author.


Vicky's bike was by the roadside when Perry and Nick pulled over. Gil was stood next to it (in his stupid red hoodie, Perry thought, though not nastily) and he handed Vicky's phone over to Nick as soon as Nick got within arm's reach.

"I don't want to break the screen again," he said, about as sheepish as a guy like him could ever be.

Nick chuckled. "Understandable. So--she's back in the woods there?"

"Yes. She said she didn't need company, necessarily, but I was suspicious of the veracity of the statement. I know she can't lie, but...she can speak and try to make herself believe what she says."

Perry quirked a brow. "You're speedier on the uptake than you first came off, Gigglemoose."

Gil quirked back. "I'm a man of many talents."

Nick swatted at both their arms. "Come on. Smarmbrow wars later."

this looks familiar, vaguely familiar... )


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