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Have nightmare weirdness dreams all night.

Wake up with migraine going HI I CAME BACK.

groan. text boss. shove head under pillow.

and thennnnn~ )
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you can hop to the next country or the next dimension over, you can run until you circumnavigate everything twice, but you will never escape

(a) a fart cloud, but more importantly--

(b) yourself

(c) the emotional impact of your actions.

doesn't matter if you join the zerg swarm, leave your body, become a cyborg, whatever.

the connections between hearts are notoriously hard to sever.

and you really cannot run from them. they are so much worse than a fart cloud, you guys have no idea.

you gotta fix what got broke. defenestrating yourself doesn't work!

the big, the blue, the lovable!
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The following is me typing for Teal:


"nobility" in mallspeak doesn't mean you're the boss of whatever and all must bow to your epicness and swiggity-swag. nobody has to bow, or anything.

it means you're charged with handling a chunk of the everyday workings, and in exchange for that power, you have a responsibility. or a couple hundred. whichever. you don't get more than you can handle because that'd fuckify the system and cause problems. your responsibilities usually come according to your talents.

which is why yoan, the scion of fire, runs a pizza place. because he is fire, and he loves to cook. that oven runs off of his innate gift and fuckin'--you guys, if you ever pass by his place, get thyself a slice of pizza. his pizza is transcendent. maybe not as good as waking-world pizza in the joint formerly known as new amsterdam but it's REALLY. GOOD. anyway.

(i'm hungry. again. like always.)

me, i'm largely in charge of zappy shit, and i work with vier and drei and yuca to keep things glowing/sparking/going "zip"/etc. which does get into some weird shit sometimes, like, if i'm kekkai-roosterblocked from getting into the arcade proper but i can power it and i can sort of reach down the wires and through the tubes with my particle-arms and repair what gets broken.

(but then, everyone's been fucking kekkai-roosterblcoked form the arcade, except for a few people at specific times, and i am like, the fuck is this. the fuck is going on.)

we're allowed to kind of bust out the justice-stick if worst comes to worst, like, you know that spot by the lakeshore where there's the dock, and then the shitty other dock, and on the left side of the shitty other dock the water's all full of sediment and grot and smells like feet? yeah, the dude who was supposed to be responsible for that fucked over his people and fucked over chai and ryth, so - yeah, he betrayed water and earth and that's why now he lives on a localized mystic mud puddle.

the fact that tourism keeled over and died where he is was his own fault beeteedubbleyew, he was being a shitbarn before he decided being a traitor was great, swindling guests and junk, and word got round, and he lost customers, and he blamed ryth and tried to smack him around and that was why there was that bigass brawl that time if you weren't there, and why chai actually elbow dropped him. he was an ass. he'll be fine when he gets real and fixes what he damaged.

holy shit though i'm really hungry. i'll try to explain more when i have some fuel in me.

boom shanka,
-imperatrix teal

p.s. i don't know if i am really five thousand years old. maybe? i am unsure.

yoan is fire. i am *zzt*. duke is shadow. chai is earth. ryth is water. air and light are also afoot but i'm not gonna give names without permission and they're sleeping so. o/
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At some point here I'm going to start cataloguing all the nerdbuckets who loiter around The Mall (the noble-house nerds who all have four-letter-word names (Duke, Chai, Ioan, Ryth, and Teal), the clan of very kindly polite femme-y spider ladies (Tela and Co.), the Trigun-Plant-type nerd siblings (Drei and Vier and Yucalli), the weird security guards, the weirder politics, my strange-ass POV character, Jingyi and Lianlian and the other dryads, and so on), and try to make some sense of the area surrounding it.

Because there is AN ENTIRE CITY. and there's weird territorial rules. and there's some weird train that runs on the shadows of its tracks sometimes. and a burrito place that sees regular brawls. and an outdoor bazaar that likes to move around by itself.

And there's CONSISTENT ARCHITECTURE AND LOCATION DATA. certain buildings and landmarks move, but others are always in the same place. it's really odd, and really fascinating.

And there's ridiculous juxtapositions like the generic 1960s-esque motor lodge inn that's smackboom beside what looks like a giant ornate stonehenge-y thing which is near what used to be a harbour until the river decided it wanted to MOVE one day etc. etc.

If I could 3D render all this business in my head, I would, because it's all so damn vivid to me. I could honest-to-goodness make a map of this place if i had the patience and if I knew where my technical pens were.

It's almost like - this place exists in modular chunks, and they can move when they want, and they have chesspiece-like rules for WHERE they can move. (like certain chunks of mall will always connect to other chunks, and the elevator in a certain part of one hotel will always somehow go up and out into a wildlife preserve with giant-ass trees, and the crystal-palace-looking fancy-pants mall connects by subway to the big main mall and is always kind of near the weird brutalism-looking museum type building that may or may not also connect to the big main mall et cetera.)

and then there's the weird territory down by the lake that stays more or less the same and looks like it's made of Lego and ciruitboard heatsinks writ large, and that hydroelectrically powers a bunch of things, and there's a boardwalk running alongside it that divides its territory from that of some weaksauce cottage-resort thing that has a really gross-looking lake because a local guardian deity cursed the sand. (Chai is generally a very sweet woman but holy fuck don't cross her or hurt her betrothed.)

I dunno! This place has been a part of my dreams for ages and it still IS, and there's bits that are annoyingly fuzzy around the edges but most of it's crystal-clear.

So I wanna write about it!
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There is no excuse for this, for it is ridiculous, but EVERYONE IN MY MIND IS LOUD. So - have some people from the Mall. XD Galya and her big tall fellow-Russian buddy will be in the next one.

There will be bios for these nutcakes SOON! Aimie, the Innkeeper, and the git brother belong to my friend JDub, who dreams of the same mall.


"Ow fuck fuck fuck fuck why did I do that."

Yucali watched Rhyth whip his hand back and forth to shake the zappy feeling out of his fingers. "Balls if I know, dude. But I never know why you do anything."

"Rhyth stuck his thumb into the bulb socket because Rhyth is still bereft of a mind." Youan was hanging upside down by his knees from the ceiling beams, the garland draped over his neck and shoulders to keep it from sliding off the beam and into the fountain like it'd dome the past two times.

"No you," mumbled Rhyth, making a beeline for the spare bulbs. "Can't we get LEDs? These are stupid."

"We're trying?" Dou-cha looked up from untangling the knot of lights. "We just need to get the okay from everyone before we do the shift. Democracy et cetera."

"Uuugghhh, Dou, you know damned well the Innkeeper's stupid son is going to nay' vote just to be an ass," Youan griped.

"That's why we'll deposit him in the fountain when he does. The shallow one."

dot dot dot exclamation point! )


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