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After the memorial service with funny sandwiches, after going through SO MUCH KLEENEX, after a basquillion relatives everywhere, it's back to quiet-ish here. Sister is home for a bit; she and mom and dad and me are going up to Collingwood on a wine tour tomorrow. Her husbean was home from last Thursday to today; he's back in Calgary now.

(Hilariously, he and me went to the same pediatric hospital when he lived here in Ontariariario. XD)

I'm still kind of coping and getting used to things, and occasionally elbow-dropping the thoughts that say "you shouldn't be around either". Those are for-me-it-was-Tuesday small potatoes, but still obnoxious and ill-timed. 'Specially with my sister here, who is--like. We fought a lot as kids, we don't now. But she is everything I am not and I'm like ARGH but she probably feels the same about me in ways so I guess that's just how sibling.

I'm looking forward to the wine tour.

Also the cat's yelling in my ear. XD
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There's a family of blue jays (birds, not bad baseball players) living in the neighbours' backyard, and the fledglings have discovered that if they each land on one side of the bird feeder and flap like mofos, it makes a sweet-ass teeter-totter. XD

I love corvids.
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So we're having a warm spell (typical of March--though whether it'll stay warm is anyone's guess sdfgjkhsdf) and all the snowdrops and crocuses and jacinths and stuff are poking their little green pointy selves out of the ground! Some of the more daring trees are budding, too. Green is happening! ERMAGERD! ABRUPT AND UNEXPECTED VERDANCY!

(Also evidence of how few people in this neighbourhood clean up after their canines. The local park is very much studded with--yeah.)

The ubiquitous random-ass Toronto moss that pops up in pointless places never actually died, so it's still green, but it's always thus, so it doesn't count as ABRUPT AND UNEXPECTED VERDANCY.

Ah, yes. Snow is melting, cardinals are loud, blue jays are loud, sparrows are--still fat, pigeons still look stunned, and today I witnessed, at close range, a crow divebombing into a puddle for no reason except that he could and the little punkass splashed me on the way out.

It's March Break, so the high school across the road is quiet; they're re-doing the roof on it, ans thus every so often a mixture of miscellaneous wood, gravel, paper, junk, WTF, and assorted smithereens rains down out of the junk chute and into the dumpster below. I have no idea why this is as funny as it is. I blame my lack of sleep.

...Cardinals are really loud when they sing right outside a window, by the way. Usually they're just all up in the trees and bushes by my building, but this morning one of them decided he liked the acoustics of my balcony and sang at the top of his avian lungs for an hour around six.

Then at seven there was a sparrow fight.

Then at eight I had to get up, and there was still a sparrow fight...

They stopped when I opened the balcony door and sternfaced at them.


...I am so caffeinated right now. A medium coffee does THIS to me. XD But, really, I didn't have much other choice. It was this, or being mostly dead.

So hi. :D


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